Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Worthy

ok I have never cried AT work BECAUSE of work. Until today.  Luckily I was able to "loose" it a little with a friend on the phone.. but sheesh, I need this night out more and more as my day goes on! I sincerly hope that you are all having a wonderful Friday, and are getting excited for your weekend party plans, or movie marathons!

Here are the two things getting me thru the next two hours:

This is my grandmothers bracelet. It is helping me to remember that these people are someones grandparent. And in no way would I be happy if someone gave my grandparents sass.
 And also for those times when I can NOT see my grandparents in a patient, because I KNOW my grandma would be rollin her eyes at their behavior too! lol

Awwwww the beach!
 warm sand, feet dug in waves crashing, throwing seaweed at the birds to stay away..

awww yes the beach :)
 as soon as and i mean as soon as it is warm enough I'll be headed to my Grandpas place to hang out with him, and clean a little, and soak up the beach for as many afternoons as I can score!!

Leaving you with beachy thoughts instead of bitchy ones...



  1. I hope everything's okay, darling. I had a very, very rough week, too, and I'm very much enjoying my (2nd) glass of wine. Thank goodness for Friday nights!

    xo, L

  2. girl i cried twice yesterday. Hang in there sweetie. xo

  3. don't cry! i love the bracelet idea. so sweet. ps - if it makes you laugh, i've decided that the reason we both can't keep rooms clean is because we're both babies of the family. :)