Monday, February 21, 2011


Everyone say good bye to Ted.
 On Saturday night I was invited to his place for dinner and a movie. It was POURING down rain that night!
 Now I don't know how many of you watch How I Met Your Mother, let alone memorize it like *cough* I seem to have. But "Ted" and I had a conversation that went something like this:
    walking into the store with him doing my best to avoid puddles...
 Me: "Ok if I fall minimal laughter please!"
Ted: "Well here hold onto my arm so you don't."
M: "Aw thank you"
T: "Don't thank me it was my plan all along"
M: "...?...the rain?"
    seriously pleased with the way he is about to take this ...
T: "Yeah I made sure it would be raining so you'd have to get close"
   seriously a little weirded out by where this is going...
M: "I'm sorry you made it rain? Is that what your saying here?"
T: "Yeah I did a little rain dance and everything earlier"
M: Smiling because this flashes in my mind...

Yeah.. he is Ted What The?
He told me he started to watch HIMYM and he really liked it.. but DIDNT LIKE TED! I can't make this stuff up people. I choked on my ranch soaked lettuce and thought about telling him I kinnnnnnda think he IS Ted.. but then I thought surely this is against some kind of tv/reality paradox rule.. right? 
Anyway he later spent time going into detail about how he has fallen for me, and is ok with moving to New York with me if that's what it takes... so as nicely as I could I explained that this was too fast, I was not on the same page emotionally, and although I am having a nice time it is going pretty fast, and the NY offer is a lot of pressure! (Reminder.. this was our FOURTH date people) I explained that if I just went along with it from here on out knowing how he feels and knowing I don't feel the same, I would be leading him on, and it just isn't fair to either of us, and that we should end this now before anyone got hurt.
Don't get me wrong this was a great little set up. A nice guy getting me thoughtful gifts, making dinners for me, thinking I'm the sun and the moon..and tells me just about every hour.. sure. But to be honest I don't like to feel put on any pedestal, and I don't think it is right to just go along with and let someone continue to treat you like that if (one) you don't like to be even if it is nice and (two) if you aren't going to be returning any favors.
I was able to make him agree we weren't in the same place or a good match... he was sad and walked to me my car when I left.

But I left my earrings there! Balls! ugh I have done this before.. freaking A.
I got them back.. they are my favorite pair, and he decided to use them as leverage to talk more..
"ugh" with me people. (Shaking-which made me feel awful) He gave me one earring back at a time in my drive way last night, but then just bailed and didn't want to talk anymore? Whatev. I went back inside and was then bombarded with a short novel worth of texts (the first one of course proclaiming how I wouldn't have to worry about hearing from him anymore) and that he was glad this was so easy for me-ouch man common geez
So.. back to the 'ol drawing board gals
In other obsessive news check these out!

For the life of me I can NOT remember where I was looking at these last week. Boo.. if you recognize them or know where let me know.. let us all know :)

~Baby of the Family- eye ballin the nearest beach


  1. Jeez-fake Ted was definitely not a winner. Sorry he was such an ass!

  2. A huge yes to all the bracelets -- they'll be perfect for NYC. As for Ted, you know what's best. Maybe ignore boys for awhile and focus on planning your move to Manhattan (when does that happen by the way?). I would have been a bit freaked out too if a guy I was on a fourth date with offered to move to NYC with me. That's definitely too fast.

  3. you should just wait for the real Ted. :) and i loved that rain episode. ted & robin forever...sigh. ps i am only starting season 3 so no spoilers please! :)

  4. Oh wow... that was an intense night for you! I know all will happen the way it needs to as long as you do what is right. I hope your earrings are okay.