Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Seven

Day Seven Asks: List Four Turn OFFS!

Easy lol just four you ask?

1. Complaining, or poor attitude towards life. I like someone who can have a bad day, or run of bad luck and can figure out how to work with it, or change it. I believe in myself whole heatedly, and I need the person I  am with to believe in themselves as well.. otherwise how can I?

2. Poor Hygiene. Yuck no one wants to kiss someone with bad breath or dirty teeth, be touches by funk nails, or cuddle up to grease hair.

3. Being Rude. I don't like to go out with someone and feel like I need to apologize for their behavior. It is embarrassing and a little red flag for the communication in the relationship down the road.

4. Liars. Even if its small. I am a big girl and if I am asking then I really do want to know.. yes even if my butt really does look big in the dress... please let me know, I'll change and look better lol. Trust is a large LARGE issue with me. I would rather tough it up and be able to understand your reasoning's, and talk (aye I know what a girl, talk talk talk). But I connect this to respect. I respect the people in my life, and one of the ways I show it is being honest. I expect the same in return.'

yuck. Bring on Day 8!

Sweet As Pie

I am taking a small short little mini break from my challenge today to post some updates!

Yesterday on my day off, I made another pie for a coworker. I chose apple pie because I think it's a good comfort food taste :) Yum!

I'd like to think that this is something I can do well. So I am going to teach some girl friends how to do it, and take requests!
There is a Halloween party on October 23rd that is always a big bash with my sister and her friends, so I am thinking of making something festive with her.. here are some ideas....


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Day Six Asks: Five People Who Mean A Lot To You...

   I could easily go through and list each one of my brothers and sisters to fill these spots, but I feel like I'd be leaving others out I want to mention...

1. My mom. ok ok I know what I just said about family. But she is truly such an important person in my life. She introduces so much good and inspiration to me, and to everyone she knows. She has taken a gaggle of children and given us everything she has, continually encouraged our individual dreams, and hopes. And has been such a great example of how to love.  She is important to me because she is never judges, and is there to listen, talk, or lend a hand.

Blues Bar Phx, Az

Christmas with Peter Chico, Ca

Saying good bye to me Gilbert, Az

With Grandpa San Marcos, Ca

In the drive way with Bobby and Amanda San Marcos, Ca

2. When I first moved into our house on Johnson Drive I met Lisa and Katie the twins next door. We have been like sisters ever since. It is going on 15 years of friendship! We have been through so many things together and have come so far. I shared every story and thought with them through crushes, moves, new kid jitters, first loves, deaths, graduations, summer visits, roommates, pets, boyfriends, children, just about anything you can think of. Katie you are tough as nails, and the sweetest and caring friend a girl could have! After 15 years I think we can take on pretty much anything, so "bring it son!"
DBacks Game Phx, Az

Girls Night In Gilbert, Az

Movie Night Tempe, Az

3. I just so happen to be one of the luckiest girls out there because I have one thing that most people don't have. A hilarious, wonderful, Irish Grandpa. My mom was a single mom, and could pull it off well. But there are some things a girl just can't do alone.. like an add on to the house. This is when my grandparents would come down and help. They would arrive in their giant Buick with a box of assorted salty snacks for Grandpa and Gin for happy hour. My grandma would help my mom clean, cook, bake, and take care of us while I had the special task of helping grandpa with whatever he was fixing. This meant I usually helped by filling his water with fresh ice, handing him tools, and holding the measuring tape in place when needed. The quality time I spent was great. He taught each of us odd games, funny songs (Oh My Darin' Clementine), and were subject to a random spelling, or geographical quiz at ANY time. He remains to be loyal and sweet. I am glad that I am welcome into his home. And that he never gets tired of pulling out the family photos of he and grandma whenever one of us visits.
St. Patricks' Day San Diego, Ca

San Marcos, Ca
4. Even if you get along with someone and are friends, you really know how much you like them after a trip. After Ari and I went to New York, we spent non stop time together including long air port wait times, flights, cabs, trains, subway rides, and hurt feet. To say we had a great time is putting it mildly. We went to Broadway shows, walked around gorgeous shops, and historical parks. But we didn't really plan anything special to make it fun. It was all the ridiculous jokes (that haven't stopped since), getting lost, and pretty much laughing the entire time at one another and the high we got from sneaking into the Four Seasons bar, and being mistaken for locals that made it fun. She made it fun. We have had a blast ever since too. She just fits right into my family without any effort. We all love her and she loves all of us, which makes all the Girls Nights that much more fun! She has been such an amazing support to me no matter what it is I need. Whether it is sharing her blog editing secrets or dropping everything when I call crying and arriving with chocolate. A true NSLP ;)
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, NY

Warrens Jazz Club with my sisters Gilbert, Az

 5. I don' talk much about the massage part of my life on here, but when I went to my first class I knew it would be important part of me. Jody was the first teacher I had in the first class I took. It was on communication. I have been talking, and haven't stopped since I was a small child. I thought I had this class in the bag. I did not. It isn't that I did poorly, but Jody showed me a different way to listen and to communicate. She also became my Cranial teacher. She shared so many amazing stories about the children she worked on and the clients she has had sessions with that blew me away. Jody is extremely important to me because of the way she continues to influence the way I am a practitioner. Because of privacy issues I can't share too many details or many examples of her work. But when she worked with me she continued to be patient, and open to what I needed. She is a great teacher, and an honest woman. She never taught with ego, and taught us to practice the same. Something that's key to any practitioner. She taught me that I am not crazy, and actually have a gift. It is something I can do well, and she continues to support me to do so for a living.

Here are some pictures of the fam so they feel the love :)

My brother Brother Peter Corpus Christi, Tx

My sister Mary Grace Hollywood, Ca

My oldest brother Bobby and his son Forrest Chico, Ca

My sister Amanda and sister in law Alicia Chico, Ca

My sister Amanda and I Scottsdale, Az

Amanda and I at Girls Night Gilbert, Az

Brother Bobby and Forrest Chico, Ca

Amanda and I at wine tasting Phx, Az

My Brother Peter in a nut shell somewhere in Austria

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I love my Momma

I was in a rather good mood today until I got that evil little seed of doubt in my mind about relationships past.

The following emails between my mother and I cheered me up right away!

Me: Tonight I am going to eat celery and peanut butter and finish Eat Pray Love, then shower, and bed early.. do you need help packing?

Mom:  Sure darling…I’d love help J

Me: I'm having a bad day right now, I'm all blue about "L" (our not so secret code for Lorin lol) I'm so done feeling this way. Celery to the wind! Pie is a must tonight

Mom: Celery belongs in the wind… it was never meant to eat… not for long anyway; as an accompaniment, yes, course! In a casserole, you bet… filled with cream cheese or peanut butter on a try at a party… ok, they are good there… even scooped into cottage cheese…

But for a meal? Nope.

Pie, on the other hand is meant as a meal…

Or a small slice from time to time to feed that “I need a smidge of sweetness” moment…

I always remember travis’ look of sheer amazement that we had yummies at the wait and whim of us ladies of Cheshire ct.

Like a good pair of strappy sandles… a slice of pie just fits right with a girl…

And for the record…. I know. L.
Momma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this, my momma said.


lol I love my momma.

Day Five

Day Five: List Six Things You Wish You Could Change, Or That You'de Had Never Done:
Umm yikes! This one scares me a little. What will come to mind? I don't really view things as "I wish I hadn't done that.." Or " I wish I could change this.." As corny as it may sound I feel like everything happens for a reason, and I try and learn from whatever it is, and work for what ever I feel I want to change...

1. When I first moved into my apartment I got a "PRE APPROVED!" card in the mail, and without realizing, or understanding all the small print, activated it. The card came with a large balance already owed just for activating it. Phew hard lesson learned about cards that come in the mail. So although I wish I hadn't activated the card, at least now I know.

2. I wish I had saved more money while I was in high school and had limited financial responsibility so that I could have a nice juicy savings right now. Hoverer, I am glad I was able to buy the late night pizza slices, gas for trips to and from San Fran and Sacramento, and all the memories I have because of that.

3. I wish I could change the way people communicate to one another. I don't think anyone really listens to people when they talk, nor do people ever really say what they are feeling, or meaning.

4. I wish I could change the seasons faster! This heat is killing me and everyone here in the valley of the sun. Ugh. its been 103+ for the past several months with a low of 93 at night.. yuck! Calling all fall breezes, and crisp fogy mornings!

5. I wish I hadn't been so blind to what I need in feel in the past. But that i think will always be something I work on as someone who tends to put not just another person first but EVERYthing else first.

6. I wish I could change my body back to how it was in high school so I could run, jump, leap, and flaunt it again! lol But I am working on that and doing well -2pounds already, and more to come!!!

...huh.. that was harder then I thought :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Day Three, Day Four..

I am going to do Day Three and Day Four this morning since I spent the weekend tucked into my cozy bed, and plunked on the sofas and floors of friends.

Friday night I made a fresh, from scratch Blackberry pie! I made it with the help and steady hands of one of my best friends Ari, lattise top and all. Mmmmm pie

Day Three: Eight things I could not live without (in no real order)…

1. My family! Every single last one of um right down to the pets and goldfish down thru time.

2. Music. I love music. Have been in love with music.

3. Breezes. I love a nice cool breeze any old time *sigh*

4. The ocean. I love the beach and laying out and feeling the sun soak into my skin, but I love to swim in the ocean and feel the waves of water rolling under, and all around me. I like to feel like a small thing in the presence of something greater.. which is also a reason why I love big cities.

5. Food. More specifically cheesy foods lol. Oh man. Cheese and I go waaaaay back. I think the flavor and variety are enough to wake up for in the morning.. yum!

6. Festivals. I love the gathering of all different kinds of people that come together for one common interest or love of art, music, or camping. I love to people watch and be able to sing along to my favorite songs bare foot, makeup less, free and happy with a complete stranger who is doing the same that might just happen to be a hippie, a preppy or biker. I just love it what else can I say

7. All things girlie and feminine. Ruffle tops, soft cotton night gowns, sparkly head bands, lip stick, nail polish, heals, dresses, fresh hair cuts, long lashes, new earings, lace curtins, fresh flowers, smell good candles and soooo much more.

(image sampled from Sweebie's Spot)

8. Passion. I think it is the drive in everyone! I really respect those who have passion for what they do in life, for who they love, and how they live. I feel so low when I can’t find my passion, it is the key do be doing anything correctly. I really believe that if your doing it with passion then you’ll have the outcome you want.

Day Four: Seven things that cross my mind a lot…

1. Travel. When will I travel, when will I be able to go see Greece, Venice and Paris? How many trips will I end up going on thru out my life, since there are so many many places I want to see? Oooo Places I want to see…

2. Mmmmm you know what I want to eat right now…

3. Ok if I save this much each month, and I could move to New York when??

4. Oh my (brother/sister) is adorable! I can’t wait to see them!

5. Bills, bills, bills. Doctors appoints that I need to pay for.

6. Oh man I am TIRED

7. Ok, starting today is my new diet and exercise plan I swear!!!

Well for the last week I have been eating better and working out little by little. Today I plan to swim with ankle weights, and a resistance band around my waist . Then I’m off to get a manicure. I am spending the evening giving my mom a trim and watching Gossip Girl. I think I’ll swim Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Weigh in is on Friday October 1st at 2:30pm! Cross your fingers for me !!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Day two is Nine things about myself that most people don't know. While compiling my list of nine, it some what turned into a list of irrational, or odd fears? lol Here goes:

1. I believe in Anti Gravity.
2. My oldest brother and myself have "pun offs" where we try and out pun the other, to see who the last man standing is... basically a battle of the Corny.
3. I don't know if I want children because I don't think I could stand it if they didn't love me, or if I didn't love them, and the bond just wasn't there. That is one of the scariest things for me.

4. I am known for being independent to family and friends because I can travel, eat, and go to shows alone. But just because I can, doesn't mean I like to.. actually I sometimes hate it!

5. I went to a branch of Ford Models out here in Az and I sent in pictures, went to the call backs and they accepted me. But to get what they call a "Zed Card" done (which is basically a large post card of modeling pictures to show your range that they send out) I had to pay the photographer and I didn't have the money. A boyfriend (who I swore to secrecy!) said he would front the money. But I am stubborn and didn't want to owe him ever for anything, so I declined and never went back...

6. The nicer I try to be over the phone at work, or out in public shopping or something, the more southern I get?? But it isn't so that I sound nicer, I just think it is easier to be sarcastic and get away with it in a southern accent... "mmm Kay.."

7.  I hear: "You have beautiful eyes, but you probably get that a lot don't you?"  a lot lol. But I really like each time I'm told because I can still have days where I feel like I'm that same girl suffering from Trichatilla.

8. I'd love to be part owner of the Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar in New Orleans (the oldest building there-converted into a spiffy bar). I find it creepy and beautiful at the same time and want to find little things like this to associate my name with so I'm thought about every once in awhile by strangers... "Says here her name was Bridgette. Wonder what made her buy it.."- I guess more then anything this just means I want to be a mystery to someone, at some point.

9. Every day I wear navey blue scrubs to work. In my left pocket I store my keys, in my right I store makeup essentials like chapstick and mascara. But on my way in and out of work I carry my phone in that right pocket too which is fine (I'm super OCD about how much weight each pocket has..?) But should I use the ladies on the way in or out, I HAVE to take my phone out of the pocket. I have never dropped an item from my pocket into the toilet bowl but I just know that if I keep it in there some how my iPhone will be at the bottom of the deep blue...

***Have a wonderful weekend!!***

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Most days when I scroll through the blogs I follow, I love to see beautiful pictures or lyrics that have inspired them. Or a funny story that cracks me up and brightens my day. Today I read a blog that featured a challenge she is doing:

Day One:    Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two:   Nine things about yourself that most people don't know.
Day Three:  Eight things you couldn't live without.
Day Four:   Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five:    Six things you wish you could change or you wish you’d never done.
Day Six:     Five people who mean a lot to you.
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight:  Three turn ons.
Day Nine:   Two words that describe your life right now.
Day Ten:    One confession.

Today is her "Day Two" and she wrote such a beautiful telling of her Grandmother. She is a beautiful girl and I really felt her story. I decided today would be my "Day One". So here it goes...

1. Between my moms blog yesterday and Jess' blog today my own grandma is on my mind. I couldn't put into words here, today, at my moms computer what I would want to say to her. She was so many things to me as I grew up. At first it was, "aw man I have to clean, grandmas here". I was a Grandpas girl from the get go that's for sure. But when I got older, and past the fact that she had me clean, I got to know her more as this wonderful mother to my mother and woman. She's completely adorable in ever way there was. We shared a love for all things shiny. I would tell my grandma how amazing she is. Thank you for my own mother whom I adore. And how much of an example she and my grandpa are to me of what I want, and am holding out for for myself. And thank you for having the strength to do the same, and live such a hard working, lovely, fun, silly, and classy life.

2. All parents with freaking loud children in a clearly adult movie theatre. People. You need to excuse yourself and your kid if they become difficult during a movie! I am all about the Disney and kid movies. Take them to see one of those, and get a sitter for the rest of them (because, shocker I know) I didn't pay to hear your kid say "who's that?" a million times and run up and down the stairs.   Sheesh.    Even if they are angels and sit the whole movie through.. are these really the kind of images you want to put into you small precious childs' mind? Yowzers yall. I roll my eyes and heavily grunt over my shoulder to you.
3. I don't know where you are going, and I don't know why. But Oprah please take me with you!
4. Storey. I miss you like crazy. We have said since our first tell all sleep over that we must be soul mates to share like that ;) The video you sent me of you and I in your car when I am about to sneak into my house after a romp in San Fran cracks me up. I love it because it shows that we could literally just sit in a car (which is what we did 80% of the time lol) and do nothing and have either an absolute BLAST or the deepest conversation right down to my toes..and my soul.. and my souls' toes :) I love you.

Pictures of us in San Fransisco
5. Dad your a nut. And not always (ok pretty much never) in a good way. But I see your efforts, and they seem genuine enough so I appreciate them. Thank you. P.s the card you sent me made me laugh for several uninterrupted minutes.
6. Travis. I miss you so much. I have some how managed to remember all the small things about you that made you so beautiful to me. You were the picture of respect and loveliness with my family and mom. And although all the extreme romantic gestures that were an everyday occurrence with you are now wonderful memories,  it is the pact we had of acceptance and unconditional friendship that was both spoken and written in stone. I love you, and would love to hear your take on how my life is currently flowing. I imagine it would be something dead on and hilarious... drop by some time wont you?
7. To my girls (because I can't not say anything to them both) You continue to be the support I need and inspiration I crave. What the hell would I do without you? Hike Saturday???
8. To my brothers and sisters(can I lump a few under one number right?) Since the moment I was born I have had four entertainers, protectors, trail blazers, record setters, friends. I am the luckiest last out of five there is!

9. "That guy who didn't call" :nuf said.

10. Lorin; ugh. How frustrating our simple little tale turned out to be. In the end I feel you really need to find who you are. Once you do you can avoid being careless with those you love, consider important, and friends. And for this I am glad I know who I am, and that I deserve someone who sees it too. I'm done hiding the fact that we were together...behold lol the only picture that has been posted at all:

Monday, September 20, 2010

A what is over there?!

Let me just say that I am very afraid of birds. I have a list of irrational fears but birds it not on that list. Birds that don't know personal space... for example:

This morning while I was typing and copying lovely pictures of Arizona sunrises into my blog a fellow coworker called me to the back area where the phone operator and medical records desks are. I thought it was to look at more pictures of family babies on her phone... but no. She called me over to show me a dead bird that had some how collapsed in front of a now empty office door. I gasped! Covered my mouth (because ew.. dead bird in my lungs.. no thanks) and started to slowly back away.

I couldn't believe they called me over to show me when everyone.. and I mean everyone knows I how I feel about birds.

Once I over came my shock and horror I had so many questions. How did this bird get IN without any of us knowing.. chirp chirps? little bird pooh? Flapping around above our heads maybe? WHEN did this bird get in the building? And when did it die? This bird just showed up on the front of the door like a prank dead in the one hour time we had all arrived at work... this little bird caused a lot of mystery and irregular heart beats to be sure!

Sure sure yes it is sad.. poor little bird dead.. probably very confused and hungry. But dead bird.. don't go into buildings.. (i.e. personal space bird!)

I for sure have no pictures yuck, but I do have a link to mimismartypants blog that lept into my mind as soon as I whispered dead bird early this morning...


So this Saturday my mom and I went to Boyce Thompson an arboretum in the area. What should be a walk was more like a hike with record high temps that morning coupled with my out of shape (would rather be watching The Simple Life) legs. But it was great to stretch them out. I used to be so active! Dance team, Dance Squad (yes they are different one hip hop {insert laugh} and the other more jazz) Choreographing elementary school plays (Cinderella and Snow White) two jobs, and a social life of any normal 17 year old with her own car and pay checks to burn!!! (my $$ savey friends just cringed.. I know)
Boyce is beautiful! SOOOO many many butterflies! You would have thought it was Spring time and all of nature was twitterpaited. They were in every color shape and size. The shaded parts of the walk were nice to sit and pause and look out at the trees, the flowers, and the mountains towering over head.

This is by far my favorite spot in the whole park:

Plants for sale.. I have two of these babies in my room.. thriving-ish

Lemon trees smell sooo good

I bought little frog weights that say "Kiss Me" on the belly.. I gave it a shot, alas no prince yet.. keep your fingers crossed though you never know ;)


Ugh can you tell I am sooo avoiding me oh so warned fitness posts? Yikes! That is because after spending a healthy weekend of mind and body, reading, hiking ect ect I followed it up with one two Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Ugh I know I'm a weight loss fraud right now!
I've started to think that I need to keep a rubber band on my wrist to snap when I think about treats (including bread!) But thought I'd be too welted and weird looking if I did.
Has anyone seen the SNL skit where people try and eat and just before they take a bite a man comes and punches them? Sounds mean and not very funny, but it actually is pretty funny.. I'll be looking over my shoulder for that guy tonight when I dine on cheese dip and refried beans for din din and Gossip Girl!

"Obviously, when I pass Smashed Rat I need to say “SMASHED RAT!” Smashed rat is the new dead bird.  Yesterday as I was waiting for the light to change I said, “smashed rat” and a fellow pedestrian heard and gave me a strange look. So I pointed down and showed him the smashed rat so he could SHARE THE JOY." - mimi