Monday, January 31, 2011

Well... that was quick

Thank you Google Images
If I didn't have a long face I'd cut my hair like this.. I swear it to you.
So the x and I are now... x lol. There are only so many times you can call someone out before both of you realize that whatever it is you got goin on.. it ain't goin on well.. you know?

Luckily though he is a sweetheart, and we are still going to be friends which is nice. So rarely that happens.. like..for real lol. I'm not sure I should even be dating because of my hell bent plan to move to NY at the end of the summer this year..

But common ladies a girl needs a night out and a chance to wear that awesome new dress or earrings.. am I right?

I have discovered I need to branch out a little more on my "look" if you can call it that..

I have also discovered that the new look will not include hats.. as I can not pull them off..

LOL have you ever Googled Glee images? Do at your own risk.. these girls took some very risky and non work computer friendly pictures.. sheesh.

I am SOOO excited that I am caught up on this show (thank you netflix) and will be seated, with snacks on hand this Tuesday when it comes back on.
 Are you a Gleek? I for sure am.
 Britney is my new favorite. I am sorry after that Britney Spears episode she stol my heart. I am all about her one liners too lol
Here are a few I love :
"Did you know that Dolphins are just gay sharks?"
"I am pretty sure my cat has been reading my diary"
(at the dentists office) "This room looks like the one from that space ship where I got probed"
"I hope that you repect the fact that I want Glee club to remain a place where I, Brittney S. Pierce can escape the torment of Brittney Spears"
"Thanks to Brittney Spears I now see that I am better than all of you... cuz I'm Britteny... bitch."
bahhhaha I love her

Smallest picture ever of the Gossip Girl HA!
 It comes on tonight and I cant decide if I am happy about that.. or if I feel obligated to watch it.. both I suppose.
 I cant wait to get back to the gym! My body already misses it just being away for three days!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Worthy

ok I have never cried AT work BECAUSE of work. Until today.  Luckily I was able to "loose" it a little with a friend on the phone.. but sheesh, I need this night out more and more as my day goes on! I sincerly hope that you are all having a wonderful Friday, and are getting excited for your weekend party plans, or movie marathons!

Here are the two things getting me thru the next two hours:

This is my grandmothers bracelet. It is helping me to remember that these people are someones grandparent. And in no way would I be happy if someone gave my grandparents sass.
 And also for those times when I can NOT see my grandparents in a patient, because I KNOW my grandma would be rollin her eyes at their behavior too! lol

Awwwww the beach!
 warm sand, feet dug in waves crashing, throwing seaweed at the birds to stay away..

awww yes the beach :)
 as soon as and i mean as soon as it is warm enough I'll be headed to my Grandpas place to hang out with him, and clean a little, and soak up the beach for as many afternoons as I can score!!

Leaving you with beachy thoughts instead of bitchy ones...


A Whole Lotta Stuff

thank you google images

Here are a few things I know to be true:
1) I can never  (ever ever) make too many lists. No such thing.
2) When someone calls in and yells at you straight away.. it ain't about you. Therefore you can try and let it just slide riiiight off your back! {Insert Barbra Streisand's "Don't Rain On My Parade"  [Here]!!}
3) I will never think that it is ok for anyone to clip ones nails in a public place. That's a task for the bathroom.
4) Old ladies just might be dirtier then old men.
5) When your dreams turn dream musicals.. you're watching just the right amount of Glee
6)There is such a thing as Gym Hair. And I have yet to master the look
7) Falling asleep in tanning beds.. no good.
8) My cats loving "Wake UP!" Headbutt will never get old
9) I am moving to new York at the end of the summer.. come Hell, High Water, High Snow, High Temps, or High Rents!
10) How early I go to bed isn't really a factor in why I don't ever want to wake up and have the first touch down on the cold carpet in the morning. It is laziness the snuglliesness that is my bed, heap of covers, hummmm of the fan blowing, and purr of my cat. All of THOSE things are what makes me want to continue to sleep in
11) The older gent in the lobby just broke wind SO loud.. he woke himself up, and actually scared me.. my heart is racing people.. that's sick. and a little funny.

thank you style me pretty

I can't wait for tonight! I am going to Fun Kims going away Happy Hour with my Sister Sue and X. I am sad to see her go. but in all honesty we chatted a little about the ideal job for her, and now that she is getting it, i am thrilled for her! A move, a new job that she loves! That's awesome! Congratulations and new state, you are welcome.. enjoy the Fun Kim :)

thank you kate spade
This picture makes me think three things.. and yes I am going to list them:

* His toe is really weird.. even for a toy dino. I wonder why the heck they did that? OR do I not know enough to know that that's the kind of feet dinos had? hmm...
*As of lunch today I have been cancelled on...twice.. by three people.
*This and the picture make me miss my friend even more then I have been.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Relationships are joyful and important in your life only when they embrace or
shift your own inner wisdom.
For this to happen, you need to trust, value and respect those you enter a
relationship with, or you will be unable to accomplish your own spiritual
- My mother sent me this quote, and I really love it!

I also love this new photo blog that I found. I haven't had a ton of time to read up on a lot of it, but the pictures I looked thru are really good I think.

what do you think?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CupCake Land

I know right.. YUM!

These cupcakes are so pretty and so tasty looking.

I can not wait until Valentines Day!
 At work I will be in a "Bake Off" if you will with a few fellow coworkers, and bakers :)

If anyone has an amazing cupcake idea, tips, or receipts please email me or leave it in the comments!

Thank you so much!

via Cc  Cc  Cc  Cc  Cc  Cc

(Late) Tuesday Truth Day

Work has been made crazy, people out, new people simply just not comming back,computer problems, and training a slew of peeps. So I have been super late on alll of my posts. Forgive me :)

A few family members have called in, and have had really amazing and interesting conversations with this woman. She has become a friend of one of my aunts, and continues to be extreamly intuitive with each chat.

She is a psyichic.

I am thinking about calling her next month when I get paid. It is 100.00/hr which I guess by industry standards is good???

I have very limited experience with anything like this. I am not sure I even "believe" in it. I believe in intuitiveness. But I just don't know how to feel about it. Before my talks with my family i thought it was evil whooie or the devils work lol. But they tell me it is neither and I hear it in their stories.

I have a few questions or topics that I want to touch on with her. Some personal, some extremely personal.

But one of them is a question of my restlessness.

It has been a factor in several issues the past few months. And I am starting to see how it plays a role in a lot of different aspects of my life.

For example, the questions, Where do you see yourself in __ years? SO difficult for me to answer. I fee like I am waiting for something? Like, a new place, someone, job, purpose.. there is something that I feel like I am missing. And until I know what that is, or how to get it I keep moving, I keep changing my plans, I keep changing what I want to do, or who I am going to be with.
 Now I know what your thinking. I need to find peace from within yes? That's what I have been thinking too. for the past.. ooooo three years or so now. And I have come to peace with so many things. Things I didn't even know I was still hanging on to. I have let a lot of it go. And I really feel that this isn't the case.
 Second notion is that because I moved often (love you momma) I have a feeling of restlessness because I am used to adapting to changes, new people, and having to "make it" in a new place. its a great feeling to be able to do that. But even this isn't really hitting home with me.

All good ideas on the root of this feeling, but none really satisfying that answer for me.

 A friend of mine asked me why I haven't tried to pray about it. And while this is an awesome question two things came to mind. One, is that I actually have been for some time now, about a year. And I haven't really felt anything in response. My brother who is entering the priesthood has such an awesome trust in his faith (obviously) and I would love to be able to have that. But I find that I'd rather just give thanks for what I have in prayer than to try and find clarity. It feels as though my words, and thoughts are being tossed out into an empty room, and I can just barely make out its echo when it lands there.. I don't feel any comfort, support, or assurance. The second thing, was that with the whole "free will" clause I have never expected a clear cut answer from my prayers. To wake up from a dream with an "ahh ha!" moment and vision of the answer. it doesn't really work that way.. at least not from what I've seen.

Have you ever called or gone to see a psychic? Did you feel like it helped? Do yout think they are whooie or a resource?

Monday, January 24, 2011


Well first things first!
 After re reading some posts.. I noticed that I kinda bombed, and dropped the ball.
I'm recent months I have really tried to "Practice what I Preach" and by preach I mean what tell other people about myself, and who I tell myself I want to be, to become..
And in the post that I go off on the assistant to my hairdresser is just complainy, and annoying. Ugly. So I'm sorry some of you suffered thru some of that, and I here by retract those negative comments.
"I am not someone who talks Sh*&%. "

ok.. so here is a picture of said hair lol. it isn't awesome.. I'm in the car at a stop light, sun on my face.. early morning. a product of a late night out, many a free cocktails, and much dancing.
forgive the me.

On Sunday I spent the night with my two sisters, slumber party style with blankets everywhere, pillows, and mats. Movies, popcorn, jammies, yummie treats, warm dinners.. it was great.

My one sister no longer lives in the area so on the way back to my place to shower and change we swung by the 'ol stompin grounds to have a look see..

We discovered that the house is now for sale.. and we became giggling hoodlums walking around the property, peeping in windows, and snap happy when we saw that all our names were still holding their ground in the cement we poured on the side of the house!

"No Fear" my brothers favorite phrase accompanied his signature..

a little difficult to see all of them.. but its a great deal of names to have on your driveway (incl my moms lol) when they aren't anyone you know! HA

BEHOLD! Super creep!

Yes I am peeping thru a window that used to be my sisters bedroom, yes I am in the back yard. Yes I am really wearing those pajamas doing this at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, and yes, it was a blast.

Did you leave your mark somewhere that still stands today??

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ok first things first peeps. I really love how my hair turned out! The bangs are a smidgen shorter then I wanted.. but this is a good rule of thumb for me since my hair grows like a weed and in a week or two it will be the perfect length for awhile :) YAY

 Also she did a "gloss" hair people help me out, I have no idea what it is/does. But I do know there is the lightest of tint on my scalp from it. EW. It isnt noticeable unless I move my hair a certain way..but I am crossing my fingers this will fade soon :)Like.. very soon!
There is no photo because I took a bazillion and they all turned out dorky. Sorry... Until i can not be a total spaz in front of my own camera I shant post them lol.

The salon that i go to is so cute though! Here are a few pictures i snapped of the joint while there:

Adorable huh :)

Also I would greatly like to high five this bride for her wedding. I think it is really simple, and lovely.. don't you!
I am so in LOVE with this beautiful girls shop! While stopping by another daily read of mine ( is it bad blog behavior to also post about her? Not sure.. but I love these images! And on this painfully early Friday morning.. I need them)  I followed the links to these pictures! I can not wait until I can make a purchase from her. I think they are so beautiful, and feminine, but raw all at the same time..

 I don't know about you. But that bed looks so cozy and interesting and fun I want to curl up amongst all those books and articles and read till I get sleepy .. mm..

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wednesday is my day off, hence why on Thursday morning you all get a flood of my comments on the posts I missed out on. I finished "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" with mamba the cat napping between chapters.
Please don't hate me girls, but this book made me laugh out loud into my empty, still, and quiet room more then once. Although this guys is horrid, he has some funny insights, and stories I never in my wildest of all wild dreams!
I do not recommend this for many. Read at your own risk.. very Dante.

So today after work I am getting my hair cut. I am not sure if I want to get it colored or not.. and I still haven't decided on the cut either.. I know.. Im one of 'those" clients.
But to my hairstylist credit she always gives me what a want.. even if it is in code.
Her assistant however, do not! I hate when I get her. My HD knows this and has stopped letting this other girl do very much besides wash my hair.. even then.. ugh. she just bugs.
She has a constant MK and Ashley kissy face look on her face the entire time. Says "huh" to EVERYTHING and if she happens to elaborate on a subject she will end her statement with an "..en stuff.."
She is a dud.
That is all.
OK so BEHOLD! ALL the colors my hair was this last year lol:
(Picture taken in Texas in July) 
Really red. like.. fruit punch red people. But would you believe this is JUST what I wanted? probably not. Who would. ME!

Each year I go and do something/see something new
Last year I decided to go to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans. It was awesome. pearl Jam. BB King and so many more. I had a dream a month or so before of myself.. listening to the music. Happy as a clam. Sitting on my sweater on the damp grass.. Giant glasses on, face to the sun, super red hair.
I lived the dream... Then let the color fade out..

(Side note Picture: this picture is of my sister in Texas. it is one of my all time favorites of her. is she not the cutest person you have ever seen in you life? I know.. me too!)

(picture taken in September)

This hair color doesnt have a name.. its called.. faded.. copper ish. but also.. kinda pretty. I liked it.

(Picture taken December)

I took this picture in the park with my sister and dog Marlee. Its much much darker now. My natural hair color

 Is SUPER ashy or "mouse" brown. I already have a few greys people. I both love them.. and raise an eye brow at them in the mirror in the morning.

As far as cuts go.
I really want bangs! I think they are so cute when they are blunt cut with long hair:

These two lovelies make it look so easy.

But I NEVER want to style the bangs. So that makes me a bang wearing no no.

But I am not sure what else to do??

I have been growing my hair back out for so long. I want to cut it when I move to NYC in some adorable way.. but for now! I have no idea.

 help.. ideas?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Creep or not to Creep.. is that even a Question?

We have all fallen victim to creepin on it. But I like to think there are levels of creepdom.
 For an example:
 I have not nor am I interested in hacking into someones account to be able to post whatever under their name.. that's too creepy.
I try to not ever do any level of creeping in a dark room at night alone.. this adds to the creep.
I don't "friend" people I don't know..cuz we aren't friends..

 But, I have gone to see who my friends are friends with. I think this is an acceptable level of creepdom. I hope you agree :) Otherwise this is the part you navigate away from my blog lol.  In high school there was plenty of people I knew.. but didn't really know. Even though the class size wasn't that large... and we were at most of the same parties, I was a little bitter for having to be there in the first place so I wasn't THE most school spirited individual. But this girl Siobhan was always very sweet. I think we had like one class together at some point. We had similar friends but, like I said never really hung out. She is extremely talented though! I do remember her making several of my friends dresses for dances. I "friended" her. And although we aren't super chatty I still enjoy seeing her posts about new things she is doing with her clothing. the town I used to dwell, there was a really cute little boutique called LuLus Fashion Lounge. I really liked it because it has fun pieces, and not many of the same item so you weren't walking around school looking like a clone. Although, I swear to you I had the oddest fashion ideas in high school. Good.Nass! Old Navy almost casual business attire one day and then holey jeans and American Eagle tops the next? What the? Anyways, when  I went back to town, I went downtown to score some adorable new items, and it was turned into something else! Boo! I thought it was lost forever. Turns out they are more of an online store now... good for them!
 She now does the blog for LuLus Fashion Lounge! She also posted online that she will be opening her own Etsy account...

OH! I am way ahead of you! Here are some of her items I have my eye on :

This post was linkalicious. But I wanted to give credit where credit is due!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Laugh Out Loud

I have never seen this picture of SJP, nor have I seen the bottom picture of all the girls! Just when I thought I had seen every stil shot and promo ad out there!

Since so many ladies responded that they too have the inner monologues of one Carrie, Sam Jones, Char, and Miranda.. I thought I'd post a few I found on IMDB that made me laugh out loud at my desk and breath life back into my day...

The one that I went hunting for is the first one because I feel the same way (doesn't everyone though?) But I go thru very independent spurts.. but right now.. I'm hearing this...

Carrie: I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love.

Charlotte: [holds up heart shaped dish] This is pretty!
Samantha: Oh, she'll hate that. Too domestic.
Carrie: And too bridey.
Samantha: Yeah, let's try not to piss her off.
Charlotte: Maybe we should just buy her a stapler, wrap it in brown paper and just smear some dog poo on it! Think she'd be comfortable with that?
Carrie: Fine. We'll get the dish.

Miranda Hobbes: Are you alright? I can't believe he took your shoes.

Carrie: I know! I probably got trichinosis.
Miranda Hobbes: You only get that from pork.
Carrie: Oh, well I'm sure I stepped on a piece of it somewhere.

Carrie: All righty? He said all righty? Now I'm thinking the upsetting thing isn't that you proposed, it's that you proposed to a guy that says "all righty".

Carrie: I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.
Carrie: You can't make friends with a squirrel. Squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits.

Carrie Bradshaw: [voiceover narration] I didn't understand. Did all men secretly want their women promiscuous and emotionally detached? And if I was really having sex like a man, why didn't I feel more in control?

"(Punch Punch) We're Exclusive!"

Last night I went out for "Sunday Funday" with Fun Kim. While explaining my current situation we had a nice laugh about how exactly mr x and I decided to be exclusive.. casually exclusive? He basically told me that when given the chance he didn't feel the need to hit on other girls. Great!  But the story left me still scratching my head wondering what he was getting at.. not my brightest moment.. so when I asked where exactly he was going with this.. he gave me two little quick playful punches in the arm exclaiming "We're exclusive!" It felt like the the gorgeous smart man said we were exclusive.. yay.. but the punches said things to me like "Slugger!", "Chief!", and "Little Fella". ..
..well. the story was hilarious last night? lol

I am proud of myself however, for knowing what I want, for asking for it, and for no longer being the kind of girl who allows anyone to behave in a rude manner or even some what disrespectful manner... it's just no good folks.. don't do it. Homie don't play... ya know?
Probably not because I am being super vague LOL Sorry! Just know I am very proud of myself for not falling into old pesky habits, and Burns don't take no crap from no body (cool runnings anyone?) ;)

NOW that I got THAT out of the way and out of my system let us continue A E J?

That is correct-a-moon-dough people :)
I said I would weigh in on the 14th, and man what a liar I turned out to be! I completely spaced it.. Luckily I arrived at work early and had time to empty my pockets and jump on the scale!
133 is my new number which means I have 14 more days to loose that final 3 pounds! YAYAYAYAY
I'm super excited.. can you tell?
Side Note: Cutest cat EVER 
Snug as a bug in a rug this one

Friday night marked the night that I realized.. and I mean truly realized that even though I love and adore my friends.. we are not in the same place .. at all. And that this means that as long as I am here.. I will be flying solo.
Which is fine. Kudos to my gals for being home with their families and not cocktail hour with their single friend. soooo I went to the Rhythm Room again to see this woman sing.. who I can NOT remember her name :/ oops. But she is up for multiple awards for best blues, and female blues performer... which is awesome. And she was a BLAST!

In no way can you make out anything in the picture above lol my apologies lol...

There I was stamped with a "Party" stamp to mark that I had paid and was of drinking age....
Unfortunately I ended up sporting this blue stamp on the left side of MY FACE the better part of Saturday while I hiked since I slept on my hand and the stamp transferred over.. boo that mess.

In related news... look I made it to the top!

But did I stop there? NOPE!

Isn't it beautiful! I loved it.. I was jammin to a song that my sister introduced me to. Its called "My Body" and it is by a group named Young and the Giant.

I don't know if it is still up but the other day iTunes had it featured as their free download song check that out!

I love it! Thank you thank you MGrace for sharing this with me!

I also went to see two movies this weekend(which isn't a lot.. but sort of.. I watch movies all the live long day people.. I'm thinking I might do a regular post on movie reviews? Yah Nah?), The Dilemma which was funnier then I thought.. and How Do You Know which was not as funny as I was wanting it to be. I love Paul Rudd. Don't get me wrong he is a good damn time. He is an alumni at the same school my sister went to for acting, he was Mike on friends.. he was in Anchor man.. I rest my case.

Not only did I hike for 2 and a half hours... yes TWO AND A HALF HOURS of mountain climbing bliss.. I also worked out on Friday night, and went to spin class on Sunday morning.. my abs.. my arms.. and do I even need to mention my legs?

Ok one more thing, then I'll zip it up this morning so I can go catch up on your lovely posts..

I am going to try really hard not to say "Thanks" anymore. I heard myself say it about a dozen times this morning to people.. and it not only sounds unprofessional, but also impersonal and lazy..
if I am grateful and feel the need to give someone "Thanks" than can't I muster up the energy to follow it up with a "You"?

So ... Thank You for reading :)