Monday, January 10, 2011

ray of light...

Lately, I have been feeling very uneasy about some issues that have come to my attention. They belong to family members who I love and adore, and am fiercely protective of. Naturally, it has put me in a funk.
Combine this with the uneasy feeling I have from events occurring all over Arizona this past week (One mall shooting and hostage situation 1/5, and the shooting at a political rally 1/8) and I pretty much didn't want to leave the BCave at all this weekend!

The world can be a scary place no doubt, and good vs. evil is the "Ying and Yang" of life... but I have a difficult time forgiving those who are so wreckless with others lives. Whether it hit close to home and effects one of my sisters or friends, or whether I am seeing it effect the lives of strangers on the local news.. I have a low low tolerance for it.

That being said, my mother posted (yes my mom is both on facebook and blogger!) an amazing post the other day about her process of the information and I think it is so perfect. If you care to read it, you can find her here. 
Oddly enough I had a very illuminating conversation with my brother about forgiveness. I have previously taken a some what childish approach to it and have been withholding it as to not encourage that type of behavior. He rather convincingly explained that forgiveness is misunderstood in that you don't become blind to who that person is and what they are capable of. In other words, forgiveness doesn't earn trust. "Bridgette.." he tells me, " don't earn forgiveness... you forgive someone so they can grow closer to God and release yourself from hate in your heart and grow closer yourself. It is because it isn't earned, or necessarily owed that gives forgiveness the grace and power it has." He told me when he was told, "Show me your friends, and I'll show you who you are". I had a hard time with this jem because I feel that all my friends are so different and wonderful and faulted in different ways.. how could I be all of them? But, we went on to discuss how important it is to be around people who encourage the positive in your life, and who are examples of that themselves. This I can get on board with!


Sooo. BIG breath in. I am trying to keep this in mind and release what isn't mine to hold onto, and focus on the things that bring me joy.
So far this morning it has been the blogs I follow, and my amazing follower/readers, beautiful shoes, end of winter sales (which I still can't afford lol) and my internal play list consisting of Devotchka and Enya...

OH! and this dress.. because.. common who wouldn't want to strut around in this all Maid Marian style?


  1. I am so glad you have read this post today. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and inspirations!

  2. I love that dress with the picture where she's barefoot but most of all I LOVE my family and the unconditonal support I feel both near and far away.. your an inspiration to me!

  3. nice photos sweetie:)xx stop by sometime i would love to hear from you:)xxx