Friday, February 18, 2011


Good Morning*This morning I am willing myself to be in a happy mood and in a happy place*I listened to Happy music this morning*and went on a weheartit binge of happy and beautiful pictures... these are some of what i found. Hope this makes you just as happy..and maybe even happier ...

The first email in my inbox this morning was from my momma*It read:
The trick with courage, my darlings, is realizing that it isn't so much about

"overcoming fear, as it is about not settling for less. And then, it comes as
effortlessly as a midsummer's night breeze.
wwhhhaaaaa ooooosshh
mmmm love those effortless breezes :)
xxoo me"
She is so amazing*love her so much*I know how blessed I am to have such wonderful people as my family*and in so many ways they are every bit the reason for the good in me*

Headed to a work party last night*

Hope you find some bliss*


  1. Nice way to start the day. I really believe happiness is something that we control and can attract to us. Keep surrounding yourself with it!

  2. What wonderful photos! I keep telling myself, it's almost done, it's almost done! I will make it through this weekend, and enjoy Monday's holiday!

    Have a wonderful weekend, darling!

    xo, Lena

  3. I love, love all the pretty flowers and happy pictures.. thanks for the post, enjoy your weekend...

  4. so many pretty things. including your hair, eyes, lipstick!