Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Update

Last week was a nut house. Here here to the start of a new week, and a better day eh?
I kicked off my weekend Friday with a glass of wine and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I brilliantly added peanut butter to.

..while being attacked by the house kitten Agnes. She is a terror and won't let you forget it. You can't take more than two steps in this house with out looking down to see this:

Saturday I slept. and slept. and slept. it was awesome!
I needed sleep like no other.
it rained, the wind howled, and mamba and I watched Rent the Broadway taping then took it over to my sister house where we updated our online dating pages laughing out loud for a good hour while doing so. Then ate the yummie cookies and watched rent into the late hours of the night.
Then I slept some more.

Sunday I woke up not feeling so hot, but pulled myself up and managed to clean, vacuum, dust and wipe down my room, bathroom and kitchen.

I also made it out to the Chandler Public Library to check out a few books that I have seen from other bloggers. One was checked out (Pink LouLous Something Borrowed) and decided to pull up Audrey Onassis post recommending My Fair Lazy.

I walked a little ways with new books in hand (also checked out Steve Martins new novel)
and decided to pick a spot in the trees amongst the fountains and downtown hustle and bustle and read a few chapters.

It has been more than a few years since I have actually been out of my car and walking around the downtown area. It is really nice!
It felt like I was walking onto a movie set of the perfect day in the park.
Kids playing and running. The leader of the pack with a fist full of birthday balloons.
Birds(keeping their distance in the trees) chirping. Mostly sunny but every few minutes a large cloud passed in front of the sun and cast a temporary shadow on everything and the wind became cool and brisk.

I couldn't hold still and read. I walked along the shops and looked into the windows for a bridal boutiques and bakery shops...

When i got home I watched a not so great movie that won many awards called Dark Dancer...or Dancer in the dark... or something. Not great. Sad movie about a woman going blind who gets her money stolen. eck. not a cool movie. I turned it off not caring enough to see how it ended and began my
Cake Decorating Adventure!
I chose a marble cake in two 8' rounds

Filled and iced with classic chocolate frosting (butter cream is more ideal by the way for fondant)

covered with fondant, and tye died fondant heart cut outs and "dots" lol. My dots are sad, oddly shaped and very pointy! lol. BUT I will have you know I did a BOMB rose on a plate for practice! I then filled the plate because I was so excited I could do one well.
But there wasn't any room on the cake to start adding roses lol thats just too much frosting!

I hope all of you are starting your week off right with a slice of cake, and too much frosting.. or something equally satisfying!


  1. Steve Martin has a novel? Hmm...I might have to check that one out.

    That cake looks delicious and suddenly I'm feeling like my afternoon coffee isn't going to cut ;)

  2. The park looks so inviting, I could see myself sleeping on one of the benches.. thanks for the visual.. love, love