Tuesday, November 30, 2010

37* and Counting...


Just a few simple weeks ago it was still warm here in Az. A sheet on my bed, window open, and fan blowing at night so I didn't wake up a sweaty mess. But I now have all but one quilt on my bed, making a total of 7 layers of warm, fuzzy goodness (fan remains on I need air circulation people!).  It is chilly folks. Even now in the afternoon, when the doors swing open a cold wind blows in. Burrrr.  These past few days trying to convince my sister to take the drive up north to see snow has me really obnoxiously excited about winter in New York City.

I can't wait for snow crunching under my feet. A freezing cold nose. Rosy cheeks obvs. and poofy winter coats! Ice skating at the park, sledding down hills in central park, snow men and angels, all of it! I didn't grow up with snow so I am sure there will be some things I will need to adjust to. But you betchya I will be front and center for the tree lighting, parades (hopefully watched from a rad roof top gathering), and the New Years Ball drop. That I will probably do only once lol. I hear it is a smelly nasty place to gather.. but ugh...New York. New Year. Yeah....
 Its on!

What are some things you enjoy about the snow?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome Back, Welcome Back

Ah the new work week. No more holidays, shopping days, or laying in bed and eat pie... days.
That is, until this weekend ;)
Let us get the previous week recap underway and out of the way shall we?

Wednesday: was lousy with Gilmore watching, *cat camping, and general running around to shop-ness.
(*Cat camping is something of a mixture of games I play with my Mamba. "Kitty taco" where she is "tacoed" with the blankets from my bed while I screech "KITTY TACO" at the top of my lungs, and she enjoys the hammock like ride. The "I will hide from you to keep you from meowing in my face this morning" game which is.. pretty self explanatory. I love my cat dearly but when she is yelling at me on mornings where I CAN sleep in past 9 it is not appreciated. So sometimes when I feel crafty, and a little creeper.. I slowly disappear under my covers when she isn't looking.. then proceed to surprise attack her when she least suspects it and she is then kitty tacoed until I am laughing waaaaay to hard at myself and cat to continue any longer.)
- I know... your glad you asked right :)
Thursday "Turkey Day" or as I called it "Side Dish Day": started early at 8:30 (early for a holiday any way) and started to make more whoopie cookies and frosting (which came out a little strange) and three pies (two apple/one pecan). My lovely sister Amanda came and picked me up to see Love and Other Drugs around one. The movie made me cry and really want to perm my hair to look like Ann Hathaways'. After the movie I finished the pies and headed to a family friends house where they ate, I drank and all were merry. Around 7 we made our final stop at friends house #2 the "kid house". ADORABLE! I love them all. All cracked out on Thanksgiving food and toys, everything!
My sister and I got home around 8:30 when I started in to make our sides from scratch. Garlic and sour cream mashed potatoes, marsh mellow yam bake, and green bean casserole. YUM! We watched Avatar and ate till we were cross eyed.
I rolled home late.
Friday: I regrettably woke up at 4:45am and made the chilly decent out into the sale world. All in all I got a new pair of sneakers, am down my personal (expensive) VS jacket someone shimmied out from under my arm, movies, books and thermals.
I happily left the mall madness for this little face:
Audrey's most adorable boys needed to be fed and loved on, and it is soooo what I needed too.
I napped and spent all of glorious Saturday in bed at home with cozy socks on. More Cat camp was had.

Sunday I decided to shake things up a tad. Just a tad. and travel south to Tucson so see my other most amazing sister. Thing is, she is currently keeping a watchful eye on my *dad.

(*This is causing many noggins to be scratched, jaws to drop because I do not have the greatest relationship with my dad. Or much of one to even categorize as such. But it went well. That entire visit is a post all in itself. 

The weekend was full, and relaxing at the same time.

Hope everyone had a great time with first time hosting duties, visiting family, and getting those deals!
From the looks of it you all did just that.

Welcome back to the work week!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Day At Work!!!

I woke up this morning to a sparkly hood of my car with frost! Hello winter, and good morning.
(a little difficult to see. I get up before the sun, and it is via my iphone)
Anthropologie aka my one truest of loves, if having a sale online and I thought these looked snugglie warm for the winter season!

Aaaand I am so sorry but these sheets are so adorable! They have candy cane written ALL over them!
"Hello..? Hello Santa?" -S&C annoying little girl in Eps "A woman's right to Shoes"

 OK so it isn't Friday. But I have a new confession! It isn't dirty, and it hasn't really been around long enough to be a secret... huh.. my confession is loosing it's appeal isn't it! lol ANyways, after watching the AMAs I really wanted the dress that Taylor Swift wore. It was a mini dress. Sparkly. Funky. Girlie. Basically "Bridgette the Dress"! So I hunted it down and found the designer (who was new to me) is so amazing! I must get to a place in my life where I can wear one of her dresses. I don't need to deck my halls with the expensive dresses.. but one.. common man ONE!

Ok here is a little Peek at some of the dresses I am crushing on :)

ah ha! I love this dress so much


I am so excited for Thanksgiving! I am going to make a pie for Underwoods family. I am not going to be making any meaty goodness, but will be all about the sides!

I think I am going to go brave the Black Friday crowds too. I need new shoes to hike in, and a want to look at some toys for my adorable nephew that I will be "re meeting" this Christmas. He is three. Adorable. A total boy. In LOVE with Thomas the Train.. but who isn't? And has a WILD imagination. In one day the sofa is his ship in a battle against sharks, a cave hunting dinos, and a cloud in the sky. I love him. So I need to get him something pretty rad that will only enhance his awesomeness.. any ideas?
 I am not in the "kid world" at all so I don't know...
Do share ;)


Tomorrow I am off (yahoo!) so I will be preparing and resting... Netflixing it up my friends. Almost to the end of the Gilmore Girl seasons. I am excited, scared, sad.. so many emotions for an old tv show lol. None the less I shall be back in the blogging either on Thanksgiving for an update and pictures galore, or Friday to show off my new shoes!

Wish me luck and if your shopping for shoes too.. watch out ladies I ain't afraid to use the 'ol elbow :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

...is it getting Cold in Here?

A friend of mine has the prettiest and shiniest hair EVER! I love it.   Covet it.   And generally stare and make "eyes" at it. She tells me she will wash her hair in cold water..
I wasn't sure this would do anything for my lack luster locks, but I gave it a go and for the past maybe month or so I have been taking a luke warm shower and towards the end while rinsing the conditioner out, using cold water. My hair has shine, but the rest of me is very upset! my goose bump arms want to give my hair a stern talkin' to that's for sure.
Combine this with John Friedas' straightening serum and I am one happy, shiny, and smell good  gal!

Any tips on making your hair as special as possible?
Now let us all bow our heads and morn the AMAs that someone let happen last night. I could not put into better words than this review I read online this morning and promptly woke myself up laughing my batoot off!
One this he did not mention is that Carry Underwood is soooo-ho-ho-oh! so much better than Taylor Swift and was there for e robed an award last night. Hopefully she knows that it was a shame and a bunch of whoie anyways.

here are some choice high lights from the review that gave me a good chuckle..
(also I do not have Beiber fever, it isn't a fever, it's like an infection that has made everyone apparently dumb..ugh)

"..as Bieber invited Usher--"not only my mentor but my best friend and my big brother"--to join him onstage. You can try to hate Bieber, but you know, after a moment like that, that you're really secretly dying to play laser tag with him."

"When it's one band doing it at the Super Bowl at half-time, we understand. When it's the majority of acts on a three-hour show playing a minute or less of multiple songs, it's ADHD personified."

"Because what African-American choir member isn't waiting for the day when they can break out the robes for the Bieb?"

"Justin Bieber, as always, was channeling Ellen..."

"Oh my God, we're back again!" -sung at the NKOTB/Backstreet Boys summit meeting."


Friday, November 19, 2010

Black Friday Preps and Favorit things!

Just a little preview of one of the blogs I follow. Thought I would share. I LOVE this post so much!

Umm this one is more out of fear more than anything!

Can you have a more adorable picture? i think not.

My less than adorable picture of the beautiful view from my hike this past weekend were on the path my shoes went to little hiker shoe heaven. Or hell.. those shoes KILLED!

Black Friday is just around the corner and I have my eyes out for a flat that I could actually wear!

Love the buckle here

But these have that oh so sparkly thing goin' on that I love!


Also I have been listening to a lot of country on the work XM radio the past few days and dang it if I don't love some 90s country songs. JoDe Massina and so on :)

Seeing Red !!!

YAY I didn't even know about this movie until this morning but I am already very excited for it. I am a Twilight nerd for sure, and the article says it will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke who did the first Twilight flick.

Amanda Seyfried is going to be the lead in the red cloak. She is so beautiful! Apparently the idea was Leonardo DiCaprios' which is just really kind of funny to me.. don't know why.. but it is lol.

This little Johnny Depp look alike will play Peter, a love interest of Red in the movie...and good night I am sooo sold!

The movie opens March of 2011 and I have a very good feeling that it will be the perfect movie to hold me over until breaking Dawn comes out, becuase I am starting to loose my interest in that story as it takes for ever for the movies to come out and I have read the books 200 more than a few times, and have it memorized to the point of literally acting it out as a one man show for my mom while she packed me this September.

What is everyone looking forward to seeing??

Some movies I'll be at this weekend fo sho:

Harry Potter. I never read the books.. thinking maybe I should? But the movies have so much already that it is hard to think I could follow any other additional plot lines!I love her hair too! So brave to go that short, but I think it fits her face pretty perfectly!
They look so amazing at the premier!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

...What Does An Animal Wear...

awww the airforce and the guys in it :)

 So you can sing along at the top of your lungs too!

Here we go again
I kinda wanna be more than friends
So take it easy on me
I'm afraid you're never satisfied.

Here we go again
We're sick like animals
We play pretend
You're just a cannibal

And I'm afraid I wont get out alive
No I won't sleep tonight

Oh, oh
I want some more
Oh, oh
What are you waitin' for?
Take a bite of my heart tonight
Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waitin' for?
What are you waitin' for?
Say goodbye to my heart tonight

Here we are again
I feel the chemicals kickin' in
It's gettin' heavier
I wanna run and hide
I wanna run and hide

I do it every time
You're killin' me now
And I won't be denied by you
The animal inside of you

Oh, oh
I want some more
Oh, oh
What are you waitin' for?
Take a bite of my heart tonight.
Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waitin' for?
What are you waitin' for?
Say goodbye to my heart tonight

Hush, hush
The world is quiet
Hush, hush
We both can't fight it
It's us that made this mess
Why can't you understand?
Whoa, I won't sleep tonight
I wont sleep tonight

Here we go again
Here we go again
Here we go again


What are you waitin' for?
What are you waitin' for?
Say goodbye to my heart tonight.

Oh, oh
I want some more
Oh, oh
What are you waitin' for?
Take a bite of my heart tonight.
Oh oh
I want some more
Oh oh
What are you waitin' for?
What are you waitin' for?
Say goodbye to my heart tonight.

Yeah.. it's kinda like that.. A little.. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Five O'Clock Mass... Again

So.... last night I decided : I need to go to church. Don't really know why.

                                                                 Well...   yes I do lol.

 I live right down the street from the church I went to as a child. This place was my favorit. With fun hallways, beautiful crystals that hung over a pretty blue fountain, pebble tact everywhere so on hot Az nights you can bet my face was on that stone to cool down before mass. We sang along with the band leader, Tom Booth to amazing songs that I still remember to this day.

I used to volunteer with my moms best friend/my babysitter/adopted Aunt Mary at a homeless shelter that the church started called Pas De Cristo. I was a mini cook, in charge of stirring Giant pots of chili I could have very well fit in, and later handing out the condiments in the food line.

I watched my oldest brother and sister sway on the alter. Linked arms and shoulders with all the teens at the mass.. the "big kids". They moved as one group side to side and I would cry listening to the prayers they would request of the congregation. In return the congregation extended a playful hand over the teens while they were up on the alter. This is the alter that started Life Teen.
Our priest was amazing. He spoke with conviction, and managed to make eye contact with me no matter were I sat or how far down I slumped in my seat! The true sign of a sheppard knowing even the smallest of his sheep, and caring.
 I loved all the priests there. Father Marcell was possibly one of the sweetest, kindest, and most gentle people I have still met today. A chapel was added to the church in remembrance of him. Its beautiful. Quiet. Dim.

But This Sunday was different. No more crystals ("They" thought it was too new age and didn't belong.. I think we all just thought they were beautiful when they caught the light). The fountain was turned off, and stones were luke warm at best. They did have a song by Tom Booth on the nights list... but a young girl sang it on his microphone. The teens were still asked to come forward, but are no longer allowed on the alter. Nor do they speak out their prayer requests. No hands were extended over them. And I wanted to cry for totally different reasons watching them. What happened to the big kids?

I stayed for the homily, which was decent... But wasn't given that eye contact that kept me so engaged. A difficult task for a little girl at 6pm at an adult mass.

I promised I'd be back again next week. And I will keep going until I can not only sit through the entire mass, but until I can give this new church, still all dressed up as the church from my childhood, a decent chance to be my church as an adult.

If You Seek Annie

On stands this month, Vogue highlights an amazing photo shoot with one Miss Anne Hathaway. I adore her. She is an AADA alumni, same as my sis, I am a six year old girl whenever a Disney movie comes out, and Loved her in Rachel Getting Married, so naturally I am a F.A.N!

(ok that guy looks like John Stamos.. yes? Anyone?)

Um this is my Fav by far! I love the black and white, and I love the GIANT dog, her hair the dress the park bench .. all of it!

adorable of course. look at those eye brows my God!

I had such a wonderful weekend with my friend who came in from out of town with her adorable fiance. Oddly we did not take any pictures.. this is odd because:
1. I am a snap happy woman, ask any of my friends, or anyone who has been on a trip with me
2. She is an amazing photographer and always has been
In any case it didn't seem right, or important at the time. just soaking her up there in the moment was good for me!
We went to the Rhythm Room in Phx one of the nights and listened to a joyful, soulful and dirty jazz singer whom I loved! "I've got three hand fulls so fellas bring a friend.." lol Loved her!

I leaned into her fiance that night and whispered to him... "I might kidnap her, and steal her away.."
to which he replied, "I know she has that effect on people, I pretty much did that exact thing when I first met her." I loved watching the two of them together. They never once made me ill with icky lovey dovey nicknames, or awkward by taking out pre wedding frustrations out in front of me. In short, the perfect couple to third wheel it with :)

I made them some Beignets on Saturday morning and sent them on their way... luckily I will see them again in December when I travel up north.. and if I am really really lucky, and Santa is listening I'll be able to see one of their shows!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tis Almost The Season

Today I received an email about the Christmas party for work this year. I have a horrid habit of flashing my coworkers (accidentally, and not due to any funky egg nog mind you) Just good 'ol fashion accidental flashin...

The first year I went to the Christmas party I didn't know anyone and pretty much bailed asap! The second year I felt more confident and decided to wear a pretty black dress. I put it to a vote and all my gal pals said I should go ahead and wear it as a dress. Unfortunatly this was the same time that I was having to wear a heart monitor. The device consisted of two parts. The little stickies that stuck to my skin around my heart, and the pager like monitor with two little wires that conneced to the sticky patches. Being in a cute LBD I decided to not connect the wires and just leave the stickies on.. you know.. just in case?

Ok SO I got a very upsetting phone call from my mother telling me that my grandmother was expected to pass within the next few days! Upset naturally, my heart started racing and then skipping. This is exactly the kind of irregularity my cardiologist wanted to see! I raced through the double doors back into the banquet room, grabbed my purse, motioned to a friend to come out side with me!

The Christmas party was being held at a golf club and resort, very nice. Very green. Many birds. There was a long balcony that extended around the building including the side of the banquet room where we were gathered.

Now I wasn’t exactly Tia Tequila, but I certainly wasn’t a lady when I flew onto the balcony (unbeknownst to me, still quite visible by my coworkers via tinted windows) pulled my dress sleeves down to connect the wires to the stickies (I know, such technical terms) and pressed the marker on the pager.


The day was terrible. But my coworkers were extremely kind, and classy to not ever mention the fact that I was in my bra crying on the balcony at the party where I remained for just a short while until I had three friends arrive out there with me..
One with a bottle.. BOTTLE of wine and a glass.. lol LOVE my friends
One (a nurse) taking my vitals
And the other tearing up not knowing why holding my hand and pulling my sleeves back up over my shoulders.

My wine bearing friend took the phone from me to talk to my mom once I became pretty much unresponsive. Their conversation I am told went a little like this:
Mom: "Is she having an episode?"
A: "Yeah I think so.."
M: "Ok, this has happened before, she will be fine but she needs to slow her breathing. Has anyone brought her something to drink?"
A Serious as can be: "Yes. I brought her wine."
M: "HA! I love you.. she might want that later, but get her a glass of water, and make her drink that.."

Next thing you know water arrived at my side.

These woman are great.

When I say great I don’t mean swell or peachy. I mean these woman have greatness in their kindness friendship and love. They not only flew me out to see my grandmother that night, but my very best bestie packed my clothes, unpacked all the socks I had only packed and drove me to the airport. She did most of my talking and most of my thinking since I couldn't manage to do either that night, and they were in good hands.

So all in all the flashing didn’t create too much of a buzz..

But BOY OH BOY did the Company Family Picnic get them talkin!....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About to BURST!

I am so very excited today! My wonderful and dear friend from Chico has arrived. She has some family Ballyhoo to tend to this weekend but there is a mutual plan in place to buddy up and pal around town.
She landed, she is safe, she is hilarious, she is here!

However, there is one bummer of the day. My iPhone case busted a few days back and I thought it could hang in there...but it is looking pretty sad right about now :( That is why I am thinking of popping onto EBay to purchase a girlie version of the case.. here are four I am eye balling:

 Thoughts? I kinda like the last one? But would I want that style all the time? Yes these are the hard hitting questions of today.

This weekend I went shoe shopping for one of my best friends weddings who I am a bridesmaid for. We wanted silver shoes to match the burgundy dresses.. but everything looked to disco and cheap! We didn't want to go white either... I basically reenacted the scene from Sex and the City where Carries shoes were stolen, and Miranda brings her giant clunky white heels for her to wear.

So white was clearly out of the question.. we ended up in all over the mall and finally perched in two very comfy chairs in Dillard's shoe department. We found sort of a pearly ivory heel from Jessica Simpsons' line.. and Me Likey Very Much!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its Business Time

Making good fortune my business..

It is of good fortune that I have finished school with the least amount on my loan as possible. With great letters of recommendations from my teachers, and a job to sustain me until I find that special spa to traipse to each day.

On my desk where I currently plunk down each day is a collection of fortune cookie messages I collected (back when I used to eat meat, and apparently tons of Chinese food everyday... I have repressed these days lol)



i love that I got this one from a friends lunch right before my trip to New Orleans




I really love this one because I think it is so true, some times I find myself trying to soften my voice, not talk to much, or just disappear into the crowd more.. but you know, that's just not me

an awesome reminder while I try and resist all the left over Halloween candy haunting the office this month!

Good morning everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy & Unsettled

Maybe it is all the wedding blogs,  maybe its a few of my friends, or the latest episode I watched of Kourtney taking Scott back.. but something has me in hard place.

I love that we are surrounded by choices in out lives. Anything 'ol thing we want is right there for us...
I understand that these woman just want to be happy and loved.. who doesn't?
I wondered this weekend, are we moving past and going forward, or just moving into the past?
"Worry..worry worry worry worry. Worry just will not seem to leave my mind alone.."
"Worry, oh worry worry worry worry sometimes it feels like this worry is my only friend.."
"She good to me. She good to me. mmmmmmm. mmmm. mmmm."
-Trouble Ray LaMontagne

I think that after letting someone down (very nicely) this weekend and standing firm on my decision to just be friends he kinda forced me to define what the hell it is I am looking for. Ugh it's never fun to have to actually use friend zone in a conversation with someone. Never. But I did and what I found out is that I don't want to just "mess around" anymore. Neither do I want to hop into a barefoot and prego role any time soon. But I think that I can honestly say I feel ready for that great new person whom I can be serious with again.


Ok now wish me luck!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Learning to Share

Starting next week I here by promise that I'll be sharing more of myself with the blog world. I started out not so sure of the people online, and who was going to be reading my blogs.

So far I have found some truly wonderful people who inspire me each day in my day to day and in my blogging world.

Because of that, I feel like I don't have to be as shy as I have been to to say what I want to say here on my blog.

This photo that was taken was done at Express Mie here in Az for a body appreciation campaign. The question for the photo was, what do you love about your body that hasn't always been seen as "perfect"?

My response? I have scoliosis, and slight lordosis in my lumbar spine. Not always perfect, but something I love

Oops here I am!

I have been MIA on my blog the past week or so (sorry about that!) But I will be back in full swing next week! I have so enjoyed keeping up on all of yours however, and on my most busy days those few minutes have given me something beautiful to easy my nerves, something funny to keep me going, and something wonderful to look forward to, so thank you for being better blogers than I!

This weekend I have a few "to-do's" but mostly they are pretty relaxed plans. Except tonight! Tonight I am grounded! Not allowed out of my room except for water, and to shower (you know, like the good 'ol days)

One of the absolute loves of my life will be popping by Arizona just to see me to go to her brother in laws' wedding. None the less I get all her free time (yay!) She and her adorable fiance will be town for a few days, and my room is literally covered with a decent amount of cat hair. I know yuck. So I'll be doing my second real deep clean in my room and finally unpack that now rather mysterious last box at the foot of my bed. Hope nothing leggy and creepy has crawled in there to surprise me!

For this serious job I have decided tonight's rock out cleaning anthem will be all things Barbra. That's right Streisand folks. She and I have been amazing besties since the day my mom fell for my sick act in the fourth grade and the only thing on was Funny Girl.

Below, if your a fan, or a Barbra newbie, are a few of my favorites and if you have a few, or a mean dust bunnie I suggest you stop and listen!

This first clip is from Funny Girl. It starts off a little slow and tearful but just a minute in and I am crying and singing along!

A super early TV appearance by her. I love how young she looks! Also such a rad "I am over you" song!

What would a few clips be with out my two favs Barbra Streisand and Louis Armstrong? I think I'd like a grand entrance down stairs to have the same music lol

Now I have never seen Cats but I'd love to because I love this song.. right around 2.45 she hits it and gives me chills! CHILLS I tell you!... poor little street kitties..

OK I didn't even know this existed! lol I love Ray Charles (he is one of the people I bake to :) But this is pretty awesome with the two of them together!

lol Ok well I feel like I have cheated on one of my other true loves, Bette Midler (I must be absolutely killing some of you guys! lol) I love these songs, and woman they help to empower me, and these stories to show me that I am not so off my mark...

This is a cute short little song from Beaches, a beautiful movie about friendship.. anyway I pretty much feel like her at this point in my life lol

I have gone from dancer, to teacher, to massage, to chef.. what will it be next year? Who knows, but I still got my health!

Have a good weekend!