Monday, February 28, 2011


I found this picture today saved in a blank post. I don't recall what I intended to say along side it. But I do know that right now when I see this picture it takes me right to the place I want to be. The beach. The waters edge and happy.

On this trip to Venice, Ca my mom and I took some time to walk the beach while my sister was busy with errands before a school production. She lived really close to the beach then.

I was so happy to see my big sis in a new town. It was her town then and I still think of Venice as hers. She didn't even stay there long before moving closer to school in Hollywood. But still.

My mom and I bought these awesome shirts from a guy literally in a closet off of the strip. The shirt is a super 80's muscle tank top, that for a lady cuts in dangerously around the chest. But I love it. It is, what I call, electric shock blue {again very 80's colors} and has a giant "J" on the left. From that J there are four names spelled out...
Jimmy [Hendricks of course]
Janice [Joplin]
Jim [Morris]
John [Lennon]
their faces can be seen in the lettering of their names...

its super groovy.
      and my mom has a groovy green one to match :) she's bomb..

Weekend Update

Last week was a nut house. Here here to the start of a new week, and a better day eh?
I kicked off my weekend Friday with a glass of wine and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I brilliantly added peanut butter to.

..while being attacked by the house kitten Agnes. She is a terror and won't let you forget it. You can't take more than two steps in this house with out looking down to see this:

Saturday I slept. and slept. and slept. it was awesome!
I needed sleep like no other.
it rained, the wind howled, and mamba and I watched Rent the Broadway taping then took it over to my sister house where we updated our online dating pages laughing out loud for a good hour while doing so. Then ate the yummie cookies and watched rent into the late hours of the night.
Then I slept some more.

Sunday I woke up not feeling so hot, but pulled myself up and managed to clean, vacuum, dust and wipe down my room, bathroom and kitchen.

I also made it out to the Chandler Public Library to check out a few books that I have seen from other bloggers. One was checked out (Pink LouLous Something Borrowed) and decided to pull up Audrey Onassis post recommending My Fair Lazy.

I walked a little ways with new books in hand (also checked out Steve Martins new novel)
and decided to pick a spot in the trees amongst the fountains and downtown hustle and bustle and read a few chapters.

It has been more than a few years since I have actually been out of my car and walking around the downtown area. It is really nice!
It felt like I was walking onto a movie set of the perfect day in the park.
Kids playing and running. The leader of the pack with a fist full of birthday balloons.
Birds(keeping their distance in the trees) chirping. Mostly sunny but every few minutes a large cloud passed in front of the sun and cast a temporary shadow on everything and the wind became cool and brisk.

I couldn't hold still and read. I walked along the shops and looked into the windows for a bridal boutiques and bakery shops...

When i got home I watched a not so great movie that won many awards called Dark Dancer...or Dancer in the dark... or something. Not great. Sad movie about a woman going blind who gets her money stolen. eck. not a cool movie. I turned it off not caring enough to see how it ended and began my
Cake Decorating Adventure!
I chose a marble cake in two 8' rounds

Filled and iced with classic chocolate frosting (butter cream is more ideal by the way for fondant)

covered with fondant, and tye died fondant heart cut outs and "dots" lol. My dots are sad, oddly shaped and very pointy! lol. BUT I will have you know I did a BOMB rose on a plate for practice! I then filled the plate because I was so excited I could do one well.
But there wasn't any room on the cake to start adding roses lol thats just too much frosting!

I hope all of you are starting your week off right with a slice of cake, and too much frosting.. or something equally satisfying!

Friday, February 25, 2011

What is, help.

thank you google
 Today is nuts. its straight up bananas. it is nutty bananas.. ew.  several people have gone home sick, or called out sick in pretty much each department. which is fine I sure do not want to get the flu. double ew.
thank you weheartit

my healthy co workers and I have been able to keep pace well though and remain friendly up beat and chipper. of course we have all had several large coffee drinks throughout the day. 
thank you google
foot tapping, shaking- whatever,  and quiet wild eyed I was able to catch an unusual sight coming down the hall. a super bloody guy. He came from our bathroom although we never saw him actually come in?? He left before we could try and form words. I jumped up (that coffee amped jump) and went to follow him outside to ask if he needed help.. we was already hoofing it across a dirt field.. "huh.." I (quickly) thought.
thank you weheartit
 My next thought? Ew our bathroom! I went in to see blood in the sink, in the trash on the mirrors and on a hat sitting on a hand rail. I went to our surgery center, grabbed gloves and crazy strong cleaning wipes and went to town in that bathroom. I will be damned if someone catches something because I didn't clean properly! Hell- to the- no! We called the police to let them know.
thank you google
Turns out that the man had needed help, and the police were able to give him some information he needed.

Just sayin. I know people think I am "Police Happy" but I'd rather be safe then sorry every. time. Had I not called it in who knows what would have happened to this man? Maybe he would have been fine, sure. But whats the harm really in the end? Doesn't everyone need a little help sometimes that is given because people can see it, and not because you had to ask for it?

Baby of the family~ lending a gloved hand.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome Frenzy

Someone told me long ago, theres a calm before the storm
I know it's been commin for some time
When its over so they say
It will rain a sunny day, I know
Shinng down like water

I don't know why but that CCR lyric reminds me of A Fine Frenzy. I have been listening to them for a few years now. Her voice is beautiful and so is she. In case you didn't know... she is beautiful!

Dear Readers,
 I am Mighty Burns and I am a picaholic...
Enjoy her red headed prettiness

Can I get a "wha wha" {whilst raising the roof} please for these boots!

I maaaaaay want to copy every look she has :)

Except the blond look. I am scolded by friends and hair stylists every time I ask.. so FINE THEN

enjoy a listen in to "Almost Lover"
One of the first songs of hers I played over and over.. obvs after a break up lol

this video is just pretty..

"If you can't be with the one you love

then love the one you are with."  Make it easy right?? right? lol I am trying to apply this to work right now...

I believe the first steps to doing just that is watching massive amounts of  The Office at night.. I have already started to mumble "That's What She Said" jokes to myself during the day at a dangerous rate...

But now I've started to look up at lobby and make the Jim smiley "wow" face...
Then I realize that
a) there isn't a camera crew watching me
b) I really want to watch another episode

Also I love Jim so much! Lady Office watchers am I right? I just watched the wedding episode and cried throughout the entire thing.

They decide on the way to the wedding to make sure they take mental pictures of the high points so they don't miss anything...
Jim cutting off his tie to make Pam feel better about her torn vail.. yeah..


I think my obsession is pretty normal though I mean a lot of people love this show right? And watch like.. half a season a night right? Bonus: Mamba also loves to watch The Office so it's our QCT (quality cuddle time). I am gone for many hours during the day and often crash out when I get home, and am gone on weekends.. poor kitty cat. Her favorite? Dwight. I think it is all the flailing hand movements?

I love Michael. He makes me very anxious sometimes to watch. and to listen to. and to think about.
But mostly he makes me laugh.. and shake my head and thank my lucky stars that my boss isn't like this.


You know how when you get into an argument or faced with a conflict and then later you think back and think "DANG I should have said {really awesome line}"
Well no more! This is my new line for that very instance.
Problem? Solved!

I didn't make a cake last night. Instead I ate five mini cinnamon rolls and watched Maverick.

HA! Take that carbs I own your ass!
Here is where some fun quotes are :)

 Baby of the Family~Making it easy  (thats what she said.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't ever fight with a cop

Not because you will get into trouble.. no I am far too jaded from Chico cops to be afraid of them. But because it is an awful way to start your day... a fight.

Here is the thing. I am stubborn when it comes to few things, but one of those things is registering my car. I think it is bull. A lame~o way for the state to "getcha" once a year and get at your bucks. It isn't that I don't want my state to have money.. I  want, and happily fund the state I live in especially police since they have come in handy a few times and to my rescue a few more! This and my absolute horrendous memory is the reason that my registration is past due.. like.. really past due.

If you have to pull me over, then fine. It is your job, and I have no more control over how much I collect for copays then the cops do over giving you a ticket for something you have blatantly neglected to take care of.

But if you must, then please don't tail gate me before you turn your lights on for THREE freeway exists while I try and get away from what I think is a road rager.. and please don't flash your bright as the sun light in my face after you have already seen I am not someone that is a threat to you in any way and at 6:30am. Also, please don't talk down to me like I am an idiot, and for sure don't try and get me to admit more traffic violations I in no way was even close to doing! (Only after I fought him on those topics did he write the ticket for just the registration.. like yeah dude that's what I thought) and lastly, please don't chat with your gal pal for fifteen minutes while I chill in my car.. not only can I see you are not doing anything back there (such as looking up my driving record, or writing out a ticket..) but I can hear you! GASP sound travels boys, and I am wearing my awesome Walmart glasses.. nothin is getting past me!

Dear Extra Cop on the "scene",
  I'm sure sorry you missed meeting up with your buddies yesterday (see cop #1 you were wrong he wasnt sick... ahhhhawwwwhahhhahaha!) because you had somethings to take care of for Mel. Although I am sure she really appreciates you running said errands for her. I am soooo glad that you spotted your bestie on a traffic stop and decided to then go into detail about what you ate for breakfast already this morning.. the "works" sounds both fatty and meattastic. Now please, shoo so I can get on my way!

The girl leaning out her car window waving her arms in your peripheral vision..

yeah true story

Have a good Day Ladies!

Baby of the Family~ plans to make her cake and eat it too.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

keeping everyone in New Zealand in my safest, warmest and highest thoughts and prayers today ~ and for my cousin who is there visiting the southern island

Monday, February 21, 2011


Everyone say good bye to Ted.
 On Saturday night I was invited to his place for dinner and a movie. It was POURING down rain that night!
 Now I don't know how many of you watch How I Met Your Mother, let alone memorize it like *cough* I seem to have. But "Ted" and I had a conversation that went something like this:
    walking into the store with him doing my best to avoid puddles...
 Me: "Ok if I fall minimal laughter please!"
Ted: "Well here hold onto my arm so you don't."
M: "Aw thank you"
T: "Don't thank me it was my plan all along"
M: "...?...the rain?"
    seriously pleased with the way he is about to take this ...
T: "Yeah I made sure it would be raining so you'd have to get close"
   seriously a little weirded out by where this is going...
M: "I'm sorry you made it rain? Is that what your saying here?"
T: "Yeah I did a little rain dance and everything earlier"
M: Smiling because this flashes in my mind...

Yeah.. he is Ted What The?
He told me he started to watch HIMYM and he really liked it.. but DIDNT LIKE TED! I can't make this stuff up people. I choked on my ranch soaked lettuce and thought about telling him I kinnnnnnda think he IS Ted.. but then I thought surely this is against some kind of tv/reality paradox rule.. right? 
Anyway he later spent time going into detail about how he has fallen for me, and is ok with moving to New York with me if that's what it takes... so as nicely as I could I explained that this was too fast, I was not on the same page emotionally, and although I am having a nice time it is going pretty fast, and the NY offer is a lot of pressure! (Reminder.. this was our FOURTH date people) I explained that if I just went along with it from here on out knowing how he feels and knowing I don't feel the same, I would be leading him on, and it just isn't fair to either of us, and that we should end this now before anyone got hurt.
Don't get me wrong this was a great little set up. A nice guy getting me thoughtful gifts, making dinners for me, thinking I'm the sun and the moon..and tells me just about every hour.. sure. But to be honest I don't like to feel put on any pedestal, and I don't think it is right to just go along with and let someone continue to treat you like that if (one) you don't like to be even if it is nice and (two) if you aren't going to be returning any favors.
I was able to make him agree we weren't in the same place or a good match... he was sad and walked to me my car when I left.

But I left my earrings there! Balls! ugh I have done this before.. freaking A.
I got them back.. they are my favorite pair, and he decided to use them as leverage to talk more..
"ugh" with me people. (Shaking-which made me feel awful) He gave me one earring back at a time in my drive way last night, but then just bailed and didn't want to talk anymore? Whatev. I went back inside and was then bombarded with a short novel worth of texts (the first one of course proclaiming how I wouldn't have to worry about hearing from him anymore) and that he was glad this was so easy for me-ouch man common geez
So.. back to the 'ol drawing board gals
In other obsessive news check these out!

For the life of me I can NOT remember where I was looking at these last week. Boo.. if you recognize them or know where let me know.. let us all know :)

~Baby of the Family- eye ballin the nearest beach

Friday, February 18, 2011


Good Morning*This morning I am willing myself to be in a happy mood and in a happy place*I listened to Happy music this morning*and went on a weheartit binge of happy and beautiful pictures... these are some of what i found. Hope this makes you just as happy..and maybe even happier ...

The first email in my inbox this morning was from my momma*It read:
The trick with courage, my darlings, is realizing that it isn't so much about

"overcoming fear, as it is about not settling for less. And then, it comes as
effortlessly as a midsummer's night breeze.
wwhhhaaaaa ooooosshh
mmmm love those effortless breezes :)
xxoo me"
She is so amazing*love her so much*I know how blessed I am to have such wonderful people as my family*and in so many ways they are every bit the reason for the good in me*

Headed to a work party last night*

Hope you find some bliss*