Friday, October 29, 2010


Excuse me while I lust after Zooey for awhile here. A coworker didn't know who she is.. how does that happen?

I can not wait until it starts to rain here more. I really want a selection of rain boots and umbrellas to have on hand

My friend and I have this weird awesome dream to re create some pictures and hang them in our small awesome loft in New York. I'd like to add this one to the list!

Zooey and her sister Emily

lol this one makes me laugh! I'd love to hear some of her other songs (besides the Christmas ones)

I think she is just so beautiful. I love that she can pretty much pull off any look. I crave the kind of forehead, face shape, and know how to have bangs like these!

Lust over...

Have you seen this??

One of the nights I spent in LA with a mighty wine buzz, my sister, her roommate and I cracked up watching YouTube videos I thought I'd share with you....

lol I hope you enjoyed the clips! If I have missed a YouTube must, by all means pass it my way!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who's the Boss

Let me answer your first question you are sure to ask after reading this post:
 No, I am not engaged or even remotely close to being married anytime soon.
And the answer to your second question:
 No, I am not crazy!

I am simply very very very obsessed with the TLC show Cake Boss.
The show is a reality show based around an Italian family owned bakery in New Jersey. The head chef or "cake boss" is Buddy Jr. He is also perhaps the silliest, sweetest, and most creative cake creator I have ever seen... I haven't seen many.. but one can imagine!

Their shop is famous for (the show yes, but also..) their specialty cakes, and amazing family receipts. His father, Buddy Sir who opened the shop is shown in one of the episodes decorating a wedding cake that is so beautiful, I have been lusting after it alllll day and night. I am talking DREAMS people! DREAMS about making my own wedding cake with Buddy Jr. LOL A clear sign I have read too many wedding blog posts, and episodes of this show!

But for fun, let me show you!

Pretty yes? Sort of cascading down the cake like this one:

Here are some of the cakes that have been made on the first two seasons! ALLLL Of it you can eat.. all..:

What are you currently addicted to and dreaming about?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I just want my Cat

Soooo this is literally how my cat mamba greets me each day I come home, or just simply reenter the bedroom, AKA B cave where we both dwell a midst the Holiday Apple Cinnamon candle scent, Gilmore Girls, and treats!

Today is cloudy, and chilly out side. I feel a cold coming on with achy muscles and a talking into a bucket like hearing.. yuck. Vit C to the rescue!

I am currently very confused on why people make the choices they make. I know we are all different but isn't there a .. common scene like general response to things in life that we all share? Guess not. What a real bummer too, because I'd love to be able to understand those out of left field choices!

Currently needing a Thelma to my Louis Road trip

This song by Cheryl Crow came on today and it reminded me of when I was stuck on a merry go round of a relationship.. I jumped off, skimmed my knees, staggered to my feet once more, pulled twigs out of my hair and limped forward in a new direction. The people in my life are amazing no doubt... but whats with all the merry go rounds? I am getting sick trying to keep up with the constant motion, and emotion of it all.. is it time to leave the park?

Did I lose you completely in my analogy? lol Here are the lyrics that I love!

God, I feel like hell tonight
Tears of rage I cannot fight
I’d be the last to help you understand
Are you strong enough to be my man?

Nothing’s true and nothing’s right
So let me be alone tonight
Cause you can’t change the way I am
Are you strong enough to be my man?

Lie to me
I promise I’ll believe
Lie to me
But please don’t leave
    **(um hello nail being hit on the head!)**

I have a face I cannot show
I make the rules up as I go
It’s try and love me if you can
Are you strong enough to be my man?

When I’ve shown you that I just don’t care
When I’m throwing punches in the air
When I’m broken down and I can’t stand
Will you be strong enough to be my man?

Lie to me
I promise I’ll believe
Lie to me
But please don’t leave

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Odd Comments At Work

Odd Comments that at some point today, were said in my lobby. They got me thinking, who the heck do I work with? And man my minds in the gutter!

1. "Make sure you get my situation" (said by doctor dressed up for October fest taking pictures with staff with one leg proudly up on a chair)

2. "Can your tongue touch your nose?" (whispered by patient to her self)

3. "Did you see my Pearl necklace?" "giggle giggle" (asked by a co worker and giggles came forth from pretty much everyone around at the time)

4. "That child has a calmness.... like little Leprechaun . Don't ya think?" (said by creepy old man in lobby about a child about 6, and who was not calm lol)

OK so please tell me I am not the only one with somewhat inappropriate co workers, and clients/patients whos' comments like these continue to crack me up on the daily around here?

Do share :)

PS Its rainy and cold here.. finally!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Neither, I prefer the bananna I brought from home"

Gooooooooooooooooooooooood afternoon everybody! So this weekend I went to LA to see my gorgeous sister who lives with one of the kindest, most talented and funny roommates EVER!

His house is adorable red brick and blue painted shutters and borders. Pink roses lining the wall and little mini lanterns lighting the path way to the door steps. Think Monicas' apartment in FRIENDS since everyone one of their friends just seems to come and go as they please. They hang out, eat and end their days with funny recaps of their nights out on the town.

Wine was bought by the fist fulls from the neighborhood (and by neighborhood I mean one house down from) convenient store that was in the movie Super Bad.

We stalked Shia LaBouf mothers' house (which was about two blocks away) and were total creepers with our mugs of wine listening to him talk (in the tree covered front court yard) while giggling tipsily in the rain.

but ugh how he has grown up :) my my

yeah I for sure had a crush on him when he was young. You know you did too!

Our first night there pretty much lasted from 2pm-2am with an amazing dinner at a nice downtown Burbank restaurant, vinyl record perusing, jam session on drums and piano (talented I say!) huddled around the smokers outside for support and to hear their funny stories in the wee hours of the morning. I had woken up at about 3:45 am Saturday morning so I pretty much crashed out at 1am with the party still in full swing out in the house.

My mom and her bestie Elle, left at the crack of dawn (poor ladies, don't know how they drove with just a hand full of hours of sleep) Mary and I bummed around the next day waking up some what late and snacking on vegan Thai food, KitKats and watching The Grizzly Man. A documentary of sorts. Then brown bagged it with our Micky's beer to the Improv show (hence the odd blog title. By far the funniest punch line I could have never imagined at the time) followed by more drinks and mass amounts of Mexican food at home.

Monday we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed! We showered, shaved, and went to pick out my replacement ring! She bought me the most amazing ring last Christmas which was for many special reasons. Unfortunately I am a highly acidic individual, so the ring, left a ring of green on my hand. She returned it and it was only until this weekend that I picked out another. It is B-A-YOU-TI-FULL! Silver band, gold looping on both sides of a polish Garnet stone.

Her roommate some how worked his mojo online and managed to snag us three tickets to the SOLD OUT Mumford and Sons concert that night at the Palladium in Hollywood! The two opening acts were not good. I can not lie. The only thing we enjoyed about the first act was his hair. No joke the man looked like Amy Winehouse meets British Pirate. His hair had it goin' on. The second band was ... ok. but so bland that about three songs in we pretty much just turned to one another and started talking. Something none of us do on a regular basis because of how rude that is. But I was standing there for far too long to pull out my "Be quiet, polite and stand there" manners from my days at church as a child. No Thank You. then there was 30min! I kid you not before Mumford came on stage.

Mumford is so adorable and talented! had no idea he played so many instruments all the while singing so beautifully! if you haven't listened to them I so highly recommend you do! The venue was beautiful! Chandeliers hanging all around the the second floor, with a sting of bulbs over head on the main floor, plenty of bathrooms, and great sound!  They are so completely adorable on stage with one another too. Fun conversations with the audience. Just watching their faces as they sang some of these songs was breath taking. These boys sing to romance your pants off, and get you jumping up and down singing at the top of your lungs.  My favorite thing they did though was unplug for their last number and played their song "sister" acapella which had everyone move in oh so close. It was beautiful, and we were still as could be in order to hear them. I loved it! I love them!

Ugh what a wonderful weekend!
Who else had a great weekend, or favorite concert?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shit, Mother Fucker, Fuck, Shit

This was preeeeeeetty much my face yesterday as I found out that the guy who completely broke my heart and seems to have no issues with how he lied to me, will be coming into the place I work (and where he used to work) to see everyone, and go to lunch with some co workers.
 I repeat. Shit, Mother Fucker, Fuck Shit.

So Like any woman of class, composure and complete control. I am channeling Sam Jones for today. Via the Richard brake up and every other kick ass moment she has where try as she might may she be covered in pesto, in a paper gown, or Brit by the pool, she is awesome, hilarious and powerful.

Naturally friends and co workers who are in the know are all looking the same, shocked and a little horrified at what may seem as silly, but the most powerful "Hi" that will take place this month. Such a small word yet so much is needed to come across. Ew I feel sick already.

At least I haven't left any bad messages on his phone or otherwise. For that I am grateful.
But If I end up a little more snarky then planned, or my glass of water happens to leap out of my hand at him, when he asks if we can be friends I'll be forced to say....

ugh wish me luck!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

All those dang Judgie bears

Man Alive! Yesterday was my day off from work I ran a few errands including a stop at my school to have my exit appointment. Aka Graduate!!
Since my school boasts an enrollment that can be done at any time, or day we don't have graduating classes. So whenever your time is up, you schedule an appointment at the Success Center and you go through all the paper work with one of the administrators. Have no fear there were bells, confetti and clapping involved when it was handed to me lol That school cracks me up. Ooo SWIHA, you kooky ass place.

Behold... many many many hours. Night classes after an already long day, going to be at midnight, weekend classes, crying, hugging, so many great new people in my life, the ability to let go of the toxic people in my life, no life on the weekends. To the tests that's I passed with out studying at all, and to the ones that I failed miserably on staying up all night to study and cram for. Hizah to the one thousand phone calls my advisor never returned, and the giant student loan I have due to a forgetful financial aid counselor. Yikes to the 162 naked bodies in the clinic, the three job offers (none taken) and the most wonderful instructors who are truly masters in their work, and gracious people who have gone so far in helping me learn.
SWIHA I hate Love you!
After my meeting/graduation I went to the mall to scout some bomb chocolate covered strawberries for National Boss Day which falls on a Saturday this year. I planned to maybe buy about five or eight of them, wrap them in pretty paper and pick out a card to present to my boss on Friday. But Godiva wanted way too much (in my opinion) for just two. Two! Who only eats two? Not I that's for sure. So I wandered around the mall a little longer and let me tell ya, people were lookin. Is it really so odd for someone to shop alone? or heck go to the movies, walk around book stores, eat out, or do anything these days (gasp!) alone!?!?!

Let me tell ya. This is sometimes way better on your own. Now I love my girls more than anything! And their company is always an absolute joy. but so is window shopping and letting your mind wander. Eating at your favorite place because no one else likes it, and damn it you've been craving that dip for months!
So this weekend whatever you do girls, DON'T be afraid to do it alone ;)

P.S. Another note inspired by this still from Sex and The City Movie. Isn't it great to get dressed up for a night out on the town? And isn't even better to turn in early and veg on the sofa :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Happy

For the past few days now I have been in a terrific mood! Even if the work day is long, and patients are crabby, I have a sure fire way to be back in my happy place before I get home for the night!

These five things help me to get to my Happy Place :

1) Skip to your car. It sounds cheesy because it is. It is difficult to stay angry from your day when your skipping to your Lou my darlin. After which sit in the car (windows down of course) in silence and let yourself breath. There is no rush. The hard part of the day has come to an end.

2) Think of one funny thing that happened today until you have a full blown smile

3) Reach into the memory bank of Blogville and pull out a beautiful image (like the one below, thank you la petite coquin!)

4) Sing along to the happiest, sappiest, toe tappinest song you can find in your cd collection or radio! Singing at the top of your lungs is a mood lifter for sure! I tune into the oldies every day on my way home :)

5) Think of something positive your going home to! It might be family, boy/girlfriend, cat, your left overs from that awesome dinner the other night, your favorite cocktail you learned how to make, television show, or maybe just silence in your very own space.

Happy Tuesday Traveling!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Closet Blues

Saturday Morning, "At the crack of.." as my mother says, I will depart for LA to visit my beautiful sister.
I am riding shot gun on a bucket in a giant UHaul with my sleepy cat for six hours. I have already started to think about what the heck I should pack for the trip. If I had it my way I'd wear beautiful dresses, and flowing tops with wonderful shoes with character.

I have the case of Closet Blues. You know. When you feel like you have NOTHING to wear? I hate that! I know I have PLENTY of clothes. My cramped hangers, drawers, and under my bed dresser can witness to that fact. Yet i feel like nothing is really right.  Ohhhh for the day when I can have a beautiful closet full of organized tops, feminine to concert Ts. Shoes as far as the eye can see on display under perfect "what will match this.." lighting....
This is my favorite I think :)

Freaking MC has such a beautiful closet!
After looking through page after page of online browsing I landed back at the tried and true Anthropologie for all my lustful needs.




 I am really loving these adorable shoes!!

**This weekend was very fun! I am finding that as I bake more and more pies (another successful pie with Katie thank you very much :) the more I am listening to oldies, and blues channel on my Pandora. I find that the stations for Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, and Etta James are my favorites to bake to. Now I can't seem to stop listening to the wonderful tunes!
This being the case I took my Crazy friend "Coconut" to the Rhythm Room in Phoenix. Mr. Long John Hunter played and blew me away. I found that I had completely fallen in love once I saw he was wearing the same comfy Adidas slip ons my Grandpa putts around the house in with black dress socks! HA! I love it! I love him! I love that place! Such a wonderful little dive with great cocktails, and a wonderful crowd where NO one is in their seats about two songs in.

That's my kind of place!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Day Ten Asks: List One Confession!

What? Confession? But it isn't even LuLus Confession Friday! I know... but it's just one.

My One confession is this: Today it is stormy! Very very stormy! Its more then over cast, it's dark. Night time dark. It's thundering and lightning lights up the sky! The doors open and close here at work with each new patient and a cool breeze blows in leaves from outside. And this all has me thinking... I want it to be Christmas! Not just for the weather, but for the Gap Christmas Ads. Because don't we all just LOVE them?

(umm I love them)

(and he)

common... don't you!?