Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mardi Party

(mini top hats are my fav ps)
This last weekend my sister and I went to a Mardi Gras party that was interesting :)
 The party is hosted by a co worker of my sisters. The couple met and lived in New Orleans up until  Katrina. These people are so nice, so fun, and so giving. They helped me by asking a family member to be my host when I went to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival last April. I cant believe it has been one year already!
For the party I wore my standard purple pants of course! Gold animal print Guess heels, and a purple and gray top with authentic Bourbon Street Mardi Gras beads ;)
My gorgeous sister and I on our way into the par-tay!


this last week has gotten warmer here in Az. its our two week (maybe three if we are lucky) window for Spring time weather before we dive head first into the Summer weather.
I have been laying out in my back yard with cool breezes and a slight tan while reading my books and trying to relax
New tan calls for a few new summer tops. I have few.. which is weird because in the winter I felt like I had only summer tops and nothing warm enough.. huh isnt that the way though ladies?
This is one of my favorite Carrie looks.
Florals and stripes have long been a love of mine since I was a little tom boy. I felt the stripes toned down the flowers when I was hangin with the boys on the street.. but I am such a sucker for girlie lace and flowers that even though I was a mean street hockey goaly playing with the guys, I still needed to maintain my awesome flowered tops lol..
The love affair continues with this summer top I bought this past week.

I am in love and can not wait to wear it out on a warm Az night
(eck apologies for tan lines..its a work in progress that tan of mine)
I watched two movies last night that were inspiring, frightening, and a little sickening.
First was Harry Brown.
This suggestion came from my sister who I made listen to a song called "She Said" by Plan B. Turns out my sister recognized the singer from this movie where he plays an awful horrible gang member.
She and her roommate went on about the caliber of acting, and that although it is pretty gritty, it is worth the watch.
I watched.
I then shook a little in a ball in the corner.
She is absolutely right though about the acting. its incredible really. I am amazed at the process actors go thru to pll off roles like these... but have something handy like I Love Lucy (which I bought the first season of and am LOVING) to watch after so that you can feel safe in your home again enough to fall asleep.

The other movie she suggested I had never heard of, called Volver. This stars Penelope Cruz who I love and adore. I think she is possibly the most beautiful woman, and such a powerful actress. One little tear rolling down her face and I am a mess!
I am on her team, I am in her corner, I am cheering her on, and also wondering how in blazes they make her eye make up so perfect (blast that liquid eye liner!)

Recently I took a pass by the magazines out in the lobby at work and picked up a Bazaar Magazine spread with Jennifer Aniston remaking Barbara Streisand pictures.. obvs I obsessed and brought them here for you to enjoy! (esp my very own Babs twinsie "StoBird")

I will be email diving again soon.
 Thank you for all your lovely emails and comments on my last post. Children, for me, are a touchy subject.


  1. LOVED Volver, and that adorable little glittering top hat you're wearing! Glad your Mardi Gras party was such a good time!

  2. LOVE this post! - following!

    and mardi gras is SOOOOOOO much fun!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. Love your new top and Carrie's outfit!

  4. wow jennifer aniston totally looks like streisand. no doubt about it.

  5. LOVE your heels. LOVE them!

    And I have never even heard of those movies. Am I living under a rock?

    I saw those pics of Jenn channeling Barbara Steisand, so lovely.

  6. love the top!

  7. I have to say that top makes your chest look A-mazing.. is this a date night top or a "look at me top?" LOL