Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look Around

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Yesterday was a day of Rest, and Friends. I was able to catch up with my dearest of dear friends in the morning, run fun frilly (and bone chilling cold) wedding errands with another, then end the night with a movie with Fun Kim!

At Harkins to see No Strings Attached which was such a cute movie!
To be honest the fact that Natalie Portman has so many movies coming out this year I thought her acting would be forced and rushed, and probably just not that good in anything other then Swan. But I was pleasantly surprised that I almost cried, and laughed the entire time!
 Good show.. good show.
In other news I would very much like to marry Ashton's character.. whenever your ready Adam.. whenev

Last night as my friend packed day came to an end, the wind picked back up and I pulled on the 'ol pjs. I realized looking around my room that if you didn't know why I had some of these things it would seem very odd that I had them in my room.. or on display at all..
 Here is what I mean:

1) A baby alligator head. Yes it is real. And yes I still think it will spring to life and bite me each time I touch it. I bought this at the French Market in New Orleans.. they are everywhere and had to have one.. for some reason?

2) A fork. Clean and on display (proudly might I add) seems weird right? I mean I can be messy sometimes but not leave a fork on my dresser for months messy! (mother sh! that was when I was 15!) I have a little quirk about silverware.. I hope I'm not alone.. but I hate when a spoon or fork has no weight to it. Or is bendy, or in general just cheap. I dont' know where this came from but since I was little and picking out my spoon for my morning cereal I have been very picky about the weight and way it fits in my hand.. :/
The Cheesecake Factory though has some of the best! I love it!
That being said I will tell you this particular fork was a gift :) I thank you gift giver ;)

3) Squishy face toker I call him. This is something that an old friend and now acquaintance, made in high school in art class.. I found him to be the perfect incense holder and use it for that very thing to this day :)

4) Feathered masking hanging high. This mask was worn last year for a Marti Gras party. I don't think I'll wear it again this year.. but I cant get rid of it? Its the feather factor I think..

5) The mustache on the corner of my vanity mirror. This I got for a Halloween costume a few years back.. the Victor/Victoria inside me says this needs to stick around. I know a woman's vanity should be girlie, frilly and fem but it makes me happy what can I say?

6) The "You Go Glen Coco" note also hanging on my vanity mirror. OK this one brings pure joy! When my bestie was still working side by side with me for whatever reason she recalled a favorite line from Mean Girls. The fake Santa is handing out candy grams at the holiday and announces "Two for you Glen Coco, good for you Glen Cooco, You Go Glen Coco!"  That last tag line became our little motto for motivation and encouragement in the other.
My brother who was visiting caught on to my lingo and as motivation for my diet and work out routine posted this on the bathroom mirror one particular day I made it to the gym even though I complained the entire time to him getting ready.
 Seeing this when I came back to shower made it sooo worth it.
1. my brother is adorable
2. my friend is hilarious
3. i love that movie

the note stays!

Have any weird or odd treasures laying around or proudly on display?

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  1. HAHA!!! Oh I first have to say that when I saw the picture of the note with "YOU GO GLEN COCO!" I totally read it in my head with that guys voice! ;) Oh it's been too long since I've induldged in a watching Mean Girls.

    When I was in elementary school my brother went on a mission down in Florida and totally came back with an alligator head just like the one you have! I too thought it would come alive...yowza.

    And yay for feathered masks and mustaches :)