Friday, February 4, 2011

Tea for...ten

Last night I treated myself to a massage at my school. It was slightly weird to be back there again this time as the client.One of the main instructors there, and head of the clinic and staff was there! He has offered me a spot in his clinic a few times which is very  flattering considering the spots available and the number of students who graduate literally each month...

I can remember when I was new in the clinic and an alumni would come in.. I'd be a little intimidated at first and the poor girl who worked on me was shaking a little at the beginning. I totally understood though since I could hear the director talking me up to her, and telling her to make sure she took good care of me lol..

She did great once she got going though and I had the best sleep of MY LIFE last night!

I woke up in a bomb mood listening to Young and the Giant: My Body
Fist pumping the air in awesomeness.
 Hizah! It is going to be a good day :)

Also, yesterday the maid of honor and fellow bestie sent me an email that our bride has chosen a tea party for her bridal shower. Naturally I then flooded her email back with oodles of ideas and links. I'm that obnoxious girl with too many ideas, color schemes, and already picturing the dresses we should go get for the event!
I am loving up on some ModCloth choices..

It is going to be a small gathering of her closer friends and family members.
I think it will be so much fun, and so lovely!
Now not only and I fist pumping the air with one hand I am Googleing tea party ideas with the other. Aaahhhh multitasking!

If the weather warms up in time I think outside would be beautiful!

Ok ladies.. I am opening it up.. please do flood MY email or comment below with any tips, links, or inspiration boards that you may have tucked away!!
Thank you so much!

Thank You for all the lovely images on my post today!


  1. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best bridal tea ever-it looks gorgeous already!

    Have a divine weekend!

  2. love massages. love tea parties :)

  3. i can spend WAY too much time on