Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bacholerette Party and Wedding!!

the adorable and beautiful Bride to be at her party!
By the way she wore black and I wore a light pink.. its pink everybody not white and I totally cleared it with her FIRST! lol

I dont even know how to explain this picture except that she is "Sto Bird" and I am "Llama face"

Like honestly people look how beautiful!

Her cousin Ashley and I palled around a lot that week and went on a few (read: several) cheese it runs
(sorry for the red eye!)

The group Of girlies for the Party... not sure I remember all of their names.. but bride center right in back!

{ignore the object I am holding}
Myself, Ashley and Erin-possibly the sweetest and cutest girl I have ever met!

Julia (Maid oh Honor 2) and I

Ended the night at a place called Duffys where the bride and groom first met.. *sigh* adorable!

The day of I must say she 100% kept her cool, and maintained a smile that said both, "I am so happy I could burst" and "lets do this already!"
Who could blame her! We were ready in record time even with a lost earring, hair and make up for eight girls and one grandma, and last minute ideas for the Lavender she had left over.

The idea being to sprinkle it down the aisle and as we walk the scent will fill the air!
And even though it totally worked, it also totally attracted bees.. so.. beware of that.

Speeches were made, and I pretty much cried during hem all. I couldn't imagine sweeter words, and more genuine happiness for the couple, and support.
They were truly surrounded by those who love them that day

{in the limo driving over}

I didnt actually eat any cake, I was conspiring with the groomsmen
 (all adorable, all fun to hang out with, all attached)
We danced around them with sparklers for their first dance, and watched as one very tall groom beamed down at one very lovely bride

Most of the girls had see the movie "Bridesmaids" already and the part that cracks me up is when the two girls are fighting giving "Im closer to her" speeches at the party... finally Kristen Wigg announces "We are so close we dont even NEED words"

This is kinda how I feel about this picture: 

silly picture

table settings were simple and beautiful

our bouquets.. note: BEE

Back at the penthouse where we stayed the night before and got ready in in the morning, had a stair way that led to a tower on top of the hotel

and in true Marshal Lilly fashion the two had nothing to eat at their own wedding (which breaks my heart lol) and ended the night at a fast food joint..
more geez.. more adorableness!

On my drive Home

More Lakes that were stuning!

Venice Beach to lay out and sun, and nap

The foggy coast line made me sleepy!
I ended up booking a hotel room in Pismo beach and just passed out! Then I woke up to have dinner and night cap with my beautiful cousins!

My sweet sweet nephew playing in the dogs water bucket

Santa Monica Pier for ice cream.. and it was sooo worth the extra traffic to get there. Sun sand beach rides and really nice ocean breeze!
I imagined myself as an old lady as I sat alone on a bench at the waters edge eating my ice cream and thinking the kids should really NOT be running... I'll make for a good old lady I think..

My trip was perfect! Everything I wanted it to be and a little more too. I enjoyed each leg of my trip and felt as though California was some how showing off for me. With all the beautiful weather, and sun sweet vineyard drives, boating out into the waves, and camping under the stars with the sea lions. The happiest and wonderful wedding of a best friend, and the charm of listening to my nephew play. The fog on the coast line and the busy downtown walks along the popular beaches to people watch...
Thanks Cali! I will miss being so close to you!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little houses made of ticky tacky

Soooo I have sorta kinda, most defiantly been eating large amounts of ice cream Drumsticks {it's 115 degrees here} and watching episode after episode of Weeds. I could count all the ways I love Weeds, but I fear that would be fun for no one but me. So I shant.

lol truthfact!

also I tried. I tried to stay away peeps. but the JGL just keeps poping into my top five people I'm going to need to meet...

so I am feeling a little sluggish with the trip story telling. so here is how today and Thursday {last of the vacay posts} shall go. Picture picture picture, and explaining any funny business thrown in the mix :)
Downtown books store. i really really love the smell of these books. or maybe its just the dust collecting on them. i was sneezing a LOT... either way  i may have defiantly been caught sniffing a few.. oops! you only live once right?

aww yes the mirror shot. this was taken at the bridal luncheon where we were introduced/reunited with the other girls in the bridal party. of all. of. them. dolls! absolute sweetest girls!

oh yeah! I went wandering around as I do and found some lovely hanker chiefs, link change purses and these beautiful earrings that I ended up buying because they fit right into the vintage costume jewelery that my great great grandmother had {and is now kept in a pretty frilly jewelry box of my mothers}

mmm this is a shot from upstairs of the store LuLus that is all big now on the internet. It grew up right there in Chicos downtown. There is still a store there that is essentially still the same thing and merchandise, but it's called something else. whatev.

ok world meet the MOH2 {yep both sisters played the role of MOH} She has grown up to be quiet the little woman. Confidence for days, jokster, and adoring younger sister. She was a freaking blast to be around the entire time and gave a BEAUTIFUL speech on the big day. As one little sister who looks up to MY own big sisters I knew just what she was talking about, and could relate to so many of the beautiful things she said.

White Ranch

Today feels like a trick. there are clouds out, and I can see the leaves flowing in a breeze, but when you go outside it feels like a hairblower is set on low, and I am not sure you can count that as a breeze. yuck.

I am slowly starting to plan a Fourth Of July cake for a friend.. what to do WHAT TO DO!

also there is a girl at work that is like... OHHHHH MAN annoying. she laughs at EVERYthing that I say. Surly I am not funny 100% of the time common now.
And then I think.. what kind of mean biotch am I that I am annoyed by someone who laughs and giggles at things I say..???

time to be grateful and take another glance at the beautiful photos from my trip and relax again :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

They look like Puppies!

Ello All! Hope your weekend was a good one! I myself had a wonderful go of it. I spent Friday night catching up with old friends in town, Saturday sleeping and watching Weeds, Saturday night eating my weight in dip at a friends house playing FRIENDS trivia, and Sunday sunning, reading, and of course.. watching MORE Weeds. Man I love that show.

SO! Back to the tales of the road!!

Saturday night I met up with my mother dear and her boyfriend friend who we can call Captain C.. or CC to speed up the post :)  CC has a boat.. like a real for real boat. One that has a deck, and an entire bedroom area underneath and buttons, and things, and navigation dealies that beep and light up.. all very technical stuff!

In any case we spent the night around a camp fire (light just for me :) and drinking wine (defiantly not brought just for me, but rather a camping staple for the momma dear) The next morning we got dressed and headed out to sea!

The fog rolling into the coast..

Ok lets just pause her and talk about how freaking cute my momma is. Ready bright eyed and bushy tailed for the day in her colorful rain boots, jeans boat neck (hehe) sweater, scarf and cow girl hat.. yeah.. adorable! I chose the "wear everything warm you brought" method.

Our boat! OH it must also be said that my mom was taught the "I'm on a boat!" SNL song while going out to sea.. she learned it well and every now ans then would look over at me and cry out, "IM ON A BOAT!" LOL. Gotta love it. this I am pretty sure was taken after one of those times.....

Also gotta love my crazy happy eyes

See! So adorable!

our boat! (again)

Pulling into the bay after zero Salmon caught and only about three crab (which I was secretly happy about)

Alright so the salt water came up into a river where we drove back into on his boat (I deep and wide rover that is) and all the while about three sea lions swam next to us!
They are so dang cute! their faces look like a puppy. I loved them, I want to cuddle one. they are so sweet and playful! They would get really close to the boat and swim under us and their little faces would emerge from below on the other side of the boat.. and so on up the river for lunch! 
I guess back in the 60s with all that free love floating around, some people decided to also float some houses... little bungalow type cabins on the water.. no like IN the water. We hooked the boat up to one of them and dropped anchor to have lunch
 (momma made salad..CC "made" aka killed the crabs and that was that)

the little floating hut we hitched to had a wooden bench on the deck.. ok let me better explain. imagine a studio apartment..cabin. with a wrap around porch with a slender plank tied to the porch on one end and tied to a make shift dock about five or more feet up. because the river is always flowing the plank must be able to move with it.. Mom and I decided we needed to conquer this and go explore up on the dock and in the woods!

our favorite "ghost tree" across the river
Nap time 

climbing back down the plank to the little cabin...

a different floating house just straight in the middle of the river.. not the cleanest home, but I certainly like where their head was at!

small cabins one and two!

That night I slept on the boat..huddled under sleeping bags and blankets, listening to Enya on my iPhone and the sound of fish surfacing to make bubbles, and the swooshing sounds of the sea lions swimming by, the breeze in the pine trees, and the small distant chirps of birds who are clearly confused at what time it is.. silly birds.. no chirping at ten thirty at night!