Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Creep or not to Creep.. is that even a Question?

We have all fallen victim to creepin on it. But I like to think there are levels of creepdom.
 For an example:
 I have not nor am I interested in hacking into someones account to be able to post whatever under their name.. that's too creepy.
I try to not ever do any level of creeping in a dark room at night alone.. this adds to the creep.
I don't "friend" people I don't know..cuz we aren't friends..

 But, I have gone to see who my friends are friends with. I think this is an acceptable level of creepdom. I hope you agree :) Otherwise this is the part you navigate away from my blog lol.  In high school there was plenty of people I knew.. but didn't really know. Even though the class size wasn't that large... and we were at most of the same parties, I was a little bitter for having to be there in the first place so I wasn't THE most school spirited individual. But this girl Siobhan was always very sweet. I think we had like one class together at some point. We had similar friends but, like I said never really hung out. She is extremely talented though! I do remember her making several of my friends dresses for dances. I "friended" her. And although we aren't super chatty I still enjoy seeing her posts about new things she is doing with her clothing.

So...in the town I used to dwell, there was a really cute little boutique called LuLus Fashion Lounge. I really liked it because it has fun pieces, and not many of the same item so you weren't walking around school looking like a clone. Although, I swear to you I had the oddest fashion ideas in high school. Good.Nass! Old Navy almost casual business attire one day and then holey jeans and American Eagle tops the next? What the? Anyways, when  I went back to town, I went downtown to score some adorable new items, and it was turned into something else! Boo! I thought it was lost forever. Turns out they are more of an online store now... good for them!
 She now does the blog for LuLus Fashion Lounge! She also posted online that she will be opening her own Etsy account...

OH! I am way ahead of you! Here are some of her items I have my eye on :

This post was linkalicious. But I wanted to give credit where credit is due!


  1. oh i'm pretty creeptastic when it comes to facebook....and i'll keep flying for your entertainment, don't you worry. :) that is so annoying and careless that they didn't put your Chanel back in its proper place! but at least your bag smells good (seriously)!

  2. Facebook seems to encourage you to creep, doesn't it? But I'm with you-I will not be friends with someone on Facebook I'm not at least familiar with in real life! Just too weird!

  3. Two things for you Miss Mighty :)
    1 - i've totally seen Garfunkel & Oats on the Late Show...and they sang "pregnant women are smug" and it is hilarious! they're good performers :)
    2 - loved this post, especially the title ;) I definitely have been known to hop from one profile to the next and check out pictures of people that are friends of a friend...of a friend. haha But I definitely stick with making/accepting friend requests just to people I know, and know well. Yet in blog world, I'm totally great with following people I just know through the internet...double standard? eh. ;)

  4. I went to Chico State! Loved shopping at Lulus when it was still an actual store there.