Friday, February 11, 2011

Ted/Ross Ratio

The Ted Update

Yes I have taken to calling the "new guy" "Ted" for his ted like tendencies.

The thing is in the spirit of "Never say Never" I am not setting a limit on how a relationship can develop. BUT in the spirit of "Lets be Real" I am taking them super slow, one day and date at a time, and keeping it as casual as I can to enjoy someones company.

This makes me a bit of a Robyn.. but hopefully with better hair... at east when I go out that is.
I don't know girl there is a line in a movie (Victoria Christina Barcelona where Penelope Cruz tells Scarlett Johanson that she is chronically unsatisfied) I am a little afraid I have that too...

It seems I am the Goldy Locks of the dating world. I know what I want but when I find those qualities or similar goals in another person, it seems to be to an extreme... Too Hot or Too Cold... ugh Common where is the "Just Right"? Where you at yo?

I am not sad about it actually.. nor am I stressing that I wont meet anyone. I don't feel doom in my dating world.. I am actually really happy to do many things on my own, and have had a blast in the past doing just that.
 But it is getting a little old. And when you achieve a goal or see a sight that is beautiful.. it is nice to be able to glance over at another person and smile in confirmation that "Yes, this is awesome".

I don't like being a Goldy Locks though.. or a Robyn. I feel judgie...

its a really good thing I haven't in the least lost the ability to continue to laugh it off and move forward, hopefully it is in the direction of that thing that will finally settle me and I find some peace in who I am with, where I am and what I do..

Hope you all find some peace with your loved ones this Valentines Day weekend!
Stay tuned for another Date Update :)'in it!


  1. Oh darling, don't feel like a Judgy Locks-better to be choosy about your mate than run off with the first person who smiles at you! Making a real commitment to someone isn't something that should be taken lightly, and I know the guys you've dated appreciate that if they weren't the one for you, that you allowed them to meet the right girl for them, too! Be choosy-it's better than being miserable!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy "Ted"!

  2. I agree.. try 100 cups of tea and see how many cups it takes to meet "Mr.. you had me at hello" sorry but I love that movie. Oh and PS.. I love you more...

  3. awww! what a good post. youll be okay girl. love your blog :) its fabulous just like you!