Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fly Away Home

Yes, that movie was awesome but it isn't what I am talking about here today :) Although, I would never pass up a chance to fly ducks in a crazy dangerous contraption in their migration patterns... never.
No. What I am talking about is a road trip. Which must be said in a some what sing song tone Oprah announcing style, rrrrrroadTRIP! 

Yes I need the wind in my hair and radio blasting more than ever these days.

Maybe a trip to a beach I haven't been to yet to people watch and nap the days away..

or maybe to deep into the Forrest to camp in front of a lake or river...
I definitely need some water, cool breezes, warm days in the sun, chilly nights around a fire, and some R&R!

I don't want to hear a phone. Don't want to hear a text chime. I don't want to hear any complaining or nagging. Don't want to hear any negativity.

I just want to hear birds chirping (I know see... I'm in bad shape when I am welcoming birds lol) wind through Pine Trees, water on the shore line, and my own breath going in... and out..

Currently, and who am I kidding-forever will I be- I am obsessing over Barbra of course.
I am continuing to fill my Netflix Que with her movies and concerts. Last night I found this clip of she and Judy Garland.
It is such a perfect mash up for the two of them.

It is my Happy song!

I hope that you are all well and


  1. ha I totally thought of that movie! (a favorite of mine...i haven't seen it in forever though!) And I totally read rrrrrrroad TRIP in an oprah-typr voice! :) Hope you get some lovely R&R out in gorgeous nature. happy day to you too!

  2. What a wonderful mashup! Your roadtrip sounds divine, wherever you end up going! John just made me promise that this weekend we would do something romantic and decadent-how does a girl say no to that?

  3. Roadtrip is in order once overtime slows down at work, then you can count me in for a get-a-way to San Diego for the weekend.. love ya!