Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Date Update

Ok so we didn't exactly sneak into a fancy restaurant and "pose" with Will.I.Am. But it was fun still.
We met at a really yummy Italian restaurant and went on a hunt for karaoke from there.. which we did not find lol. We settled for a drink and more story telling instead. I will say this "new guy" is very sweet.

There seems to be a theme in the guys I meet.. now let me also say that it could be just good observation or  new form of disillusion brought on by mass amounts of really awesome t.v.
I find that the guys I run into are a Barney, a Ted, a Ross or a Nicky Arnstein. New Guy seems to be falling into the Ross/Ted category. When asked who I want.. I answered a hybrid of a Marshal (who isn't on the list because I think he is a true masterpiece of fiction) and Barney. Yep.

I spent my day off yesterday watching movies and are my two cents:
Cute. Very cute. laughed a lot.. but I thought it would be funnier I guess because of the casting and because I am a sucker for movies like these..

This was good. I redboxed it. The story takes place in New Orleans which was wonderful because I miss it so much! I think I liked the fact that Kristen Stewart although tortured teen in this movie, wasn't the same tortured teen that she is in every other movie she is in.. so.. props! 

What Up Doc. Old 70's comedy with Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal was not as funny as I thought it would be :( bummer. I am on a Barbra kick right now for sure. I just love her! And although I loved her character much much in this movie, I just wasn't on board with it.. in fact I believe I just turned it off.

Yesterday was also the birthday of a very special friend of mine! She is super talented in pretty much every way.. yep yeah every way. She is so beautiful and generous. She can sing, dance, rap, take beautiful photos, and sell ya on just about anything. She is a charmer that girl.
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and hilarious friend like she :)

From our some what ridiculous and out of control days of our youth.. just another day in the pent house of an American Idol top 10 finalist in San Fransisco. A trip she took me on when leaving town wasn't only a good idea but a life saver. Happy Birthday friend!

Also I seem to be attacking carbs like ... like... like something you'd attack head on and with furious appetite.

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  1. I knew you were going to "blog" about your date and make "sister sue" wait all day.. he he.. glad it was fun! Is he "wedding date material" someone you could giggle with and at the same time be proud he's on your shoulder?

    PS.. the carbs are magnetically pulling me towards them around 2pm.