Monday, February 28, 2011


I found this picture today saved in a blank post. I don't recall what I intended to say along side it. But I do know that right now when I see this picture it takes me right to the place I want to be. The beach. The waters edge and happy.

On this trip to Venice, Ca my mom and I took some time to walk the beach while my sister was busy with errands before a school production. She lived really close to the beach then.

I was so happy to see my big sis in a new town. It was her town then and I still think of Venice as hers. She didn't even stay there long before moving closer to school in Hollywood. But still.

My mom and I bought these awesome shirts from a guy literally in a closet off of the strip. The shirt is a super 80's muscle tank top, that for a lady cuts in dangerously around the chest. But I love it. It is, what I call, electric shock blue {again very 80's colors} and has a giant "J" on the left. From that J there are four names spelled out...
Jimmy [Hendricks of course]
Janice [Joplin]
Jim [Morris]
John [Lennon]
their faces can be seen in the lettering of their names...

its super groovy.
      and my mom has a groovy green one to match :) she's bomb..


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  2. love this picture & the story. :)

    i personally think venice is da bomb dot com ~

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  4. hahah I love that you said groovy. it reminds me of my paretns and just makes me giggle :) cute blog, lady!

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  5. You should come out to San Diego for a little trip. We have lots of beaches here! I'd be happy to take you around.