Friday, January 7, 2011

Cherry Treasures

Ok so I love this blog. It "feeds" my eyes I swear! She is always featuring the most adorable items, and places on her blog. But today when I popped in for a "snack" I found this bed behind her...
Ok I know her dress is SO beautiful, and so are her shoes..and well.. her... but look past her to the ceiling and material there!

Do we think I am crafty enough to be able to do this?

cuuuuuuuuz I really want to..

any tips on how to-what to do-what to use-go here-instructions
are super appreciated.. its the last addition of the Bcave y'all :)


  1. Ms Burns, I do just so happen to have a julep recipe for you!

    As for those stunning curtains, I'm totally in love, and without any clue has to how to DIY!

  2. i could do that for you! no problem bridgette, really. save your money for the next time i am in town... anc consider it done!