Monday, January 17, 2011

"(Punch Punch) We're Exclusive!"

Last night I went out for "Sunday Funday" with Fun Kim. While explaining my current situation we had a nice laugh about how exactly mr x and I decided to be exclusive.. casually exclusive? He basically told me that when given the chance he didn't feel the need to hit on other girls. Great!  But the story left me still scratching my head wondering what he was getting at.. not my brightest moment.. so when I asked where exactly he was going with this.. he gave me two little quick playful punches in the arm exclaiming "We're exclusive!" It felt like the the gorgeous smart man said we were exclusive.. yay.. but the punches said things to me like "Slugger!", "Chief!", and "Little Fella". ..
..well. the story was hilarious last night? lol

I am proud of myself however, for knowing what I want, for asking for it, and for no longer being the kind of girl who allows anyone to behave in a rude manner or even some what disrespectful manner... it's just no good folks.. don't do it. Homie don't play... ya know?
Probably not because I am being super vague LOL Sorry! Just know I am very proud of myself for not falling into old pesky habits, and Burns don't take no crap from no body (cool runnings anyone?) ;)

NOW that I got THAT out of the way and out of my system let us continue A E J?

That is correct-a-moon-dough people :)
I said I would weigh in on the 14th, and man what a liar I turned out to be! I completely spaced it.. Luckily I arrived at work early and had time to empty my pockets and jump on the scale!
133 is my new number which means I have 14 more days to loose that final 3 pounds! YAYAYAYAY
I'm super excited.. can you tell?
Side Note: Cutest cat EVER 
Snug as a bug in a rug this one

Friday night marked the night that I realized.. and I mean truly realized that even though I love and adore my friends.. we are not in the same place .. at all. And that this means that as long as I am here.. I will be flying solo.
Which is fine. Kudos to my gals for being home with their families and not cocktail hour with their single friend. soooo I went to the Rhythm Room again to see this woman sing.. who I can NOT remember her name :/ oops. But she is up for multiple awards for best blues, and female blues performer... which is awesome. And she was a BLAST!

In no way can you make out anything in the picture above lol my apologies lol...

There I was stamped with a "Party" stamp to mark that I had paid and was of drinking age....
Unfortunately I ended up sporting this blue stamp on the left side of MY FACE the better part of Saturday while I hiked since I slept on my hand and the stamp transferred over.. boo that mess.

In related news... look I made it to the top!

But did I stop there? NOPE!

Isn't it beautiful! I loved it.. I was jammin to a song that my sister introduced me to. Its called "My Body" and it is by a group named Young and the Giant.

I don't know if it is still up but the other day iTunes had it featured as their free download song check that out!

I love it! Thank you thank you MGrace for sharing this with me!

I also went to see two movies this weekend(which isn't a lot.. but sort of.. I watch movies all the live long day people.. I'm thinking I might do a regular post on movie reviews? Yah Nah?), The Dilemma which was funnier then I thought.. and How Do You Know which was not as funny as I was wanting it to be. I love Paul Rudd. Don't get me wrong he is a good damn time. He is an alumni at the same school my sister went to for acting, he was Mike on friends.. he was in Anchor man.. I rest my case.

Not only did I hike for 2 and a half hours... yes TWO AND A HALF HOURS of mountain climbing bliss.. I also worked out on Friday night, and went to spin class on Sunday morning.. my abs.. my arms.. and do I even need to mention my legs?

Ok one more thing, then I'll zip it up this morning so I can go catch up on your lovely posts..

I am going to try really hard not to say "Thanks" anymore. I heard myself say it about a dozen times this morning to people.. and it not only sounds unprofessional, but also impersonal and lazy..
if I am grateful and feel the need to give someone "Thanks" than can't I muster up the energy to follow it up with a "You"?

So ... Thank You for reading :)


  1. I have often woken up with a stamp on my hand having it transfer from my hand to face! Never a good look!

    And congratulations on the hike! That is a long hike! x

  2. SO proud of you and so excited!! Seriously, I squeaked when I read the title of the post-what a wonderful bit of news to come back to after the weekend!!

  3. I don't even know where to start with my comment, but there's one thing I will say: definitely cutest cat photo. My cats like to do the same. Melts my heart every time.

    And awesome job making it through that hike!

  4. it took me around 45 seconds to figure out that picture of your cat...i couldn't figure out where the head was!!! haha