Friday, March 4, 2011


Soooo Sorry I was MIA today from my blogs and all of yours! We have been super duper busy and there just simply hasn't been any time.

 BUT I will give a clue as to what I have been working on, and tweaking (in a normal.. healthy.. none crack head sort of way) on for my next post!

"bucket" isn't referring to this adorable little ones' best insult...
 (yes my adorable nephew doesn't have a mean bone in his body so it isn't so much as an insult as it is rather the silliest thing he can think to call you to then make him BUST into giggles.. a "bucket")

No this is referring to something else.. something more like....


Ponder away!
(Underwood don't give it away!!)


  1. I was looking for your post all day to entertain my bordom and distract my anxiety.. so now you have to tell me your secret picture..

  2. And PS the girl in that last picture looks kinda like Mary F...any resablance?

  3. hmmm, a trip to egypt?! can't wait to find out! and bucket is pretty cute :)

  4. if you're going to egypt i want to go too! its totally on my bucket list! i like your blog :-)

    <3 megan