Friday, November 18, 2011

Start Spreading the News...

For some time now Frankie singing "New York, New York" has been my ring tone. I have loads of pictures to share, but can't figure out the how tos just yet. But it feels so very odd to have not been on my beloved blogger in so long. So where should I begin?

On Wednesday night two weeks ago, I sat around my kitchen table in Chandler Az and laughed and chatted with my three very best friends and my sister dearest. I cried a rather ugly cry when it came time to say good bye to each of them. And in many ways I don't think it has STILL hit me that they are not right around the corner from me.
The flight with mamba my darling brave kitty cat was...trying. On both of our nerves. The calming meds laughed in both our faces and did little to actually put her to sleep. In fact on a rather particularly shaky landing into Chicago it was both incredibly sad, and funny in a way only a delirious woman such as myself could find funny when mamba projectile vomited out of her kennel on the plane. yep.. I was that girl.
She is so happy now though in her new digs, and his making less and less hissing sounds at her new buddy new roommates female cat.

I love New York. It i exactly what I wanted it to be without it trying too hard. I came at just the right time to still see the beautiful changing leaves and have the fun brisk walks with colorful scarves and cute shoes. SHOES! Oh the shoes. How they have let me down. I am not sure if I'm the only one, or if no one else is talking about it. So let me be the first. MY FEET KILL. I mean this in a very real way. Waiting in long lines at amusement parks feet has NOTHING on this feeling. Hiking all day in poor quality shoes have NOTHING on these feet. These feet burn they hurt so bad. Throbbing would be better then the amount of pain I get in my feet. If You say "try inserts" I might just come through my screen and strangle you..a little. Because I have currently THREE different kinds in my one pair of shoes. So. Sex in the City can suck it because ain't no way I will be jaunting around town in high heels for the look of it. I'm getting all "working Girl" in this bitch and wearing practical ugly shoes with a cuter pair hidden n my giant baglady bag.
Well... that was a rather unexpected rant. Needed however.

I have started to train at the Tequila Bar and Resturant and I love it.  work with some very nice and talented people. Singers dancers acters.. everyones got something. Except this girl (me) who is an  massage therapist :) There have been a few celebs who have come in which is fun and also a test of just how creepy one is. Such as when the girl from Boy Meets World came in and I had to resist the urge to reach out and pet her hair. I didn't of course.. but man did I want to. Ugh red flags right! lol

I have learned three things thus far about New Yorkers. One: they aren't that mean.. and if you are being yelled at by one of them you probably deserve it. Just like the woman I yelled at on the street three days in of being here.. you just cant STOP in the way of everyone come on now. Two: They aren't looking up not because they are jaded and no longer appreciate the view of the buildings.. its because we are trying to not trip, or step in something sticky and yucky. And Three: Theyre kinda awesome. I cant explain the last one. But when I was riding on the subway one day tired and unwilling to give my seat up to anyone, I watched and joined in as everyone in the car got up and gave their seat up to the tired and cold runners of the New York City Marathon runners complete with a round of applause each time more got on. They surprise me, delight me, and inspire me.

So glad I have arrived. So glad that I have you all back too :)

I will write again soon..must go paint my bedroom!

 I will also be catching up on all YOUR wonderful blogs too so look for those late comments !