Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Truth Day

Ugh Ladies allow me to keep it real.

This past week has been a blissful and content one.. however this also means I totes fell off the wagon when it comes to my crusade against the cellulite.

I have been doing OK though.

Breakfast: one cup of coffee followed by oodles of water the rest of the day
Greek Yogurt Aci berry Granola Strawberries and Blue berries
Lunch: 90cal vegetarian soups

But then Dinner: Giant bean Cheese and Rice burrito, no sauce.
 Its the Burns special. I have ordered the same type of burrito since I was 5.. no kidding folks

I mean it isn't the worst eating habits in the world, but I haven't worked out in awhile too.. Soo this weigh in Next week shall be OH so interesting!

Also, this may sound a smidgen junior high but I have decided to say yes to every reasonable date in the coming months. For two reasons..
I think it would be fun, and I'd be able to open my world up to maybe some really interesting and fun new people
Also, I have a friends wedding coming up and the option of a date..

I have a few fall back people, friends. But I'd rather have a date date..you know?


I have also decided that I am going to leave August 2011 for New York!

I am applying for my license this month, and ideally I'll have a new job by April. Allowing about three months to save for the trip.. which is NOT a lot of time at.all.

Honestly.. I am a littler nervous about it. I am pretty fearless when it comes to things like this.. but I don't know. I'm just a little woozy feeling. I am not at all in the place I thought I would be when I made the plan to move there a few years back. But I also feel strongly that I could find reasons up the wazoo to postpone the move.. and as nervous and fearful as I am to make it.. I am even MORE feaful of staying longer and longer and letting year fret away while I "prepare".
 It is also a little tricky saving with so many big events in the months to come this summer. But I think hey.. New York is one of the toughest places to "make it" and my idea of making it is having a safe place to call home, a job I do well and like, as many walks in Central Park I can manage, knowledge of every good thrift store, and a slow building collection of shoes and Broadway shows...this and of course.. being very very happy :)


  1. haha that's hilarious. And burritos are way awesome so I <3 this version!

  2. Horray! August 2011 is going to be such a wonderful month!

  3. I am so excited for you! You can do it. Isn't it great to have a plan? And dating always brings awesome blog posts.

  4. she's right you know, about dating bringing awesome blog posts... i do love it when you keep it real; and real is just living your life as you see fit. honey, your last paragraph called Honestly, says it all. i know you...you can do it :)