Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh Happy Day

So this morning I treated myself to a Starbucks favorite (Venti Iced Chi Tea.. Soo good!) I over heard two men talking about how poor the economy has been for them, and jobs available..
Man 1: "I mean, the only thing I got was washing dishes.. washing dishes! Can you believe it?"
Man 2: Gunts and shakes his head in pity and disbelief..
Man 1: "Ugh! It's just my luck that I would be washing dishes!"
Man 2: "You said it.."

I got into my car at this point but thought.. you know Man 1.. yes you ARE lucky! Now I don't know his situation.. maybe it was ironic because he invented a dish soap back in the day.. or maybe he has a condition that he can't stand for a long time.. but I am thinkin you know what? Some people can't even find that how about cheer up there buddy.. and your obvs not THAT bad off considering you just got a latte and have a giant pack of cigarettes, are dressed nicely and your up and awake on Valentines Day having a coffee with a friend (at 5:45am I mean really that's early dude!)

Ok climbing back down off my soap box for the day :)

Sooo this weekend was full of baking.. interesting baking too let me tell ya!
Cookies for a going away party at work on Friday! yummm

My sister made me this giant yummie cookie along with a card, movie tickets and candy treats as a surprise at her place for me on Saturday morning!

 Last night I took on the challenge to make these cupcakes... I should have used different icing.. but other then that they are really good! And everyone here at work is lovin up on them!
Combined Yellow and White cake..on accident lol no master mind plan behind that one!

Dyed 1/3 of it Pink For the center

Made small cut out hearts! A few of them MAY have been eaten in the line of battle :)

Decided to make a larger cut out personal cake.. for me! lol it was used as practise for the decorating.. and it was very good!
So you fill in the cup cake tin with the white cake mix, and put in the heart cut out and then fill it in on the sides!

I tried alll the fancy frosting.. I hated them all lol And just swirled them

 Tried my hand at adding a little something extra in butter cream frosting.. but its just too dang soft to do that with..

Still.. Yum!


I also had to have a very serious talk with myself in the dressing room over this dress:

it went something like this:
"But my boobs look bomb in this.. and I look really thin too.. and tan!"
"But you don't NEED it"
"Yes but its PINK I could wear it for my date! HAHA!"
"No.. you already know what your wearing.. "
"Yess.. BUT its pink and girlie.. I could wear it Anywhere really.."
"Like where though?"
"yeah..take a picture for the happy memory and put it back"
"Your no fun."
"New York or the dress?"
"Yah you win"
Luckily this was all INside my head other wise I would have had some odd looks when i came out for surzies.

Now I didn't watch the Grammys (no tv remember) But I did pop online and pick a few of my fav dresses!

Love them anyways.. Gleesters

I think I just like the dress because I like HER Florence I love you :)

Ok I love everything about this! The color (I'm a purpaholic) and the frills and the bow, the length loving all of it, and her shoes choice too.. props yo.

This is really pretty too with the purple and long draping

she can do no wrong this woman I swear.

I couldn't find any good pictures of Mumford and Sons who I hear played with Bob Dylan.. awesome.. and Carrie Underwood who I usually really like what she wears too, and the pictures for GaGa freaked me out lol..

Date night tonight, cupcakes all day, and love songs over head..

So far my fav love songs that have played today are:

*Leaving on a jet plane
*Lady in Red
*Have you ever (Brandy)
*I will always love you
*When a man loves a woman
*We've got tonight (stay)

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Oh, but that dress looks so stunning on you! Yes, New York still wins though. And those cupcakes. I thought I'd survive today without too many sweets, but I'm just going to give in and head over to Sprinkles for a cupcake (or two). Happy Valentine's Day, my dear!

  2. I would also like to jump on the soap box and say to certain people.. "Don't quite your job until you have another one lined up and then complain about the job you end up getting or still can't find" Dumb ass! Ha ha, but you do have me in the mood for a chia tea tomorrow.. rat's.. thank God for payday's. And PS.. the cupcakes look divine!