Monday, January 24, 2011


Well first things first!
 After re reading some posts.. I noticed that I kinda bombed, and dropped the ball.
I'm recent months I have really tried to "Practice what I Preach" and by preach I mean what tell other people about myself, and who I tell myself I want to be, to become..
And in the post that I go off on the assistant to my hairdresser is just complainy, and annoying. Ugly. So I'm sorry some of you suffered thru some of that, and I here by retract those negative comments.
"I am not someone who talks Sh*&%. "

ok.. so here is a picture of said hair lol. it isn't awesome.. I'm in the car at a stop light, sun on my face.. early morning. a product of a late night out, many a free cocktails, and much dancing.
forgive the me.

On Sunday I spent the night with my two sisters, slumber party style with blankets everywhere, pillows, and mats. Movies, popcorn, jammies, yummie treats, warm dinners.. it was great.

My one sister no longer lives in the area so on the way back to my place to shower and change we swung by the 'ol stompin grounds to have a look see..

We discovered that the house is now for sale.. and we became giggling hoodlums walking around the property, peeping in windows, and snap happy when we saw that all our names were still holding their ground in the cement we poured on the side of the house!

"No Fear" my brothers favorite phrase accompanied his signature..

a little difficult to see all of them.. but its a great deal of names to have on your driveway (incl my moms lol) when they aren't anyone you know! HA

BEHOLD! Super creep!

Yes I am peeping thru a window that used to be my sisters bedroom, yes I am in the back yard. Yes I am really wearing those pajamas doing this at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, and yes, it was a blast.

Did you leave your mark somewhere that still stands today??


  1. I think we're all guilty of at one point saying something we wish we hadn't-it's ok!

    As for your weekend, it looks fantastic. Those pjs just about killed me!

  2. This makes me laugh! I can see you 3 reliving the past. Is that climbing tree still in the backyard? It looks like they have remodeled the bathroom...double sinks and tile..

  3. i love your comments. and that you call it a chef's hat sheet!!! hahaha