Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't ever fight with a cop

Not because you will get into trouble.. no I am far too jaded from Chico cops to be afraid of them. But because it is an awful way to start your day... a fight.

Here is the thing. I am stubborn when it comes to few things, but one of those things is registering my car. I think it is bull. A lame~o way for the state to "getcha" once a year and get at your bucks. It isn't that I don't want my state to have money.. I  want, and happily fund the state I live in especially police since they have come in handy a few times and to my rescue a few more! This and my absolute horrendous memory is the reason that my registration is past due.. like.. really past due.

If you have to pull me over, then fine. It is your job, and I have no more control over how much I collect for copays then the cops do over giving you a ticket for something you have blatantly neglected to take care of.

But if you must, then please don't tail gate me before you turn your lights on for THREE freeway exists while I try and get away from what I think is a road rager.. and please don't flash your bright as the sun light in my face after you have already seen I am not someone that is a threat to you in any way and at 6:30am. Also, please don't talk down to me like I am an idiot, and for sure don't try and get me to admit more traffic violations I in no way was even close to doing! (Only after I fought him on those topics did he write the ticket for just the registration.. like yeah dude that's what I thought) and lastly, please don't chat with your gal pal for fifteen minutes while I chill in my car.. not only can I see you are not doing anything back there (such as looking up my driving record, or writing out a ticket..) but I can hear you! GASP sound travels boys, and I am wearing my awesome Walmart glasses.. nothin is getting past me!

Dear Extra Cop on the "scene",
  I'm sure sorry you missed meeting up with your buddies yesterday (see cop #1 you were wrong he wasnt sick... ahhhhawwwwhahhhahaha!) because you had somethings to take care of for Mel. Although I am sure she really appreciates you running said errands for her. I am soooo glad that you spotted your bestie on a traffic stop and decided to then go into detail about what you ate for breakfast already this morning.. the "works" sounds both fatty and meattastic. Now please, shoo so I can get on my way!

The girl leaning out her car window waving her arms in your peripheral vision..

yeah true story

Have a good Day Ladies!

Baby of the Family~ plans to make her cake and eat it too.

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  1. Oh that's really no way to start a day. I'm sorry you went through it. My grandfather was a police officer, and though I never knew him (he was actually killed in the line of duty), that he was a cop made me genetically dispositioned to be nice to them always, I think.