Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Blogger,
 Why you gonna play me like that? This week I have read so many fun funny amazing inspirational blog posts by you all. Unfortunately Blogger will not allow me to comment on any of them. Unless it is anonymous, which even then.. gets tricky. So I do apologize. I am not MIA on my blog or yours, just simply trying to once again out smart a computer. {For the record Computer = 5/Me = 0} This weekend is Memorial Day weekend which means most of us will be off from work and going to pool parties, cook outs, beach parties, boat parties, and any other sun worshiping parties...

Ok I know we all love this picture.. but seriously I love this picture!!
it already adorable all it's own, but then we've also got the happy creepy on looker guy to the left whose mind you can read to be saying "Yeah you did!"{in Joeys voice} Then we have the cute little old lady one looker in the back right who is so sweet in her pattern dress and giant shoes. awwww Time Square!

So here are some Memorial Weekend inspired images I heart ;)
because although sun bathing, fruity cocktails are great!...

There are still men and woman every day far from home, doing what I could not... and doing their best to stay happy ...

Remembering those who they had to leave behind...

making the best of their situation...

and finding their inner bad ass.

I am sure we all know someone who is in the service, maybe its sweetie, maybe it was a parent who served..

For me my brother served, my friends have been in the service, and my grandpa was in the service...

So to everyone that i know, for everyone that you know
Here is a classic black and white kiss of thanks

and hard appreciation for the fact that there is a fleet week, and I will see it in NYC soon :) 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend girls!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Keep Swiming..Bla Bla Bla

This is such a fitting picture for this past weekend.. I layed by the pool with a giant new hat {you really must go get one if you don't own one already.. Target girls!} I painted my toes a pretty dark red, and manicured my nails...

I spent my days with no make up on {LOVE whenever I can do this}
Relearn how to dive {yes, every single year I forget how to dive into a pool.. its sad. a girl my age.. *cough* a woman my age really ought to know how don't you think?}
Sipped on an awesome Long island Iced Tea, listened to music, played with my best friends children {holding my breath champ thank you very much}

I also found some pretty wonderful encouraging words... I decided they needed a share.. I'm sure you have heard them before!!!

"Like suns  and like moons,
With the certainty of tides,
Like hope springing up high,
Still I'll rise.."

-Maya Angelou
Poem "Still I Rise"

"After all of the darkness and sadness,
Still comes happiness
If I surround myself with positive things,
I'll gain prosperity"

-Destinys Child
Song "Survivor"

"You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation
trying to put the pieces together justifying what could've, would've happened...
Or you can leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on"


"Ain't no party like my nannas tea party..heeeey.. ho"

-Flight of the Conchords
Song "Hip Hop-a-potaumous"

ok.. that last one was just for fun becuase I can't get that dang line out of my head! AHH

Any quotes you know nad love? or lyrics? Send them my way ;)

Friday, May 20, 2011


I was recommended this movie through Netflix (thank you Netflix.. no one knows me like you do!) after I watched 127 Hours.

"Six blind Tibetan teenagers that climb the Lhakpa-Ri peak of Mount Everest, led by seven-summit blind mountain-climber Erik Weihenmayer." What they don't tell you are the amazing stories behind each of these six teens, and how they came to be at the school of a blind German woman (Sally) who came to Tibet to open the school, and provide an encouraging place for these kids to learn, and come to know that they really CAN do anything. The movie also has a narrator that you can go into settings and turn off, it is for visualy impared viewers. I kept it on and from time to time would close my eyes and see if I could see the movie in my minds eye from the narrators descriptions. I could.. he was very good.
At the end of the movie a small boy is standing barefoot in the dirt outside a building singing at the top of his little lungs, "I can't see me Loving no body but you.. for all my life. When your with me baby the skys will be blue..." and sings this awesome Turtles song. It was endearing, up lifting, and made me so happy that such a happy fun, silly song made it's way over the sea, through the mountains, and into this small Tibetan village to this small boy.

I highly recommend.

Sometimes I get down thinking the there isn't enough good.
When I see a friend who is heart broken, and stuck in the pain.
When I hear crazy rants on the radio. That scandals are more news worthy then actual events and policies.
When I feel like people just don't care.

Then I get over myself and am able to come to the other side of that negative mole hill and see that the world is FILLED with people who care, and are making their own differences to the people they reach out to. If it is a friend in need, or a child in Tibet who can't see.

"I am blind in my eyes, but not in my heart"-14yr old boy Tashi

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unseen Pictures

My computer is finally up and running! thank the Lord for small  (but LARGE in my world) Miracles!!

 I went through all my photos to delete any odd ball, embarrassing, or just plain not good pictures. While doing so I found a bunch that I hadn't laid eyes on in a long long time!

{My parents back in the day}
My mom always told us when we were little to remember that it usually starts with a lot of good, and that's the part worth remembering.
{Peter, Amanda, MaryGrace, Myself}
Family Photos are great right? Best part? See Picture below :)
Brother Peter all grown up :) How telling!

{Warning, a whole side body shot (2 shots)}

Ladies and gents these fine scars are chemical burns from a heart monitor I had to wear, and continue to wear despite the burns..(a very sarcastic) YES!!

Its in Lake Havesu. Is anyone else really really upset that some arrogant rich person bought another countries landmark and brought it to a place in the US that very little people even care, much less realize it is THE London Bridge? umm cuz I do!
{ok sure fine, England put it on the market.. but common! let another Englander buy it!} 
 Non the less one fourth of July I took my windy picture in front of it. It really is beautiful, I just would have much rather visited it oh I don't know.. in LONDON.

The only time in the history of my life I was ever appalled by something I saw in the ocean.. and it was caught on film :)

Thanksgiving after my 21st birthday that beautiful mother of mine MADE me this blanket!! Can you believe it! Isn't it wonderful! i reminds me of the ocean, and that was her goal.. props mom.. maaad props.

That one asshole kitten I named Amelia. Look at my sad little Marlee!

That time I made my cat wear a dolls wig for a friends present. KITTY IS WIGS!
What a good sport though am I right? I mean you can totally see the hate in her eyes.. but she let me do it, and take the pictures. Aww Mambas the best!

This picture preeeetty much sums up my awkwardness, and the awkwardness children feel around me.

Another oldie but goodie. My Dad and Oldest brother banging pots and pans playing, I am quite sure, awesome pot and pan music!

That one Halloween I was Liza Minnelli. And people thought I really cut my hari.. pssssh its a little boy wig folks.. and I dig it.


Alright already. the NYC news!!

I have been talking, emailing, facebooking, and have come to this:

Come October I am moving into a two bedroom brownstone in Harlem with a trusted and loved friend of my sisters! Its the top story and has great sky lights, and high ceilings. I'll take the master bedroom, and the rent is oh so affordable!! {Hold all applause till the end please} Because not only that, but he has also assured me a job at a trendy restaurant he manages as a server where I'll be able to make pretty good money! Ummm when my sister scores she scores am I right?
My future roomie has been nothing but welcoming, excited and extremely accommodating! I only hope I can repay the favor with my share of rent, dish washing, bathroom cleaning, and general non pest behavior in the apartment :)
Caaaan you feel how excited I am? Because I am SOOOO excited! Not only for the amazing room, and job, but because it is happening. I am one foot in the door and it feels really really really, so very good my friends.

Here is to you and your constant support in my finding my footing all the way over there ...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Love Note

Last week I came upon this awesome beyond awesome link hat I just had to share with all of you! At this site you can be sure there are plenty of little love notes to read.. like this gem!

Find more here
More Goodies!

Now.. don't you feel better about it being Monday already?!

This weekend was a blast! I went to my sisters candle party loaded up with these organic cookies I bought from a nice Indian woman who makes them from scratch, and the chocolate raspberry tarts .. well the ones that survived anyway.

I bought a pack of six mini tart pans at William and Sonoma and made about 8 tarts so far that morning. PS the dough... not the same as pie dough. You've been warned! Pulling the shells out of the freezer (they needed to cool off.. quickly!) two broke! "Balls!" I yelled out.. like a lady baking on a beautiful Saturday morning should not. I made chocolate pudding with whipped cream to filled he shells with and then placed about six to seven of my best raspberries in the middle (upside down) and began my transfer from counter to carrier when I dropped another and pudding went everywhere! This was terrible news... AWESOME news for the cat Agnes who is always at the ready to quickly eat whatever I drop.. because if I am cooking, baking, or simply putting groceries away chances are food will be dropped. Oh well.
So I went from 8 down to 5. I know sad day right.
I think everyone liked them though and Ive had the joys of eating left over pudding and fruit for breakfast this weekend.
This weekend I watched three movies. Here is my short and sweet two cents on them each:
Not great. I'm sorry. I don't know why I ever liked this movie as a kid. not only does the magic make NO sense, the kid never learns the first lesson of not lying. Sure he is brave by going and saving his father in the whale, but how much of that was because now he had NO home? I'm just sayin. This movie is wack.
Ummm I loved it. i wished it were a little more "The Hangover"-ish. But it was still pretty good. There were several things in the movie that made me want to straight up high five Kristin Wig and then ask her HOW she had been spying on my life without my knowing?
~The Kings Speech~
Yeah I'm a little behind the times on this one. SO GOOD though. I wanted to hug George, and also high five him (I'm big into the high fives right now?) I'm not totally sure how I feel about an Irish actor playing the role of an English King... But he did very well. So did his "wife" where I am used to seeing this actress play a bad guy in Harry Potter films, or a frizzy haired cartoon character in hubby Tim Burton's films. Well played by all.
I also started to read Tina Fey's Bossypants. On my way to buy Cage the Elephant concert tickets for the end of this month I the traffic on the on ramp slowly came to a stand still. Annoyed as it is a hot day in May in Az  and nothing but commercials to listen to on the radio. Then I realized "HOLD the phone.. I just bought a hilarious book.. no time like the present." And so I sat reading the first two chapters of the book in traffic watching cop after ambulance after fire truck go by. There are three unchanging facts about my car you gotta know..

1. The entire dash board shakes like Beyonce when I hit 45 miles an hour, and then she shakes like Shakira when I hit 65 miles an hour.. its just the charm of a 2003 Ford Focus.
2. The air conditioner is a bully. And at times he will win (yes my car is a "she" but my air conditioner is somehow a "he" don't ask).
3. The door will never not make that "bonk" noise when you open it because that deer did a number on the front end.

Man I am really going to miss my car when I go to NY. Speaking of NY.. here is a little hint about tomorrows news!!!

How was everyones weekend?

Friday, May 13, 2011

happy shots

Steve Martin and friend.

Who doesn't smile when they see this picture from greatest site ever for unseen celebrity photos. My beautiful friend had posted the link a few months back on her facebook and I pretty much spent the next hour paging through the pictures!

And of course the ADORABLE Joseph Gordon Lovitt. Ugh does it get any better on a friday ladies? 
I think not.
Go forth and cocktail!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ballin on a budget

This weekend is filled with GOOD! no, GREAT! Things Ladies.

I am feeling so happy and positive these days and there is no telling why.
Work has been the stresser of a life time. I blame each and ever distinguished gray hair on my head on them. And sure sometimes I cry leaving the parking lot, and my pillows have never been fluffy from my beatings.. but you know what? Looking forward to this weekend has made me untouchable today!

For starters my sisters candle party is this weekend! Umm a room full of friends, ladies who lunch, and smell good feel good candles? Yes please!

thank you google

I also plan to make Chocolate raspberry topped tarts for the event.. who knows I MIGHT make more then needed and end the day with one in bed? Shhhh I wont tell the diet Gods if you dont ;)

I plan to lay in bed, fix my computer, and load my iTunes back into good graces on the new phones..
then. rock out.

I also plan to just buy the Tina Fey BossyPants book because I have that much faith in my joy while I read this. I love her. Can't live with out her. So why do I think my book collection could? I know right.. silly me. The book comes home with me.. {and my tart} and into bed. {Warning: I'll take just about anything to bed.. thats what she said Boo ya!}

Today is Thursday no longer "hump day" and not yet WHOOO HOOOO Friday!!! But Thursday non the less is a class act. I can not wait for many things I have shaping up in my little life, and thinking about it has made me check back into life as a positive and happy person. My sisters can do that to me though. After a HORRID day at work where I spent more of the time resisting the erg to pluck out eyes {all Kill Bill Style} and have one of those amazing I QUITE! walk outs we all dream about from time to time.. I spent that night laughing. my.tail. OFF with my two sisters. I don't think I  could laugh any harder until one of them says the next thing that makes me do a "I have to pee" dance but dont want to leave and miss anything .."thing".

I love my sisters dearly and am SO thankful to my mom that she gave them to me. My brothers are cooler then cool. But my sisters? they are the most amazing and talented people I know. I find so much comfort and wisdom in them. {are you hearing this older sis? ;)}

I have also come to terms with some plans to move to NY. Soon to come I am sure once I have ironed them all out n the 'ol noodle..

Well ladies. May peace be with you on this classy Thursday.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just keep Swimming, Just keep swimming

"A morning spent with cake, is a good day make!"

Ok so I totally made that up to feel less guilty about eating cake for the past three days lol. But hey its a good theory right?
On Friday night I had a good 'ol fashion slumber party with my gal pals and the occasion just HAD to call for cake don't you think? What else is better after three slices of pizza I ask you?
We watched movies, talked, laughed at our selves, and passed out!

The next day I woke up and made yummy cinnamon rolls for my friend and her adorable son. the Yum continues! I spent the next hour taking him to the park and following him around anywhere he went. ANYWHERE. Which means I now have bruises on my knees from crawling through giant plastic tunnels while dodging mystery "gunk" some child left behind for me to crawl through, and a burn on my side from the many trips down the awesome twisty slide that was also baking in the sun. non the less it was a blast and I would have stayed out there longer had a bug not flown and drowned in my water cup and he didn't have the need to "dig it out!" so I brought him home to his mother with sand in his hair, dirt on his face, and possibly a boat load of sand in his shoes.

That night I met a new friend out for a night of drink, chatter and dancing. it was.. the oddest night in a very long time. here are some high lights:

*My phone died. Like forever died. and if you have an iPhone then you know the PAIN of being without it. suddenly I didn't know what was was up ... what street I was on {Who looks up at street signs when you can just follow a blue dot?} ... or my name {who looks at their own id?}! Ahhh I needed my phone! This is also why no pictures are here for your viewing pleasure of the night or the awesome slumber party cake. oh well.
* The first club that has been THE place to be called Dirty Pretty, was so dead we got a free VIP booth, and we could actually hear each other!
*Our dj friend had us on the list for the club he was working but for some reason at this club everyone was rubbing their butt on me. I kid you not! There is an 80 cover band down stairs where a 40 something decided to park it in front of my. Quite literally I had to guard my drink from her hair! Yuck. Then heaven help me if they were playin her jam because I got violated. Yeck! We moved upstairs to the dj and dance floor where I had not one, not two, but three guys drop it like its hot on me lol.
*I had a birthday girl with a fun little hat do the same.. seriously people! I just want to make my way to the bar good lord!
*I had a guy just grab the back of my hair and start playing with my hair..? WHAT? I slowly turned around thinking MAYBE HOPEFULLY it was my dj friend just being a weirdo, but no. I had no clue who this clown was that had his hand in my hair and a smile on his face. he leaned in and said
 "You have a lot of hair!" 
 "Yes I do.."
"I bet your really hot huh!"
you know something.. I was!
"Yeah.. actually I am..thanks?"
"No problem man.. wow.. your hair smalls great!"
"Ok your done now"
*Resting our feeties on our way to another club we perched on a wall and chatted for awhile. the next thing you know there are two ambulances, a guy on the ground hand cuffed, and a fire truck with a giant flood light shinning on my new friend and I. Huh.. a girl to our right had an argument with managers of the club we were headed to about whether or not she "shattered a toilet seat".. keep in mind this girl weighed less then my hand bag. How in blazes does someone SHATTER a toilet seat? And who is touching toilet seats in clubs? Ugh man I avoid those babies like the plague... or that guy who touched my hair!

We decided at this point (1am) we had had enough. We agreed this was a supremely odd night, but fun none the less and happy we got some good face time in getting to know each other better.  Turns out I was totally right she is a blast! And a dependable fun dance like a maniac, can you please hold my purse while I fix my shoe, friendly oooo look at that guy! girl to go out with YAY!

Hope you all had a wonderful, safe, happy mothers day, no one sticks their hand in your hair weekend!

Friday, May 6, 2011

randoms, just like life

  • Should I be offended or relived that the "Walmart Licker" hasn't licked my toes as of yet? Common man... these are good toes.. right?

  • "When the going gets tough, make sweets". That's my new motto..and explanation for the t-shirt over my bathing suit situation
  • "Operation Self-Esteem--Day Fucking One."
    — Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.
Maya Angelou

  • My hair goes both ways
  • Men found saying "Real men {dot, dot dot}" are often doing things real men are never found doing.
  • Never cared for the green nail polish .. but a good mint color sounds pretty wait?
  • Many times in life... I over hear things that make me crack.up. on the inside. But last night I just let it fly at Walmart when I over heard this woman announce, "Fine! String me up! Shoot me! Put me on trial the next I try and smoke near an entrance.. ooooooo I'm sooo sorry!"...I thought wow.. that was really dramatic, and I don't think she really means it when she said "I'm sorry". Then the man with her mumbles.. "that was a bit much.." LOL I lost it and they turned to stare at me but I don't care.. he said just what I was thinking bahaha..

  • Bridget Jones makes some good points. Just sayin
  • My hair products and soap are now safe and sound in the bathroom as the roommates girlfriend is no longer welcome after eating an entire box of another roommates nutrition bars.. in three days. Oh because she stole my tampons. that too.

  • Once, the guy I liked and was starting to date came over to surprise me. I was home. Car parked out front, window open, in the bathroom while I cleaned. But when the door bell rang I ducked. I had a sneaking feeling it was him, and I hid? Then my phone went off. It had a text front him, "I'm out front". I ignored it, and on my hands and knees crawled out into the hall where you couldn't see from any window, or angle. I sat there nervous on the cold hard tile as the door bell rang again, and finally the knocking stopped. I HIDE. From the guy I liked.
  • Best part? My dog must have picked up my vibe because she didn't bark at the bell, or stand in sight staring at me wagging her tail giving me away. She actually slinked her way over to my side never breaking eye contact and came and sat next to me. We then both stared at the tile we were now perched permanently on until we heard a car door shut, her gaze shot up at me. I smiled and nodded "yes", then the two of us, still in stealth mode crawled to the window to see if his car had pulled away, we watched as it did and then with a sigh and hint of humiliation I stood up, gave my dog a treat, and continued on with my day.

  • "Tis' better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else's perfectly."
    — Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

"I have a history of making decisions very quickly about men. I have always fallen in love fast and without measuring risks. I have a tendency not only to see the best in everyone, but to assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching his highest potential. I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism."

— Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Have a wonderful Friday all!