Monday, January 31, 2011

Well... that was quick

Thank you Google Images
If I didn't have a long face I'd cut my hair like this.. I swear it to you.
So the x and I are now... x lol. There are only so many times you can call someone out before both of you realize that whatever it is you got goin on.. it ain't goin on well.. you know?

Luckily though he is a sweetheart, and we are still going to be friends which is nice. So rarely that happens.. like..for real lol. I'm not sure I should even be dating because of my hell bent plan to move to NY at the end of the summer this year..

But common ladies a girl needs a night out and a chance to wear that awesome new dress or earrings.. am I right?

I have discovered I need to branch out a little more on my "look" if you can call it that..

I have also discovered that the new look will not include hats.. as I can not pull them off..

LOL have you ever Googled Glee images? Do at your own risk.. these girls took some very risky and non work computer friendly pictures.. sheesh.

I am SOOO excited that I am caught up on this show (thank you netflix) and will be seated, with snacks on hand this Tuesday when it comes back on.
 Are you a Gleek? I for sure am.
 Britney is my new favorite. I am sorry after that Britney Spears episode she stol my heart. I am all about her one liners too lol
Here are a few I love :
"Did you know that Dolphins are just gay sharks?"
"I am pretty sure my cat has been reading my diary"
(at the dentists office) "This room looks like the one from that space ship where I got probed"
"I hope that you repect the fact that I want Glee club to remain a place where I, Brittney S. Pierce can escape the torment of Brittney Spears"
"Thanks to Brittney Spears I now see that I am better than all of you... cuz I'm Britteny... bitch."
bahhhaha I love her

Smallest picture ever of the Gossip Girl HA!
 It comes on tonight and I cant decide if I am happy about that.. or if I feel obligated to watch it.. both I suppose.
 I cant wait to get back to the gym! My body already misses it just being away for three days!


  1. glad to hear you and the x can still be friends...with your plan, it may be for the best anyway ;) cannot tell you how much I love Glee...and GG. wish I could get back in the gym...goofy ankle injury! work out for me! haha. have a great night, my dear! xoxo {av}

  2. I adore Glee (and Gossip Girl!)-and what could make you happier when you're recovering from a little disappointment? I agree with av up there-ultimately, it's the right thing for both of you.

    xo, Lena

  3. i love those quotes. and i know what you mean about missing the gym..that's me, after this weekend.

  4. You don't think you could pull off short hair like that? From the pictures I've seen so far, I really want to tell you to go for it. And I'm a huge Gleek too.

    As for the ex...I really want to be friends with mine, but he absolutely broke my heart. Maybe in time, but not right now.

  5. Sorry about the break-up. You are so awesome to be friends still. Most people can't do that.

    Love you in that hat. I think it's cute!

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  7. glad to hear it was an amicable split.
    i love glee and am finally caught up. i've come to love brit too...she's pretty hilarious.

  8. I say NO MORE BOYS.. let it be all about "B" the amazing sister I know and love.. Let it be about our bucket list, about our trips before you go, about you, your friends, your needs, your wants.. YOU, YOU, YOU.. are you listening?

    On a side note, I can't wait for the new Glee to come out to see how much if anything I will like it..