Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You all thought I wasn't going to post one today didn't ya?.. Didn't ya! Well I didn't forget, actually I have been really excited for this truth to share. And I have been gearing up for it. About a month ago I started to eat better and make it to a hand full of spin classes, and started to generally just feel better! Of course of course thats every woman's goal in the new year, to get fit, shape up or ship out, loose x amount of pounds and by x date and time...

But I have a sure fire way to make this work....


Thats right I am going to be completely accountable to all of you... if I tell no one then no one will know when I sneak coffees in the morning or that last cookie before I go to bed...

So here is my plan. I am going to share with you my weight as of this morning, and by the end of this month I will be five pounds less than that number (so help me..I will be) . I am going to reach this goal by doing three important things:

1. Plan my meals.
 This is a biggie for me because if I don't eat breakfast or don't bring a lunch I am stranded with fast food options, and junk around the office. But planning my meals means I have control over what I end up eating and making the choice to have it be much better for me then anything out of a bag...

2. Move.
  Not necessarily work out. I get bored with the same ol same ol so i want to take different classes, get out and hike more, and for longer periods of time, walks around the neighborhood, playing in parks with my friends kids, helping someone move (although I missed the boat on this one this week.. sorry Underwood!) The point of moving is to make it something I am going to enjoy.. life is too short and can be so stressful to be making yourself do one more thing you really don't want to do.. why?

3. Give in.
  Because I am doing the two above I should be able to let myself have that dessert, or cocktail out with friends. The second you limit my options my mind goes crazy with things I feel I am "missing out" on.  This is painful. no pain in 2011 please.

So there you have it.. my master plan made simple. made easy. made achievable!
Ok now the hard part... I will decode what I have shamefully written backwards on my work calendar to keep track.. my current weight:

True. It isn't awful. but it isn't great. Not for me, or my body type. SOOO
 I will keep you posted on my progress but mainly I will have another weight in on the 14th to check my progress, and again on the 31st.

Current: 135
Goal: 130
Time: 4 weeks


  1. ahhh i have the same goal. ever since living in sf i can't seem to stay at my ideal body weight. i think its because its cold all the time and all i want to do is drink hot chocolate!

  2. Good for you to be so dedicated. You are so beautiful already. No weight loss is needed!

  3. Good luck! Good on ya for being so diligent about it!

  4. I'm impressed at your honesty and openness, although I think you look beautiful now! Here's hoping that you lose the weight you want and feel even healthier this time next month!

  5. You are fabulous. I am debating joining in with you...

    Let me sleep on it. we could do some fab linked up posts!

    Not sure if I can make myself get on a scale though... HA!

  6. ditto here my friend. we're having a biggest loser at work. weigh in is next monday. ends in march. my goal is 15 lbs. same three plans of action. bought the skinny-b cook book for christmas... been cooking meals ever since :) very tasty i must say. lets metaphorically hold hands and go for it. vive la 2011.