Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Awake! And... Blogging!!!

 It is no secret that I am smitten with NYC. But what no one knows is the few unanswered questions I have in my noodle each day, frolicking, running, or day dreaming my way through the city.

Unanswered Question:
1.WHO is my cab driver talking to? And HOW do they have that much to say to be talking and driving all day it seems.. my gosh man..aren't you all talked out yet? Don't you just want to roll your window down, listen to some Enya and bliss out awhile? Perhaps not. Or perhaps I just flag the chatty cabies?

        ***Funny Story*** After a late night dinner with a (gay) friend of mine, James (who is dating anther gay friend of mine). I hugged James goodbye and got into the cab.. My cab driver turns completly around grinning from ear to ear to ask:

 "Soooo...How was your date!?"

To which I replied,
" ...well... he is gay sooooo".

He burst out laughing and said,
"We can't win them all sweetheart!"

I said,
 "No, no.. I know he is gay".

He about dies laughing again and said to me,
 "Girlie you've got more problems then I thought if youre knowingly going out with gay men.."

After this comment I was a) no longer charmed with our banter and b) puzzled...who ever said that was a date dude.. mind Yo biz-nass.. Don't you have calls to make!!

2. Just how filthy are the rails, seats, floors and ok air on the subway trains anyway??? or is that one better left unanswered? I can't decide. All I know is, the sting of hand sanatizer is both now a routine and comforting burning smell when "riding the rails".
MM on the subway

3. How much Joes coffee and teas is too much? Becuase I am certain that this place is a must on my way to work in the mornings, or in the afternoon...or um.. *cough* on any small break. :/ I love them though. It is my favorite little coffee joint that I have found so far in the village. I guess they opened another one, but I love their little corner shop. Large creeking door and wooden floor. Local art, live plants, pet friendly, and always filled with (what I assume to be) bloggers, writers, and of course. the early morning over achieving joggers.

Pictures of West 4th neighborhood from my spiffy new iphone camera app!

outside of Joes

Across the street with the skeleton on the roof.. thats the Slaughtered Lamb.. its  bar we frequent.

The Duplex on my way into work...

The Duplex on my way home from work in the wee small hours of the morning

and I can't leave out my Harlem!

HEY YO! Marilyn is everywhere right now.. The movie..the books..the calendar I bought for the new year (LOVE seeing her each morning in all her curvacious glory cheering me on as I get ready) ..and what with the new SMASH tv show (addicted! Debra Messing how A and I have missed you so. Thank you for being back in my life you wonderful ginger you)
I couldn't help but to snag a few indulgent Pinterest moments looking at this beauty...

Pssst.. who do you think makes the better Marilyn?? Leave a coment and let me know!
If you haven't seen already - your under a rock! Ahh quick crawl out! becuase Banana Republic has a MadMen collection you don't want to be stuck under a rock for! I suggest if one has an extra ninty eight buckaroos you get the pearl would love that would't one.

Right now I am reading a wonderful book called "New York Diaries (From 1609-2009)" it. is. facinating! I've been reading on the subways, in the bath, in bed, anywhere I can! I can't decide though.. should I read from page one on... like you normally read a book, or should I read one days worth of entried for that day and make the book last? I'm giving myself the rest of "Janurary" to decide.
So yes.. the book is written with random and interesting, some funny, or sad entries from people like Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, and Edgar Allen Poe. Some are from the diary entries of socialits, military men,  bloggers, artists, clergy, or even George Washington.. anyone who kept a diary during a time they lived in New York. I love this idea as I am now a New York addict. You'd think living here would be enough but now I have that dang New York pride thing where I want to literally eat sleep dress work read and breath in New York.. well..maybe not BREATH in New York.

If you have been here/lived here then you know that you can be walking along having a wonderful thought..maybe your listening to your new favorit song on youre iPhone, and then BAM! Youre assalted with smell.. musky street smell.And yuck. you gag, hack and look around in shock to see others doing the same for that one space where "the smell" lingers.. bummed you continue forth, and slightly judge those who did walk through it and didn't react, apparently they didn't mind the smell.. Are you THAT used to bad smells that you can open mouth breath past that area dude? No no. I will never be that New Yorker...I love my nose and mouth too much.... bleck!

Entry from NY Diaries:

                                                         May 19th, 1953
King Street is one of those dark, quaint vestiges of old New York and the route to it from the cafe is dank with garbage pails and "the yellow smoke that curls".

Bahahaha.Well said Judith Malin...well said.

I literlly just flipped the book open to this page and looked down and read that line. How perfect!

Also on this Page:

May 15th, 1842
Sally hatched another bird.
-Augustus Van Horne Ellis

Riviting stuff here Augustus..

May 18th, 1842
Both {Sally's Hatchlings} Dead. Dick {her mate} killed them.
-Augustus Van Horne Ellis

May 20th, 1842
Shot a cat dead, dead, dead.
-Augustus Van Horne Ellis

LOL what the Hell Augustus! lol geez! what a violent past few days you had!

May 5th, 1976
And so I am a Pulitzer Prize winner.
-Ned Rorem

Aaaaallllrighty then Ned. You seem thrilled! Are ya thrilled Ned? Are ya?

Quick entries that made me Chuckle:

March 28th, 2009
No calls, missed or otherwise, tonight. The blistering honesty of technology.
-Staying Pinoy in New York

April 17th, 1907
A high wind this morning and the pranks of the gusts about the Flatiron Building at Fifth Avenue and 23rd St. was interesting to watch. Woman's skirts flapped over their heads and ankles were to be seen. And a funny thing, a policeman to keep men from loitering about the corner. His position is much sought, I suppose.
-John Sloan

October 23rd, 1963
Fortieth birthday. I can no longer die young.
-Ned Rorem

February 2nd, 1867
My experience is that a man cannot go anywhere in New york in an hour. The distances are too great- you must have another day to it. If you got six things to do, you have go to take six days to do them in.
-Mark Twain

Boy, it was true then and it is true now. If Marky Mark needs more hours in the day then I feel less guilty myself for needing them!

But my two favorites still...

May 22nd, 1947
Today I arrived by train in New York City, which I'd never seen before, walked through the grandeur of Grand Central Terminal, stepped outside, got my first look at the city and instantly fell in love with it. Silently, inside myself, I yelled: I should have been born here!
-Edward Robb Ellis

March 11th, 1978
I had a lot of dates but decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows.
-Andy Warhol

LOL I love it! I did the same thing yall and stayed in a few nights ago and colored my hair a dark auburn brown color again. I love it