Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Truth Day/Post Date Day

My truth day is being trumped by my post date day lol..
Truth fact: I had two margaritas with salt on the rocks at dinner and two bomb glasses of a blush wine after.. yep.. booya four drinks! AND I totes wasn't sloppy silly or tipsy...
"Margaritas: $16
Wine: $25
Holding your shit together on the second date: Priceless"
bahahah :)

So first of all we have had one date.. ONE. Proof this guy is Tedtastic that recalled all this information about me that I don't even really remember saying or making a point to talk about in conversation...
such as my favorite place to eat

So we had dinner here and he gave me a bag containing a sweet card, heart shaped box of chocolate and a Yankee hat (When I move to NY I plan to go to eat many many many nachos at the Yankee games :)

After that he took me to a place called kazimierz. It is modeled after a speak easy and is a really great little wine bar.
The entrance is around back thru an alley in old town Scottsdale and doesn't have any signs just:

"The Truth Is Inside" above the door.
Inside it is very cozy and he had a table reserved right near the "stage" where amazing Margo Reed sang beautiful jazz and blues infused songs all night.. and I mean all night. I think we got our check at midnight.

I am a sucker for that music though. I am! I really really am. Give me Billie Holiday or Etta James and I'm a happy lil camper.
(yes she had her hair just.like.this.thank you Google)
After we were seated the adorable Heather who plays "Brittney S. Pierce" aka my new favorite Gleestar as proof of my post about her here, came in with her mom and sat at the table next to us. They were exactly the way my mom and I would be if we were out scootched close, whispering, hooting and hollering at the end of songs. She and I made eye contact a few times.. (yess Ooola la were ARE talking eye contact people!) When one of the times I felt her looking over and Ted and I so I glanced over and she smiled, I looked away and she told her mom, "Aww they're cute, she is pretty" Umm Thank you Heather Morris! PS I Love You! That's all no big deal just your extremely adorable and funny and talented.. but you know.. whatev.
Did I want her to get up and sing with the adorable little peanut of a woman singing? You bet.
Did I want her to make an exit with an awesome dance move? For surzies.
Did I send her subliminal "You are my fav Gleester" thoughts? All the way.
Did I attempt to go talk to her? Hello to the no. If I was out with my mom and Valentines Day I would not want people coming up and doing that.. also.. that would be rude to Ted who planned this very nice night.

Bonus! This is my creepster attempt to take a picture as proof for you all LOL but it ended up just being a super dark picture of the candle on her table LOL Serves me right! About and hour later they moved her to a more VIP area in the corner LOL. FINE then. No but really enjoy your night . I love you!

Pretty please, how was everyones little burst of love and mush this Valentine's Day?


  1. AHHH! She is my favorite too! Love her! That is really cool. :)

  2. well done ted! and i do love that jazzy blues club; i was in there myself once wtih bobby and peter and his amazing collection of friends that somehow are able to get you in places that are closed that afternoon to the public... and listened to amazing music..was hit on by several older men and just in the nik! my sons gathered round, checking on my well-being :)
    nicely planned v-date, as i know your long-term love affair w serrano's :) and the hat! time, CLEARLY- to stop calling him ted...
    just a thought.
    i spend the weekend with my beloved ocean, good wine, freshly caught food and made new friends. the front porch back home held a truly magnificent bouquet ... took my breath away.
    not expecting; big surprise.

  3. Sounds like a perfect 2nd date! And eeeee! for Heather Morris!