Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Truth Day

I have several topics in my pocket that I have wanted to pull out and talk about. But after this weekend I have a new one.. I feel the need to fuss up on.

I saw a movie recently.. not sure which one (I think the one with Paul Rudd?) one of the characters says their parents motto is:
"You don't drink to feel better. Drink to feel even better."
I really liked that when I heard that.. clearly its the only thing I did take away from that movie lol.

After adopting this little motto it didn't take me long to completely break it. I had an out right horrid day at work. Last week was too much. Just too much. It doesn't say anything about my coworkers as we all worked hard, and had a "we're in this together" kind of attitude all week.. one that without I would have probably broken down a lot sooner than Friday. But Friday was also a day of cancellations.
**Ever since I was younger and there was a lot of back and forth with the plans I'd just opt out to not go. Birthday party drama, movie times drama.. if there is a lot of  "she said, she said" or switching around I tend to just check out. It's lost its fun luster and appeal.**
So after being cancelled on earlier in the day by two different people... I was far from any kind of mood to handle being cancelled on a second time by a fourth person that evening.
On certain occasions, or on a Girls Night Out my sisters and I will wear a piece of jewelry that was my Grandmothers to "take" her with us. One is a family ring, and mine is a beautiful silver bracelet :)

 I hit the ground not running.. but a mighty trot, or canter if you will.
Drink after drink.. never even thinking about how my current Special K diet was so not ideal for the kind of night I was starting to have.
One bowl of cereal at 11am was not enough to keep me grounded during the next jaunt over to a different club. Why did we need to go to a different place? because we needed to dance silly. And dance we did.
Luckily I wasn't the kind of drinker who was falling on people, spilling, or causing a scene.
(throwing up a pray of thanks on that one! thank you thank you thank you!)
On the way home allll the seven and seven drinks, and free rum and cokes were catching up to me.
And I swear to you my big sis (bless her wonderful heart) had to pull over for me to be ill in peace.
Yuck I gross myself out even writing this lol.. but it is Tuesday Truth Day, not Sugar coated story day..
anyway I was really proud that this was at least not in a public area where there were people to see me.. people we knew to see me.. no cops to see me..
Congratulating myself on my stealth vulgarity I realized my feet hurt so I looked back and duh I wasn't wearing any shoes at this point and standing in rocks...
so I put my nad on the wall to get up when I looked up and read...

lol Crap. I couldn't help it. With my head hung and bare feet I had to laugh at myself for being so weird and overly proud of my choice in location...


My sister tells me the next morning that before I had gotten out of the car I removed my Grandmothers bracelet and neatly tucked it away in a hidden purse compartment mumbling that "Grandma would not like to see this.." "She should for sure stay here.."
Then came off the shoes.. then up went my hair.. and out of the car to scamper off alone...

Lordy! New topic please!

random thoughts of my day:

*The radio station at work is on "Love" (which yes I turned it to several days ago) but it sure is playing a lot of really sad and depressing songs! its the "I lost my love" station goodness! Perk. Up. People!

*I am more sweaty today then normal. And normally I am a pretty sweaty girl. I wear Dove extra prescription strength but still..Doesn't matter hot or cold.. I'll be piting out dude.. But I have no reason to be? We're talking "Nervous Sweaty" its odd really.

*All the blizzards and power outages, tornado's need to clear up.. cuz I plan to move out east.. and homie dont play that.

Anything you want to fess up to? hmm??


  1. Oh no-I've been there once or twice, and there's nothing worse (or more embarrassing)! Hope your weekend wasn't spent in too much pain, and that this week is going so much better than the last!

  2. Dude, I hear you on the sweaty bit haha!

  3. I think sweaty pits run in the family.. what's up with that Bob? Because "Bob" must be blamed for everything lol.

    I love that you told me memories of when you were in California with different people and they were drunk, and I love the most that you don't remember all of your many stories on that drive home.. but more importantely, I LOVE YOU for being so considerate and a happy drunky skunk.. he he

  4. I actually gave up on drinking a long time ago -- mainly because it never made me feel good. Even if I was happy, it made me sad. I just like being happy so much more.

  5. haha yeah, the weather in the US is CRAZY right now, i hear. and i'm glad you love nicki minaj too. :) i agree, i think i was skeptical about her "arrival" on the hip hop scene, initially.