Friday, January 28, 2011

A Whole Lotta Stuff

thank you google images

Here are a few things I know to be true:
1) I can never  (ever ever) make too many lists. No such thing.
2) When someone calls in and yells at you straight away.. it ain't about you. Therefore you can try and let it just slide riiiight off your back! {Insert Barbra Streisand's "Don't Rain On My Parade"  [Here]!!}
3) I will never think that it is ok for anyone to clip ones nails in a public place. That's a task for the bathroom.
4) Old ladies just might be dirtier then old men.
5) When your dreams turn dream musicals.. you're watching just the right amount of Glee
6)There is such a thing as Gym Hair. And I have yet to master the look
7) Falling asleep in tanning beds.. no good.
8) My cats loving "Wake UP!" Headbutt will never get old
9) I am moving to new York at the end of the summer.. come Hell, High Water, High Snow, High Temps, or High Rents!
10) How early I go to bed isn't really a factor in why I don't ever want to wake up and have the first touch down on the cold carpet in the morning. It is laziness the snuglliesness that is my bed, heap of covers, hummmm of the fan blowing, and purr of my cat. All of THOSE things are what makes me want to continue to sleep in
11) The older gent in the lobby just broke wind SO loud.. he woke himself up, and actually scared me.. my heart is racing people.. that's sick. and a little funny.

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I can't wait for tonight! I am going to Fun Kims going away Happy Hour with my Sister Sue and X. I am sad to see her go. but in all honesty we chatted a little about the ideal job for her, and now that she is getting it, i am thrilled for her! A move, a new job that she loves! That's awesome! Congratulations and new state, you are welcome.. enjoy the Fun Kim :)

thank you kate spade
This picture makes me think three things.. and yes I am going to list them:

* His toe is really weird.. even for a toy dino. I wonder why the heck they did that? OR do I not know enough to know that that's the kind of feet dinos had? hmm...
*As of lunch today I have been cancelled on...twice.. by three people.
*This and the picture make me miss my friend even more then I have been.


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  1. What happens when you try to turn your life into musicals, not just your dreams? Is that time for an intervention?