Friday, January 14, 2011

Mis Step

Ladies (and to you, my one gent) I find myself in a new and some what difficult situation in the romantic sense. The last thing I want to do is spout off any "boy trouble" on my blog. That inspires no one. period.
And truth be told I have been in worst situations. Example: When you hear yourself tell your friends "It sounds worst than it is.. I can't really explain." Even you start to roll your eyes in disbelief.
I still feel like I'm in pickle.
I know three things to be true about my current situation.

Fact 1:    I'm "in my head" a lot more than I usually am
Fact 2:   I am watching many Sex and the City episodes between Netflix arrivals as a way to research dating advise (yes...I consider it to be both vital and factual research)
Fact 3:  Because of Fact 2, my inner monologue is sounding more and more like her articles.., and your sure to see my blog starting with statements like, "I had a thought..." and ending with "Could it be..."

So I am going to open this question thats been tumbling around in side my head  to you...

Have you ever waited for something/someone, crossing your fingers that your gut is right and it will all be worth it?


  1. John and I moved in together before we officially became a couple-talk about gut! First, I would stop watching Sex and the City-it always confuses the hell out of me, and it might be the reason why you're getting stuck in your head. Just enjoy, and take everything as it comes!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. don't "wait" around for anything or your life and all the right things will fall into place.

  3. Yes, but it was so so wrong.

    Also, SATC reruns lately on E!...I heart them.

  4. I believe in being "present" in all parts of life. Waiting for someone goes against that principle. It hurts, it sucks, but moving on for me always turned out better in the end.

  5. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I've been waiting five years... My gut says yes but my brain keeps saying "Fool! Let it go!" Who knows what the future brings. I live my life as normal, but always think 'Maybe...' Good luck!

  6. I just love you. I often find myself thinking in SATC quotes.