Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Ev says he needs to gain weight.. something I was both happy to hear and couldn't help but roll my eyes at.
Happy because I need someone to bake for! He isn't a big fan of marshmallow, but when I make these delish cupcakes (from) they wont be just for him ;)

It is still cold here in NYC but nothing like the blizzard and bone chillin cold they have had in the past
 (knock on wood). Kitty cat and I have been little cuddle bugs at home, and not going out and about as often.
However, a few weeks ago I set out on a mission to find a Restaurant..nah THE restaurant for a momma/friend back in Az. To my surprise it was here in Harlem and just one subway stop and short walk away!
The walk took me through a pretty park, and out onto a street where a large beautiful building towered above..

Gorgeous isn't it..and just a tad spooky!
And then I found it..Toms. Home to the famous Seinfeld restaurant on 112th street and Broadway.

I see so many things I love on my walks to and from work, errand, or wandering around...
At the top of the list is a pet store I pass in the West Village where I get to tap on the glass and say good morning to these adorable faces!

Since my last post I'd say three big things have happened
1. They shot a Jerseylicious episode at the place I work (ep 13 in the new season)
My coworker and buddy ended up being their server even though they requested a girl server, but guess what aint no way Im being on that show! Also, I lost my voice at the time :)
So yay good for biz!

2. Bradley left :/ bummer. He got a great job and will be in Hawaii for the next six months or so. I was planning to go with some friends already so I might just make some time to say hello and hang out this summer if I go.
His going away night I busted out my sparkle pants and heels. I think it was the first time I wore any heels here in the city. It went well meaning I didn't fall once. :)

Note: these were taken on a phone (other than i..sooo) ... I look like a demon. sorry bout that.

Isn't he adorable?!

and 3.
It was Evans birthday!!!
Yay!! We went out for a very yummie dinner at a place called Buddakan. Which I am sure I just miss spelled terribly. yeesh. The place was BEAUTIFUL. here see for yourself:

coming down a giant stair case you enter this room here.. you might recognize it since it is where Big and Carrie held their rehearsal dinner :)

view from above

Later we headed to two clubs. My fav ended up being the Jane Hotel. Its super old.located n..yep Jane St. And their cozy giant lux living room/dance floor complete with DJ/ roaring fireplace, plush decor and dark dim lights this place is just cool!

It too has held some great parties, like the after party for the "Away we go" sreening where John here (aka "Jim" be still my heart) also enjoyed the lounge.

Outside Buddakan after many a drink, obvs as I am crashing into coworker Ben there on the side, and bless his heart he kept me up right :) what a pal.
 We had a great time and birthday boy went home happy and dance off  champ.