Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Black and Whites

Any time I stay at my grandparents house in San Diego, CA, I never want to leave. I had such a great time getting to know my cousins all over again as adults. learning what they have been up to, and what they plan to do next! I love my family. Extended and immediate. But one of my favorite thing about this trip was going through the family photos (yet again) with my Grandpa, whom we all lovingly call the "Patriarch". I am a sucker for old pictures, and sometimes even collect ones that aren't of anyone I know. I love black and whites, and I love to see how my family began. Here are some of my favorite photos (taken from my iPhone sorry) of him with his buddies in the streets of Chicago.

Love you Gramps :)

Suspitious thought of the week

This may be an odd question, or rather speculation. But is it such a reach to think there is a toaster or pan out there with this image on it so that you can make Jesus toast? Like... for Sunday brunch? If there is I think I might just want to get my hands on one of those... mmm Jesus toast :)

Silly Girls In Parking Lots

While my dear friend  Audrey  was away I sent her emails everyday. She wrote back one line to me that read: Post this to your blog its funny/sad. :)

Today started off pretty bad seeing as how I got very little sleep because my bleeding leg was sticking to the sheets :( Why was my leg bleeding? Because here in Az...in a land far far away..it was the hottest day so far in the valley. I waited until a "cooler hour" aka 7pm to go and get a few items from Frys. Went into the store in shorts a tank top and flip flops sticky from the heat and looking like something that crawled out of Tempe Town Lake.. Upon leaving the store I joined twenty other customers halted under the Frys entrance as we looked at the parking lot that quickly became a lake before our very eyes. Lightning-thunder-rain-heat. Monsoon season has started! I watched with worried eyebrows as a little old lady crossed the puddle parking lot to her car, shuffling and waving her arms around in her house slippers to her car. Being the happy go lucky gal I am I take two hops and arrive quickly at her aide holding onto her elbow to help her to the car. She smiled and thanked me as we took our time crossing the slippery lot, and when it came time for her to step into the car, wouldn't you know it that she pushed off my arm sending my left foot back bringing me crashing down onto my hands and knees..sliding across hot asphalt. The woman closed her door and drove away while I stayed on the ground kneeling in shock that, yes that really just happened. lol Half laughing and swearing I got up to make sure I had all my grapes still in tact. The crowd that had gathered were both shouting cheers of encouragement, laughs and worry lol.

I felt like a child as I kicked off my shoes picked them and myself up and walked, steadily to my car with blood running down my legs. I was flooded with memories of falling out of trees. Bailing out playing street hockey and being pretty proud of whatever scrapes or scars left behind. I've always enjoyed a good battle scar. But now... sitting in my car listening to the rain fall on my windshield I felt more like a silly little girl then a battle warrior lol.

I sat on my sink and washed off my legs, hands and feet and tried desperately the rest of the night to not get cat hair in my scratch.. I'm gross lol

Friday, July 16, 2010

To Mexico I Go

Friends of mine and I went to Mexico for five days and four nights! We left in the wee hours of the morning.. ok more like 8am, and made our way across the already 90 degree Arizona desert. We arrived at our resort which was on the seventh floor and beach front, around lunch time. I was the first one in the water. I love the ocean, any ocean.. we all go way back..

I feel so lucky to have gone. Unfortunately, the work week has kicked my butt each day. So I am now looking forward to my long weekend in San Diego this week! I'll be visiting with aunts, cousins, and my wonderful Grandpa. I know another trip to be beach is a must!

I went to Mexico with my beautiful and long time friend, we'll call her "Underwood" ;), my fellow and his friend.. we'll call him..."Wishie-Washy". The four of us literally played and swam in the water for hours. We spent the next few days getting up around 7:30, blasting music thru the condo with the giant slider doors open and eating breakfast on the balcony that over looked the ocean. We would spend about two hours on the beach, then another two hours by the pool. Showers and naps usually around five, then out to dinner and drinks at a local watering hole. We would spend the last few hours of the night back on the balcony, doors open wide, curtains blowing in the breeze, listening to the waves below.

I really loved the mornings here. There is nothing, nothing like opening your eyes and seeing the beautiful blue ocean out in front of you. I love the smell. Not everyone likes the seaweed, and salty water smells. But for me they are so comforting. I have taken many naps on the beach, and have taken comfort many times in listening to the ocean waves.
I grew up the youngest child out of five. One of the things we did together was take walks in the evening after dinner. Long walks were we would break off and group together talking about our days, school crush, or any upsets. I carry this tradition to this day and loved to walk on the beach each night. Sun already set, leaving the sky and water with a purple shadow. I found lots of beautiful shells on these walks!

More pictures of that trip to follow on Monday...