Thursday, January 6, 2011

I can Picture it

Last night I don't know what hit me?! I can only explain it as Spring Cleaning.. but its still January..? lol In any case, for whatever the reason I decided to clean my little room (aka the Bcave) from head to toe, top to bottom, side to side, and even under my bed (my mother is cheering on the inside right now) rearranged my closet to make more room for my shoes (it was a grave mistake to think they could stay in a heap on my floor) and unpacked the final two boxes I still had chillin in the middle of my room from my old apartment..

ahhhh old apartment, how I miss you. It was perfect I can't lie. But I love the Bcave and all its cluttered Burns glory. You see.. I am a burrower. I like all my favorite things right there! Right there where I can see them everyday. In fact I want it to overwhelm me so I can swim in it. I know some of you are wanting to creep in there and clean it out (sorta Monica via Friends espisode where Ross dates a mess girl and M shows up in the middle of the night unable to sleep until she cleans MGs apartment?) Sort make piles, have a "toss" and "give away" stack. But trust me. I have tried this before and we ended up agreeing to keep most of it...

In **mystery box #1 I had odds and ends from my desk (which is now used as my vanity) along with all kinds of random pictures, clunky frames, and short of a million headphone wires in various colors. In the not so mysterious box (becuase my mother packed it on day 1) were tucked safely away all of my wall hangings.

**I start out very organized in a move. But towards the end it ends up with labels like "Crap from that one drawer" or Tommy Boy style, in a giant trash bag. And no. I am not ashamed.

Throughout the years I have collected what I call post card art. I had them (cheaply) framed and hung in my "dinning room" in the 'ol place along with framed photographs that I loved, or cards I was sent from various loved ones. I decided to dust them off and hang a few in the Bcave.

Here are some dimly light pictures of them from my iPhone (my apologies.. but you get the idea):
Sent to me by one very amazing, talented, beautiful, and hilarious friend..

My brother Brother Peter

Sorry.. tilt your head to get full effect lol Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

He both makes me happy, and very sad...

Bought at the New Orleans Jazz Festival 2010 (1/4)

Sent to me from a family member

Collected at an art exibit

My Grandmother

My Grandfather

I can feel the breeze here.. it makes me sleepy and calm

2/4 Jazz Fest

3/4 Jazz Fest

4/4 Jazz Fest perhaps my fav.

lol back in the day with my gal pals (from Left "Lou" "Underwood" "Burns")

Slightly more current, but not really (from left "Burns" "Underwood" "Lou")

My Favorit, stood in front of it face to face in NYC MET

Sent to me from my brother Brother Peter from Venice during his stay there

Any jump out at you?? Where do you get your art?


  1. Your packing story cracked me up, since John is so exactly the opposite-he wrapped every single piece of furniture we own in SARAN WRAP before we moved!

    As for art, a lot of it is bicycled themed-John went on a kick for a while. But my favorite piece is a large canvas I pilfered from my parents' house-my dad's best friend is the artist, and I couldn't leave home without it!

  2. most of the shots are my favorites, as we are so alike sometimes. but my real favorites are the new orleans shots. they carry me away and keep me for awhile.
    and of course my gorgeous momma and her man...
    your opening story, hilarious indeed!
    i love you and your bcave.

  3. aw i love the venice one. so funny that we posted about the same things!

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  5. Oh and I like the doggy with the flower.. did I give that to you? If not another 'Family member' has great taste!