Monday, February 14, 2011

Ya Know...

I love all animals. I do. But I love my cat. She is adorable. Cuddly. Feisty. Funny. And asks how my day is And yes, I have full on conversation about just exactly how my day went! I know many of the blogs I read they have cute little dogs, and I do love me a puppy.. but all this cat time has me with cats on the brain!
A few cat pictures I found that illustrate what I love about them for the cat lovers out there :)

(yeah I pretty much just discovered weheartit hence why I am posting a bunch load of  pictures from their site these days.. I'll chill out with it soon bahaha)

And this is my beautiful little love bug Mamba

yeah her collar or "necklace" as we call it in our family is blinged out :)

So cute! Find someone-something cuddly this week to curl up with and nap, watch a favorite show, or read...

Baby of the Family~ looking forward to a week of every kind of love

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  1. What a sweet little monster, and irresistible photos from weheartit! I'm crazy for pugs, and they have a wellspring of cute photos!

    Happy Valentine's Day!