Thursday, February 24, 2011

"If you can't be with the one you love

then love the one you are with."  Make it easy right?? right? lol I am trying to apply this to work right now...

I believe the first steps to doing just that is watching massive amounts of  The Office at night.. I have already started to mumble "That's What She Said" jokes to myself during the day at a dangerous rate...

But now I've started to look up at lobby and make the Jim smiley "wow" face...
Then I realize that
a) there isn't a camera crew watching me
b) I really want to watch another episode

Also I love Jim so much! Lady Office watchers am I right? I just watched the wedding episode and cried throughout the entire thing.

They decide on the way to the wedding to make sure they take mental pictures of the high points so they don't miss anything...
Jim cutting off his tie to make Pam feel better about her torn vail.. yeah..


I think my obsession is pretty normal though I mean a lot of people love this show right? And watch like.. half a season a night right? Bonus: Mamba also loves to watch The Office so it's our QCT (quality cuddle time). I am gone for many hours during the day and often crash out when I get home, and am gone on weekends.. poor kitty cat. Her favorite? Dwight. I think it is all the flailing hand movements?

I love Michael. He makes me very anxious sometimes to watch. and to listen to. and to think about.
But mostly he makes me laugh.. and shake my head and thank my lucky stars that my boss isn't like this.


You know how when you get into an argument or faced with a conflict and then later you think back and think "DANG I should have said {really awesome line}"
Well no more! This is my new line for that very instance.
Problem? Solved!

I didn't make a cake last night. Instead I ate five mini cinnamon rolls and watched Maverick.

HA! Take that carbs I own your ass!
Here is where some fun quotes are :)

 Baby of the Family~Making it easy  (thats what she said.)

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  1. I'll have you know i had the BIGGEST smile on my face while reading this post :) :) :) :) :) :) :) i LOVE The Office! I just watched last night's episode on hulu (I love Michael and Holly so much:) But Jim & Pam pretty much trump any couple!! (Dwight & Angela are pretty entertaining though;) Anyway, loved all the clips you captured...I was laughing out loud at a few!

    Happy Friday girl!