Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wednesday is my day off, hence why on Thursday morning you all get a flood of my comments on the posts I missed out on. I finished "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" with mamba the cat napping between chapters.
Please don't hate me girls, but this book made me laugh out loud into my empty, still, and quiet room more then once. Although this guys is horrid, he has some funny insights, and stories I never in my wildest of all wild dreams!
I do not recommend this for many. Read at your own risk.. very Dante.

So today after work I am getting my hair cut. I am not sure if I want to get it colored or not.. and I still haven't decided on the cut either.. I know.. Im one of 'those" clients.
But to my hairstylist credit she always gives me what a want.. even if it is in code.
Her assistant however, do not! I hate when I get her. My HD knows this and has stopped letting this other girl do very much besides wash my hair.. even then.. ugh. she just bugs.
She has a constant MK and Ashley kissy face look on her face the entire time. Says "huh" to EVERYTHING and if she happens to elaborate on a subject she will end her statement with an "..en stuff.."
She is a dud.
That is all.
OK so BEHOLD! ALL the colors my hair was this last year lol:
(Picture taken in Texas in July) 
Really red. like.. fruit punch red people. But would you believe this is JUST what I wanted? probably not. Who would. ME!

Each year I go and do something/see something new
Last year I decided to go to the Jazz Festival in New Orleans. It was awesome. pearl Jam. BB King and so many more. I had a dream a month or so before of myself.. listening to the music. Happy as a clam. Sitting on my sweater on the damp grass.. Giant glasses on, face to the sun, super red hair.
I lived the dream... Then let the color fade out..

(Side note Picture: this picture is of my sister in Texas. it is one of my all time favorites of her. is she not the cutest person you have ever seen in you life? I know.. me too!)

(picture taken in September)

This hair color doesnt have a name.. its called.. faded.. copper ish. but also.. kinda pretty. I liked it.

(Picture taken December)

I took this picture in the park with my sister and dog Marlee. Its much much darker now. My natural hair color

 Is SUPER ashy or "mouse" brown. I already have a few greys people. I both love them.. and raise an eye brow at them in the mirror in the morning.

As far as cuts go.
I really want bangs! I think they are so cute when they are blunt cut with long hair:

These two lovelies make it look so easy.

But I NEVER want to style the bangs. So that makes me a bang wearing no no.

But I am not sure what else to do??

I have been growing my hair back out for so long. I want to cut it when I move to NYC in some adorable way.. but for now! I have no idea.

 help.. ideas?


  1. I loved I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, too! Awful, to be sure, but hysterical! As for haircuts, take it from a girl who got blunt bangs-they really are a pain in the ass to grow back out. I loved the look, but I did NOT love keeping up with them!

  2. i love the texas picture. and i am addicted to bangs - won't ever have hair without them. love the reese and kim pics.