Friday, January 21, 2011

Ok first things first peeps. I really love how my hair turned out! The bangs are a smidgen shorter then I wanted.. but this is a good rule of thumb for me since my hair grows like a weed and in a week or two it will be the perfect length for awhile :) YAY

 Also she did a "gloss" hair people help me out, I have no idea what it is/does. But I do know there is the lightest of tint on my scalp from it. EW. It isnt noticeable unless I move my hair a certain way..but I am crossing my fingers this will fade soon :)Like.. very soon!
There is no photo because I took a bazillion and they all turned out dorky. Sorry... Until i can not be a total spaz in front of my own camera I shant post them lol.

The salon that i go to is so cute though! Here are a few pictures i snapped of the joint while there:

Adorable huh :)

Also I would greatly like to high five this bride for her wedding. I think it is really simple, and lovely.. don't you!
I am so in LOVE with this beautiful girls shop! While stopping by another daily read of mine ( is it bad blog behavior to also post about her? Not sure.. but I love these images! And on this painfully early Friday morning.. I need them)  I followed the links to these pictures! I can not wait until I can make a purchase from her. I think they are so beautiful, and feminine, but raw all at the same time..

 I don't know about you. But that bed looks so cozy and interesting and fun I want to curl up amongst all those books and articles and read till I get sleepy .. mm..


  1. You can't tell us all about the haircut without a photo-it's just unfair! Can't wait to see it, and in the meantime, that salon is just darling!

  2. i am laughing at the comment you just left! anyone who doesn't make me take off my shoes before entering is a friend of mine. :)

  3. Oh, this is Dallas Shaw! I love her. She's incredibly talented, works for a lot of major fashion lines. She has a fun blog also.