Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ViVa Las Vegas

On Thursday December 30th I was leaving work and saw this storm cloud blowing away. I think it is so beautiful! I love when you can see that nature has a mind of its own, and decides to drop a snow cloud over Arizona.
 That night I made a quick stop at the store to load up on croissants and pink lemonade and headed out with a friend ;) to Las Vegas for New Years Yahooo! I headed out for New Years not at all prepared for the bone chilling cold weather of 25* outside at 10pm! I have no idea how cold it had dropped.. I do know I tried to take a picture of this Hotel Aria and this is how badly I was shaking apparently:
Yeah I thought I was super steady and wasn't feeling cold at all.. thank you SoCo for keeping me warm at night in he new year!
ladies good times were had let me tell ya! Not only was I there with a fun group of people, and a gorgeous friend of mine whome I am taking the time to know again.. but I met up with Fun Kim!

Due to my ...discretion I didn't really snap that many pictures of the weekend.. Vegas is to enjoy.. not document. However, I did want to get some of these fine ladies.
Some how Kim's adorable friend "J" was able to get me into a club called Haze in Aria where everyone there looked beautiful. The gents, the ladies.. all of them.. hot. Kim and J looked stunning of course, I on the other hand rocked the cozy look. I didn't know I wouldn't have time to change before I went out so I wore jeans Ugg wanna bes, and a red tube top.. yeah.. lol not hot. Not Vegas hot spot club hot. yikes. Allow me to explain a little...

The night before club Haze was New Year Eve. shenanigans ensued. At one point I was in a room with twenty Japanese guys, one very drunk friend, and about six necklaces... when the count down got close we gathered in the street outside of the Paris Hotel and watched as four different fireworks went off over head.. they were so beautiful! The NYE kiss was good... I had two lol!
However fun the night was.. I woke up with two giant welts on my left leg and another giant bruise on my right, a scratch on my arm that looked like a scar lol and a whole new set of necklaces...to which upon discovery of these new additions my friendly friend asked "What the hell did you do last night?"
Answer: "I had fun" lol honest I don't and can't drink to the point of loosing my barrings, blacking out, or getting ill. I don't like to, especially in a city I don't know, and because I have a mini little heart flutter that can't take a wild night out.. so honestly.. what the heck happened that night?lol
Becuase of my new unsightly markings I reached for my jeans instead of my cute black mini dress I had planned....

Ahhhh club Haze. Where to pick up...
Here are a few high lights from that night that will be referred to as the night I got scrappy.
*Being on a list for some fancy club is more fun than I thought it would be! Not because of any snooty wrist bands or hand stamps, but because the people I was on that list with.
*You mention New York.. and guess what.. we're besties..
*I have very poor night vision which I noticed as soon as I entered the smoky dark halls of the club...
*Bruno Mars sounds the exact same as he does on the radio. Which is why it took Fun Kim and I a solid two songs to figure out it wasn't the club pumpin the jam.. no it was he.
*VIP guards look hella mean.. but really.. they can get down with the best of them on the dance floor
*Rihanna was in the vip with us and I think so much prettier without a bunch of make up on and sporting a hawk.. although... I love that she can rock that look too.

This singer named Bruno Mars showed up at the club and sang a few songs which was pretty cool. Kim loves him! So that was fun and she got super excited lol we were holding hands running around trying to get a good view. But then some freaking guy decided to take advantage of my face though.. it happened pretty much like this:

Bruno Mars starts to sing, crowd goes crazy
I start to sing into my drink using the straws as some sort of tipsy girl microphone.. naturally
I turn to my right and serenade Kim who has her disposable camera out trying to get a picture
I turn to my left and serenade…. some guy… “guy on the left”
He enjoys my serenade (who wouldn’t?) and decides we are besties, puts his arms over my shoulders and we serenade Kim together.. she takes a picture of this..
Guy on left says to me “You have the most beautiful green eyes”
Me: "Bahahaha, my eyes are blue you tool”
Guy on left then grabs my face and trys to kiss me but due to my expert wiggle tactics he is missing and instead kissing my eye, my nose and I'm pretty sure my ear while I tell him "no no no" over and over..
(although I am not "with" this ;) friend of mine.. I'm still there with him.. and homie don't play that. Also.. don't grab my face!) 
I pull a 1 2 and with my left hand and push him away and with the right I follow up with a slap.

I turned around and see Kim.. tall tall Kim who is with an even taller tall guy named Tyson she met the night before.. I tell her.. “Kim that guy just raped my face”  she looked at me, and said .. I have a picture.. in two weeks we can see who it was..she gave me a little hug and then said.. “where’d he go?”  in a low mischievous voice and shifty eyes.. yeah I have back up… really tall back up.

This is J.. adorable isn't she? After the club we brought it down a notch at the Gold Lounge and then I met back up with said funny, smart gorgeous friend at the hotel.

And that my dear friends is all that can leave Vegas ;)


  1. What a New Years eve! I confess, I was sound asleep by 10, so who knows what the weather was like! So glad you enjoyed yourself, and hope things with this friend of yours are going well!

  2. i've never been to vegas. i've just seen the hangover a few times. :)

  3. your email to me was brilliant...this a nice re-remember of the night. what are the chances of meeting fun kim there? i'm still amazed! life is good and then it just gets better. welcome home!!