Tuesday, June 22, 2010


While reading a Better Homes and Gardens type on a break, I came upon a new store that is (sadly) in California. It has some beautiful ideas on furniture, lighting, art and anything else you would want to fill your happy home with.

I also found a site that has the below items for sale. There are three things friends learn quickly about me.

1. I am may be late. (as in at least 2-15 min :/ sorry guys!)

2. I have a very poor memory most of the time. (hence #1)

3. I am afraid/don't want any part of birds...

...which is why it took me by surprise that I bought new peacock earrings (Below) and liked this random sales sites jewelery so much...

Friday, June 11, 2010


A Few days ago I found myself with time to kill! This almost never happens, as I am usually spinning in motion trying to get from work to clinic to..wherever on time (which also almost never happens). But this day client cancelled on me and I had the afternoon to go home..or not! Excited with my "free time" I admittedly ran some rather boring errands. On my way to fill my power card I stumbled upon a book sale!

I have never really enjoyed reading. I have always much rather being outside, listening to music or taking in a movie. When I was a child I had my favorites, but as a young adult I just couldn't see why people read for their own entertainment. When I moved out on my very own (just me, my cat and dog, and three pots too many) I decided on an "Adult Movement" if you will, where I would read for pleasure and no longer leave dishes out, or the lights on when I slept. Regrettably the dishes remain on the side of the sink.. never in? Anyways, I did however start to read more. I began with mainly short fluffy novels and haven't moved on since (included the entire Twilight Sage... (cough) twice!)

And so in my seek for more adult material I rummaged through the $1.00-$3.00 books. Clearly these had to be donated for the cause, which was to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer. And since I only paid $1.00 for my slightly risky-yet funny book called "Going Down: a New Yorkers Tale". Here is more information if you so care to indulge.

Here is a count down of my top 5 favorite titles strewn about the display:

5. "Can You Say Potty?"

-who me?

4. "Greet and Cheat"

-I can only guess lol

3. "Peter Pan: The Untold Story"


2. "Vegan. Virgin. Valentine."

-wow lol I did almost get this one for the title alone

1. "Bachelors and Babies"

-This you had to see the cover of to really appreciate the title. It was a mustache clad cowboy with a baby strapped to his chest. But while looking for a picture of it on Amazon to share I found this on instead:
Say it with me... WTF?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If I Were A Rich Girl

I love all these items from Anthropolpgie. In my mind I have a much more chic life where I spend time on canoes being rowed by Frenchmen and whimsical music playing over head... which is a stark difference to the faded wrinkled blue scrubs I wear and played out play mix of Taylor Swift and Doughtry my work plays over head.. p.s. not a Frenchmen in sight!

I have never been able to get on board with the over the shoulder bag until recently. Now I see them everywhere I go and want to make it my next big purse purchase. These two are runners up, what do you think?

Awe rings! How I love the. I have a Gemini spirit when it comes to rings. I tend to either go very loud colorful and big like the one on the left. Or I will find a small simple and delicate ring like the one on the right. The last one isn't a ring, its a "collar necklace" and I really like it! I want to find more!

Carry has Manolos, Dorthy had red slippers, this summer I want these! I love the flowered lace on the black ones, and the little yellow flower bursts on the second. The third pair is an obvious pick for me since I am attracted to all things that sparkle.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Up in the Air

Its been a week or two since my trip to Texas and I am finally ready/have the time to write about it. Normally I try and not write about my family member or friends directly but in this case I'm still bursting with all my proud sister feelings to not. On Sunday June 6th my brother took his first promises and became "Brother Peter" in the Catholic Church under Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity order.
On Saturday I woke up buzzing with preflight jitters like I always have when I travel. I started to bustle around the apartment to finish packing my morning supplies of tooth brush, paste, and lotions ect. I spent most of my time sleep on the planes and snacking on over priced plane cookies ($3.50 for a cookie?)
When I landed I was greeted by two cars full of my favorite people in this world! I threw/dropped my bag and all but tackled my brother with excitement and gained the watchful eye of the security men at the same time. Once all the "I love you!"s and, "Hi, how are ya"s had been passed around, we headed to the beach! I love the ocean so much so that when I was little I thought I was in sync to the point that I could control the waves (true story).
The weekend was was beautiful and perfect. A few minor... annoyances shall we say I believe the sentence "He is like one of these Texas misquotes, I just want to swat him away" was whispered more then once.
To see my brother make such an important step in his life, and to see him beam and burst with joy was worth any amount of jet lag, and made me so proud of him. The order he chose is pretty modern and the people we met were beyond gracious and friendly. There were many emotions floating around that weekend, but mostly everyone was just... happy.
I love the family gatherings because there is more then enough of us to be able to break away in small groups and have a chance to take long walks to story tell and catch up. I cherish each and every mosquito bite I got on those walks because I had some heart warming, tearful, and hilarious times with my people.

You Have Some Esplainin' To Do!

My much needed and vague rant:
I feel that in many aspects of my life the people around me feel I owe them explanations for the things I do and say. Its odd that my first answer isn't enough for them and they think I'm hiding the truth. I also feel like should I want to keep something private and my own I have every right to do so.
In this world we all have a million reasons why we make the choices we do. I don't think those reasons often mean anything but rather the choice itself is the meaningful part. So if I am proud of the life I lead, and the choices I've made to get to this place, why does my trust in that falter when I suddenly am asked to explain them?
Especially when it comes to my family. Ahh yes my family. We are a very close bunch that oozes with love and support. My family members are wonderful, different, knee slapping-belly grabbing hilarious, and down right interesting people. I couldn't be more proud of them and we all know we each feel the same. Which is why when a monumental event, or simple sneak away hang outs occur people want to know all about it.
I am grateful to my friends and the fact that I have people who ask the "How'd it go?" question.... but sometimes you feel its more mandatory then genuine. I know when the question is wanting a real answer, and in that case I feel more apt to spill the beans. But I can also tell (and can't we all) when someone just wants that quickie answer to be able to move on. In which case the question was brought up, "Do you give a bullshit answer to a bullshit question? Or does that make the experience less?" How do you explain something you don't want to explain?
In the end of it all and in this new week I vow to not give anything away I don't feel is needed, and to gush over the things I still need help understanding like the prying eyes and presence of those around me begging me to explain my myself...
Why should I?
Dear Universe, God and anything else greater than myself,
I don't understand, please explain.
Thank you. Sincerely. Burns.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thimbles for each finger!

For reasons I have given up explaining, I really love some words and cringe at the sound of others. New word that's tickling my fancy, Thimble.. I have no idea why. I think its the "th" and the "ble". In any case my own curiosity has driven me to odd collector sites. Although I don't think I'll have tiny little thimble cabinets up for display any time soon, some of the art work it truly amazing.

However, all this said I'm a sucker for slightly odd art work. So stay tuned, and leave a tip on how I can find thimble art work! Other art work I'd love to save and get: