Monday, February 7, 2011

Ball is rolling!

This is by far my favorite ad that came on for the Super Bowl. I think this is so adorable!
What was your favorite? Confession: I did not watch the game, but I DID watch GLEE! And was SOOO happy :)

SOOOOO as you ALL know a Bridal Shower is being thrown soon! The MOH is planning and plotting away fun details, treats, and trinkets and where ever I can I am lending a hand :)

 I am super proud of our joint awesomeness in putting together the invite from bare bones scratch in one afternoon...
 Take a peak...

The envelopes....

The boarder...

The finished invite...
The saying reads:
Star Light, Star Bright
____ has found her Mr. Right!

We got this idea from an online source :)

The back of the envelopes!

I also treated myself to flowers. Because I liked them. Because they are Valentine red. Because they smelled GREAT! Because I have wanted fresh flowers in my room for awhile. And because they were on sale :)

Hope Y'all enjoyed your weekends, and your Mondays :)

pssssttt I have a date on Wednesday. Sh ;)


  1. I agree about the commercial -- definitely the best I saw last night. And the bridal shower invitations are perfect!! You must be having so much fun with that planning.

  2. cute cute idea!! and i agree, that was the BEST commercial!

  3. buying flowers for yourself - such a good idea! i like it.

  4. Oh, the invitation looks gorgeous! This shower is going to be absolutely stunning!