Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aint No Secret

Alrighty then...

This week I not only spent every day eating gobs of yummy food and taking naps while I caught up with my brother who was in town.. but I also learned that I'd be pushing my move back to November.
I know. I KNOW. A collective sigh is a must right about now huh.
In short there is a lease, and squatting roommates who like to cry wolf and land parts in Rocky Horror {which run at Halloween each year}
We are "silver lining" this bad boy and thinking of the positive such as:
I will have one more month extra to save and spend time with friends!
This extra month wont go towards my budget however...

Instead it will go to helping me stay WARM!!

Brrrrr people.
To move from AZ to NYC is already going to take some adjusting.
 AZ in November is 70 
NY in November is 50
ahhhhh. I can feel my jaw chatter as I type this.
{Bonus November fun fact in NYC? Chocolate Show!}

Soooooo. I have collected a few items across the web that have the look, and warmth I'll be looking forward to buying in November to stay warm in my new city of awesomeness..and cold.
Ok so this one isn't warm.. but under all those layers I'll need to have something adorable to show off once I'm inside next to a cozy fire place right?

ugh and then the shoes.. the SHOES!

K I'm kinda in love with these boots!

so pretty!

So warm!

So on the go!

Soooo what I've wanted the past few years!

These are from Barneys NY. So cute right?  


Anthro of course. Wouldn't this just be adorable with high boots a messy bun and a trench?

I'll be straight up copying this all of the time peeps!
Skinny jeans: Check!
Skinny belt: Check!
Large scarf: Check! Check!
Unwashed hair: Double Check!
{what? who wants to take a cold shower in 50 and below? Not it!}

Ok I am really looking forward to this one. Can't you see a million outfits with this? me too!

There is one in a yellow color.. but I think I like this color better.. so pretty and bright and happy for those dark and gloomy days out, also anthro

Urban Outfitters has my thoughts exactly!
Hello era of high Socks/Stockings and High heels!

Thoughts on how to stay warm peeps? I know it is so hot out it can be difficult to imagine. But if you CAN imagine..?.. Please do help. I need to stay w.a.r.m this winter! I am a newbie to snow, and ice.. SOS

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Yesterday {on my day off} I woke up a grouch. I moved like a sloth over to my bathroom and angerly brushed my teeth, vigorously washed my face, and hastily brushed my hair.. ok it was more like two passes with a large comb.. but the effort was there peeps.

I moved through the still house quiet with shifty eyes looking for signs that ass hat was there or gone...
was any one else home?

Did that change the fact that I really just wanted to leave and never return?

So I headed to my sisters place.
I was cranky.. and in no mood to stay in my warm and muggy room with bright sun coming through the window. "Uck.. its soooo sunny! Stupid sun.. alll sunny" I hissed at the beautiful day out side like {yes I'm sooo going there} like a vampire {and  not even a really stunningly beautiful one.. just a greasy haired blotchy faced one} and made my way to my hot and steamy car.. eck. We Arizona folk are not used to ANY humidity. So I am really grossed out right now at the outside world.
With my giant celeb shades {or as my brothers call them.. bug glasses} I made my way quick, and cat like on the freeway to her house.

As soon as I opened the door and the cool circulating air hit my face and my shoulders dropped and I felt some peace. I opened her bedroom door where Marlee the adorable was asleep. She lifted her head from her little princess bed to look who made all that noise, saw it was me, and unimpressed she lay her head back down.
She wasn't in a hyper "Play with me! Love me!" mood.
Good deal.
I went to her freezer where she stashed some left over M&Ms from my last visit there, picked out a fluffy  blue blanket from the basket in the living room. I crawled onto her bed exhausted and defeated like I had been swimming in the ocean and just crawled ashore onto land for the very first time.

I layed there atop her giant bed and among her massively fluffy pillows.
My pillows are flat. Smooshed. Sorta crumbly in old cotton clumps.

Her fan was on low and sent a nice refreshing, steady breeze that made the hairs on my face tickle my cheeks.
My room was hot.. and loud. Two fans pushing hot steamy cat hair around and around and around.

I listened waiting for the other shoe to drop.. loud neighbors? Noisy trucks? Car alarm? But nothing. It was quiet and peaceful.
My neighborhood was riddled with load trucks being fired up, the mail mans squeaky breaks ect ect ect.

Clearly this was an awesome idea!
When the Sister Sue texted me to see how my day off was going {see.. a peach!} I told her I was layed up in her bed chillin. I told her I wouldn't turn lights/tv/ac on to not add to her eclectic bill. But she quickly responded in protest. "Nooo turn the tv on! if its hot turn the air down. I'll be home around 6:15.. Subway for dinner?"
 Ummm yes please! My day got a whole lot better from there. My sis has a stack of books she is reading right now {like mother, like daughter} one of those books is The Happiness Project. I picked up at the library and started it today at lunch. I am really enjoying it so far! I recommend :)

Around 8pm full from our sandwiches and chips, I crawled back up into her large bed and settled in with MORE Grey's Anatomy {enter my need for a support group} while she read under a soft light in the living room. She gasped in horror reading her scary novel and I chuckled at the silly characters on my show. Each quietly enjoying the space in two different ways.

I closed my eyes and thought "what if?". What if she and I lived together? Would this be what it is like? Quiet nights in our own corners of the world, and radios blasting and curling irons blazing on nights getting ready to go out? Will this be similar to what it will be like to live with MGrace in NYC? i hope so. I think so.
I believe so. I know so.

"There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy."
-Robert Louis Stevenson
(from the book)
What makes you Happy?
Greys Anatomy and baking blogs make me very very happy :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Hate

Last night, yet again, a racist comment was uttered by Tim {the ass hat with whom I unfortunately live with}

I know that hate is a dark and ugly feeling to have. It is horrid. I hate, hate. .. But is that allowed?

haha i thought this was funny...

They say

So if he is being who he is, then is it better that I just don't like him at all? Like... at all,  AT ALL? Whats the other option? For him to hide who he is in the place he lives? That would stink... even though who he is is eck.

I am trying really very hard to not say that I hate him because well... then I'd too be hate full. And I really don't want that.

(Coretta Scott king)

So.. the question is.. how to ward off this mad hate for the hater, and stay happy..

I am SO glad you asked!

ugh me too cartoon man. me.too.

I'm taking a cue from the King B {by the way how BA is it that she is King B and not Queen B? I know right. SOOO BA!}

I am going to rise above it, and not let it sit and squat inside me like a toad {Practical Magic anyone?} and instead, I'll strive to float on a cloud of grace and class, and listen to "Hello" non stop on my iPhone, tune out the bad, and just hit that replay button over and over and over and over and over and over... and a healthy dose of Barbara to see me through.. I mean really.. who better to model myself after when being the picture of a lovely {yet totally fierce} woman?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Had Me At Hello... Hello

Mmmmm k. Lets talk about B. Nooo not me, THE B. Beyonce! Lets talk about how much I freaking LOVE her. Like.. IN love, LOVE her! She is the Carrie Underwood to my Pink Lou Lou.  The woman is amazing people.

First stop on the Beyonce love train:
Beauty and  Boodylicousness. Class and Sass. She Woman and Real Woman.

Second Stop on the B Love Train: Her adorable hubs Jay Z. Who I also love {Neeewww Yoooorrrkkkkk!! anyone? no? Fine be that way/ moving one} The two keep their relationship very private which I both hate and love
Hate: because I want to know allll about them. Love her. Love him. I  want to know what they eat for breakfast.. is that sooo much to ask?                          Apparently so.
Love: because they hold their relationship very close and because of that they are able to have as much of a "normal" marriage and time together as possible without gossip.


ummmmm Jay Z.. your ring is bigger then hers?


Third Stop is the many many woman she encompasses. She is this she woman of awesome ferociouness, with all the vulnerability that reminds me to also not be such a shy bunny when it comes to letting people in.. and not be afraid to throw them out on their keister {sp? read ass} when they are messing around... her fashion choices and rockin creative side pretty much just bursts out of her at all times.


Last stop on the love train is the entertainer in her. She is so dynamic, creative, interesting, intense, inspirational, and yeah.. just really good at what she does. You can see how much she loves it. how hard she works to perfect it, and how much she absolutely loves her fans, and how much they love her back {not like I do of course. No one loves her Like I love her.. keep that in mind ya'll}


I know right.. I mean RIGHT! I love this picture.. i love the sparkles her little smile because she knows she is bad ass.. her heels.. I mean really IN HEELS!
my new favorite song of hers is called "Hello". It isn't new new.. but it is new to me. so there. you should go listen. hurry. trott. trott trott. go have a nice little listen. I feel like your not going? .. ooooor maybe not going fast enough? I know these pictures and my blog is oh so coolio. But for reals go!
Ok I'll stop now.

Ok, but all I am going to say is.. B+B=sooo much to talk about!

*sigh*  ahhhh Beyonce. you are your giant dancing legs give me hope :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Hour Every Hour

Tonight I am going to meet some old guy friends of mine for some good old fashion Happy Hour!
Secrets shall be shared of the crazy weeks past over a cocktail...
 {ok, technically it will be a beer. I'm a beer girl}

But my biggest secret.. the one I will not be telling any of the dudes...
The secret I can't get out of my mind?

No. I have not read the books. Yes. I plan to.
Movie extravaganza begins tonight! HIZAH!

I went online to Ethan Allen and they tell me {and because I believe any quiz I take to be true {yes. including cosmo} I am a mix of Classic and Romantic style. I think that the picture below includes both. Don't you?

How nice to wake up from a Harry Potter Watchathon on such cozy pillows, how nice to crack open the first book to read with the sun light filtering in from this window, and how fresh the room would smell with the giant arrangement of flowers... 

Also, in recent past it has been shouted at me {read ass hat roommate} that I am a cat abuser...
This is the most redonkulous thing I have been called in my 24 {almost 25 years September!} of Life...
Re...Donk people
{see} {see} {see}

It makes my soul hurt thinking that someone will pet my cat in the wrong way, not address her like a real human in conversation, or not bend down and kiss her tiny little noggin when she gives you the "Hey, kiss my tiny adorable noggin" look.

LOL ok is that not the cutest little cat face you have ever seen??

Here is on of my Mamba darling to compare... I know.. ADORABLE!

Alllllllllllllllllllllllrighty then!

I am going to trot off now-- "Trot! Trot trot" --{S&theC}
Happy Hour then Blockbuster for a HP night..
{apologies to the roommies {except the *@! one} for all the shouting that is sure to come from my room tonight}
Then its reading time Saturday. Laundry Time. Return books and check out new one time. And get dressed up and head out on the town time.
Sunday bring more movie watching time. More sister time. And much, much more cat cuddle Grey's Anatomy watching time.. of course!

What are your plans?


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Imagination Time

At Last!
Imagin if you will, a jazzy neighborhood in Harlem.
Where old men still sit out side on their folding chairs and chatter about the people passing by.

 A block where brown stones and large green trees line the quiet New York streets.
And as the sun sets, the music gets louder from each dark doorway,and every neon lit club.

 A brown stone with a fire escape and open shutters on the top floor...
...follow the sounds up from the heat off the streets....and up through the branches and leaves ...
 into the open window to find a large powder pink closet... that happens to have two small beds....

This is my room. Our room. My sisters and mine.
A room not much bigger then the one I live in now, with funky accents like hardwood floors and crown molding...
We plan to paint the walls a powder pink color and keep the molding on the walls white

As you enter the room, a shoe rack will be against the wall on your right. Stacked with heels, sandals, hats, and bags all shapes, size, colors and brands
{probably some cheap brands for a while too!}

Along the same right wall is our hilariously small closet that houses all bulk seasonal items like spare blankets, coats, formal dresses, and picture boxes we have traveled with and had since we were children
The area in front of the closet will be sectioned off  with one or two wardrobe racks full of winter sweaters, summer mini skirts, and flashy dresses warn out on the town!

In the corner of this sectioned off "Getting Fabulous" area is a double vanity set. Stacked with perfume bottles, crystal jewelry boxes, shimmering earring trees, and champagne glasses full of makeup brushes...
The vanity itself will essentially be two wooded vanities, with two giant, and multi bulb light mirrors for acquiring optimal fabulousness, and the ability to hide the curing/straightening/wave creating irons that linger atop the vanity

In front of the sister vanity sits two chairs that are plush  and vintage like this one below.... except less furiously red, and more teal, white, or dark grey in color....

On the other side of this area {to your left as you enter the room} sits a giant chair for reading, running lines, and for guests to sit and keep us company while we get ready....
                                                        {aka new roommate mr. adorable}

On the far left wall {that faces this grand chair}, is a window with white shutters and an exit out onto the fire escape/garden area.
 On either side of the window lays two small blow up beds on wooden platforms
 {painted (white) I'm sure}

Colorful headboards are fashioned above the beds in different shapes, colors and textures...
I got these two bedroom pics off of Jessicas blog over at Poka Dots, Pearls, and Pink OH My!

Beds are made up and left in a tousled mess on hurried mornings. Full with pillows, and slung back crisp grey sheets in paisley print. Striped duvet blankets lay still below purposefully picked photos hanging in mixed matched thick frames on the walls.

I can not wait for this room to come together! Of course these items are all a little pricey for what we will be showing in our piggy banks, but this is the general idea of how we will be styling the new digs.  

Welcome home!


mini update in my current favorites:

phrase: "awww nuts!"
food: Yogurt and blackberries
show: Grey's Anatomy
hair style: messy bun
clothes: pajamas, and if no one is looking then good 'ol under-roos and baggy t-shirt
movies: City Island
music: old Mariah Carey, and Billy Holiday
seen: hiding in my room...
calling: my sisters
flirting: with everybody
reading: blogs blogs and more blogs {see}
shopping: nada. Unless I've ran out of yogurt..and its midnight..and in Walmart. shame
working: same ol same old
whispering: about my nuts-o- roommate {see}
cleaning: everything in sight!