Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Long

This is my very last post of the year 2010! I am trying to pump myself up for my trip to Las Vegas tonight since last night I began to have a sinus headach..which resulted in a Sudafed comma this morning. Ugh. 

 BUT it did SNOW in Mesa, Az today at work which was a fun ten minutes lol. The snow didn't hardly stick but this is pretty much unheard of here where I live. And so it is the topic of the afternoon...
I got this image from where you can read all about the blizzard up north and the snow fall here in the valley.


This weekend starts the new year. I can't believe it.. it happened sooooo fast.
2009 was a poor year for me. in all meanings of the word lol. I became so financially tight I did my dishes, showers, and even reading by candle light for several months towards the end.
Luckily I am no longer in this position (phew!)
I decided that the year 2010 would be the year I didn't put myself last, and that I would take trips to celebrate my "me-ness" to different places that were either new, or top ten favorit places lol 

So far this year I think I did a pretty good job with that:
Jan-Feb:    Took several "get lost" drives around the valley and discovered so many awesome places in Az
March:      Hike/ run to the top of a mountain I have been eyeballing for a long time now outside of town... don't know its name.
April-May: New Orleans Jazz Festival
June:      Corpus Christi, Texas
July:       Rocky Point, Mexico
August:  My Grandparents house San Marcos, Ca
Sept:      Hollywood, Ca
Dec:       Chico, California

I enjoyed each trip immensely, and wouldn't change any of them for anything. But somewhere down the line my trips began to be about other people. Yes, I wanted to go visit go see, go on little adventures.. but I began to make my trips around others. I LOVE these .. "others" to death. But it took away that little celebratory spirit I started out with and has left me feeling a little lifeless...

THIS YEAR! I am going to go easy on myself, and start to really take the time.. the energy and practice in becoming this person I see myself as who I really am, and who I can be. I feel so guilty sometimes for thinking I need to be this "do it all" person.. and when I can't freaking do it all.. I feel horrible. This year is the year of thoughtfull planning, saving, preparing.
Because this year...  year 2011...  I am going to moving to New York City!

What are your plans for this New Year??


  1. Happy 2011! 2010 sounds like it was a great year for you (much better than 2009) so here's hoping 2011 will be even better than 2010!

    Hope you have a fantastic time in Vegas!


  2. Sounds like a wonderful goal for 2011! I can't wait to see what this year will bring for you!

  3. NYC, so fun!! when i'm done living in europe i think i'll move there.... :)