Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I blush

Now this post is a bit like rubbing your stomach while patting your head, as none of the pictures have anything to do with the blush worthy story I am about to tell you..

When I lived in Northern Cali I worked at a medical office for six years and became very close to many of the woman who worked there.. I often got that "let me set you up with my.." feel free to choose from the following list:

I never felt dateless but apparently other people felt it lol.
I turned down each one, plus I was about to move people common now whats the point in that? (hmm sound familiar? yeah I know)

A year after I graduated from high school I was getting ready to make my big independent move out to Az. On another last night hoopla with my two best friends we went to a party and had a pretty ok time.. silliness was abundant, and music loud.. good times were had.
I started to talk to this one guy though who was pretty cute, when suddenly my friends needed to go! like NOW! well knowing girl code+party drama= I had to leave no matter what
I decided to F That and to jog back and slightly, ok totes attack this guy a'la quick make out.
when i finally released the poor guy he asked for my number

I know right.. awwww so cute!
 but NO! I am moving. Which I told him
(ps lived under rock and didn't get cell until I moved to Az and had to)
I ran back to meet up with my girlies and decided that as the sun was coming up it was only right that we go eat breakfast and just stay out the entire night.. which was a good call.. 4am pancakes are always the right choice.

The next day I had another good by meeting at a co worker and friends house with my mom, friend and ex boss Elle my soon to be sister in law and a few other office friends.

I share everything with my mom.. especially when she is eye balling me arrive home in last night clothes at 6am bright eyed and bushy tailed (as she says-yeah she is adorable) so she knew the details of the night and gave me a wink of a "thata girl" approval.

The little gathering was nice. Margaritas (sure I was only 19 but it was fine) too many slightly hung over cigarettes ( I know I quite already :) and shower was pretty much my chilled standing at this point.

Son though my frosty drink bliss and smokers calm  was frazzled when I saw cute guys picture on the mantel..
this was our hosts son.. awesome
the son who would be home soon.. bonus
the son in which my mother could NOT wait to meet.. score.

after many failed threats to poke my mothers eyes out, both left and right she called him over when he got home and introduced us all the while giggling, smiling with her little rosy cocktails cheeks and making those giant eyes at Elle.. who was also already filled in at this point and

I hid behind my frosty glass for as long as I could, but finally had to fess up but luckily he played along, "its nice to meet you" he said but fml he dropped the act when my mom went for more berries and nuts (my mom snacks like a tree squirrel.. a cute one fo sho tho) and had to ask if I in fact :
was at the party last night?
(my shame full head nod said yes..)
and I am moving this weekend?
(more nods)
OH YOUR Cathys daughter
(F.. yes more nods...)

it was pretty much left at that. and folks it aint over.

a wedding in northern cali has me thinking I might want a date for the night. I mean sure why not. When I told my mom and Elle I might bring Mr. X up with me since we are still good friends, and he is a lot of fun...
the plot to contact the host and have her have HIM take me was hatched..

my fb inbox tells me the call has been made..
ladies please join me in now holding your breath..

-creeper cat staking me in my car.. dude!


  1. This is SUCH a cute story, and that creeper cat is beyond adorable. Fingers crossed-you'll have to tell us what happens!

  2. Oh do tell.. of course the bride and groom will have that other hottie there if things don't work out.. but knowing you.. you will have this guy as your hot date. So excited and PS you left your flower here! ha ha

  3. cute story! have a wonderful weekend!