Monday, August 30, 2010

In Love with flowers, jars and everything pretty!

While trying my best to keep busy today I have been re obsessing over one of my fav blogs Style Me Pretty.

Some of the shots were just to pretty to keep to myself. Literal gasps came out of my mouth followed by a smile, and a sigh...


* I love this table setting in the middle *

* Dinner by jarred candle light anyone? Yes please! Dinner at dusk.. maybe some light blues on in the back, crickets in the field, and cool breeze through the terrs in the yard. mmmm. It doesn't feel "Monday" at all  *

* This picture of them going into the woods is so adorable! I love the details here, and the necklace she wore is so beautiful and in keeping with the "look"*

* Ok, let me just say I have LOVED seeing all the many uses for jars. Colored jars like the ones above to hold flowers and greet guests, to lighting in clear jar hanging above to set the mood*

*In my new room, somehow being affectionately referred to as the "B Cave" I would LOVE to have this beautiful chair in a corner. Sadly I don't think that the B Cave is large enough.. also I don't have money to spend on a super nice chair :/*

Carried Away

I must apologies to my neighbors for this weekend. I was blasting Carrie Underwood's song Undo It on repeat for about... an hour? Maybe even two. Sorry peeps I love that song! I needed motivation seeing as how my being on my own was once more looking me in the face as I set out to paint my dresser this weekend.

The dresser was painted pink. Very very pink when it was given to me. I painted some of it white to try and take it down a few pegs. And bought knobs for it. But none of it ever looked right, or matched well.

I have an end table that is a dark teal, so in hopes of some what matching that color I bought two mini paints. Taped down plastic on my balcony in rather windy conditions. Then dragged, pulled and hoisted the dresser outside by myself to paint :) Then I painted the framing on a mirror I had.. then a door for the dresser, next i plan to paint my other end table that is a little old. I was soon painting everything in sight!

I plan to go to Anthropology and pick out some new fresh knobs that match and will look good against the new teal :)

The news I am currently wrapping my head around is my best friend no longer being at work with me each day. This is a major bummer for me, but is soo good for her! I've been chatting and picturing her new day to day schedule and sighing with jealousy ;) I can't help but think that soon she and I will be in the Big Apple and will be able to stroll in the park in the afternoon catching up, shopping (window shopping for me I'm sure) and checking out the farmers markets.

(PS whats the deal with Gossip Girl Season 3release being pushed back.. this is not ok!)

-Mighty Burns wishes clicking her ruby shoes was enough to get her there

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink..."

Ok. I am starting to shake in my rapidly out of style boots. Each day that passes is a day I should have packed.. and didn't! Shh.I am going to miss my apartment so very much. It also means that soon I will be living in a room. Sure I can be out in the house... but common lets get honest I don't know these people that well..
My days and nights will be spent in my room. My small cheap room. I am thankful for it, don't get me wrong. I will save so much by living here. But ... a room. SO I have decided to pull my procrastinating mood out of the gutter and onto higher, happier ground.
It is important that I continue to remind myself of three very important things.

1. I'll be able to start paying off school loans and other bills Quick!
2. This is a temporary situation to save money
3. The money being saved is important, and key in getting me to the next step.

This got me thinking... what will my next step be, and even more, what do I want for myself in the next five years? I know.. WAH big question. So instead of posting those answers that were more meant for me and my personal self growth...(which I'll admit didn't occur to me until I had already thought about 1-5 below lol) I am blogging about those that are happy little land marks to achieve in the next five.

1. Go on a trip to Greece and Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone.

2. Find the most wonderful, and dependable shoes a girl could ask for.
3. Move to New York.

Ok so I might not live near central park.. it might be more like Brooklyn, But either way I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for a brown stone.
4. Cover my New York walls in my post card art
5. Find a fellow to start a whole other list of "I wish"
With any luck he'll carry my lemons and tomatoes home...


what are you wishing for?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

But What About Hump Day?

What would Hump Day be with out a little obsessing lovein' for Levitt? Came across these shots of him filming his next movie Premium Rush.

LOL I'm sorry this is just funny

Such a great smile No?

AAhhhh!  But also I love a good battle wound

These are not from the movie, they are random shots, or from when he hosted SNL... ahh. Levitt.

Kinda Mad Men ;)
Ugh Swoon!

DIY Weekend

These are some pictures from my recent trek across the desert to see my cousins and Grandpa.

Even though I prefer the ocean, woods, or a good city sky line, the desert can be pretty!

Beers poolside with my gramps. I think each of us grandchildren have one as soon as we are old enough ;)

I realize pictures of old men aren't as lovable to those who don't know them. But Rex (left) is about 92, adorable, mean, and looks a little like a bird, yes?!

My wonderful cousins. How I love them so. We felt a little like we were taking prom pictures before I hit the road lol. That's what happens when you haven't seen them in a few years, "Ok, now one with me in the middle!"


PHOTO BOOTH! Ok a slightly crazy version of myself arrived fashionably late for my sisters party on Friday night. "Audrey" and I, along with "Underwood" fashioned a back drop for the entry way. And although not all the girls were ready for their close up, my ladies and I hammed it up (sorry Audrey, I said Ham)
You can't see our "Girls Night" writing in this picture.. but there was also a cream colored bow ;)
For many years my family chose a family members' name out of a hat and wrote a letter to them, and created a way to present it to them for Christmas. We got pretty out of control for something that was created to save money. Quilts, videos, tapestry, treasure chests were all made by my crafty family each year.

Ideas still come and go even though we no longer do that for Christmas. In fact we have taken more of the "Aren't we all a little too old to be sending gifts for Christmas?", or the "I flew out here to see you, that is your gift" approach to Christmas. Which is more then fine. But for birthdays, what we call "non gifts" are still welcomed on this day.
 Example: my mothers birthday was this past week. A complex lady with many hidden talents and interests makes it both fun and varied when making her something. My sister traded in many of her books in exchange for a gift card to one of our favorite places to shop called Changing Hands. Along with several pretty, smell good things. I decided to create sort of an inspirational piggy bank. That's the only way I can explain it.

Here are my thoughts to arrive at this idea via my iPhone pictures. (MAN I love my iPhone!)

Walking around Fabric stores and down rows upon rows of ribbon at Michael's.
I bought a small piece of fabric and cut a slit in the middle, and textured the sides of it. This piece went over the top of a smooth jar to serve as the opening to put money in :) I sewed the slit with green matching thread to make sure the slit wouldn't get larger as time goes by.
I bought this ribbon to tie in a bow around the neck of the jar along with little cream colored tags to write my "Happy Birthday" messages on. I also sewed on  little charms.
With millions of magazine cut outs of images I knew she liked, beaches, Africa, Ireland ect. I made a lay out first...
Since the "Piggy Bank" is to serve as her Travel Savings, I also decoupaged on coins from around the world (why do I have coins from other countries laying around... no idea) as well as some pretty cobalt blue glass beads.
Starting layer by layer I put the images in place, and layered on the coins and glass pieces. I don't have a picture of the finished product.. "whats that all about?" I know. I can sneak one in the next time I'm over there.

also, this is my helper... awe isn't she sweet!

Ok officially longest post EVER. But so much to get caught up on. Pheww.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Shmiday

Tonight is Girls Night In at my sisters place and I've been pumping myself up for the event all day. Today is hot. And not in any kind of fun hop in the pool kind of way.. but more so in the lay down on cool tile to nap kinda way. So I'm a smidgen moody. I planned to partake in the Confession Friday posts on the adorable Lulu's page this week, but alas I didn't do college the typical way. Not to say I don't have plenty to confess.

Tonight I've decided to contribute an idea to the party. It's DIY photo booth time! A sheet will be picked out, words will be ironed on, boas will be flirted with, and hats will be worn. Pictures to follow next week!

While looking for inspiration for this project I ran across a themed engament photo session that I quite literally fell for on this site. I am loving themed parties these days, and with a birthday around the corner I'm not sure what theme its calling for.. ideas? Below are my favorites from the collection:

i love this dress! the ice cream, the truck.

Top left picture, she looks soo much like Rachel McAdams don't you think?

"If your a bird I'm a bird". If I liked birds more this would be the perfect quote.

*sigh* adorable.

Enjoy the weekend ladies!