Friday, April 1, 2011

Up UP!

You know when something happens and your like, “wow, did that really just happen?” and you think that other people should know what happened, but you also think that being a pot stirring, whistle blowing, drama causer would be a crummy thing at a time like this.. in times like these? … know what I mean? No that’s ok. I hardly do too.

This is what happens when your cup of coffee gives you a subtle hand shake awake instead of a sturdy shoulder shake and bitch slap in the morning.. yeah my work coffee is weeeeeak {frat boy voice}!

So I finally got my taxes done, and I am happy to learn I’ll be receiving a very happy gift from the federal folks and state sweetie pies in a week or so. However, like most of my money as fast as I can earn it, it is being assigned a new home, in a new area code (aka bank account, like oh I don’t know.. my Express card maybe? But I don’t care what any judgie bears say.. those dresses were NEEDED dam it!)

Here is a list of all the things my money will NOT be going to even though it would be super bomb!

Clothes, home goods, baking materials/kitchen gadgets, clothes, shoes, purses, make up, accessories, shoes, jewelry, clothes, trips, dinners, shoes, movies, perfumes, tickets to baseball games, or shoes!

Yeah a few things were put on the list more than once based on my devastation.

However, it will be going towards bills, school loan, travel up north for a wedding, and traveling east to NY when I move there in September.

I have decided for sure end of August/September. YES, celebrating a new year in a new city would be awesome (with a new hair cut OF course) but I think celebrating one more year with my friends and my sister will be equally awesome and in so many ways better. I am also planning to make a road trip like adventure with them when I do move to NY so this will be a part of the birthday celebration. My one sister and I have birthdays that are very close together so that will be fun! Our Grandpas birthday and our nephews birthday that month.. it’s a busy one! This year however, my grandpa will be celebrating his 90th birthday!! Yahoo Go Gramps! So I’d like to be around and available for any celebratory get togethers my family might have for that in September as well.

While {still!} catching up on many of your recent posts I was stopped by Style Me Prettys last few posts. UGH these weddings will they ever end? I hope not :) This site has ruined me for any kind of realistic wedding in my future, boy I’ll tell ya!

However, this bride here below is so freaking happy and GEORGOUS! I can’t hardly stand it. All I want to do this weekend is smile, and put my face to the sun and enjoy the small fleeting cool/luke warm breezes this AZ Spring has to offer!

I am so excited folks! The loves of my life Mumford and Sons are always playing.. but so are songs off of Cage The Elephants albums. AND GUESS WHAT? I am totes going to go see them this month. SUPER excited. I love them  If you haven’t already, dude.. go check them out! I really like their newest radio release “Shake me Down”.

My other good listens?

“Easy Silence” by the Dixie Chicks, and “There’s Your Trouble”

lol I totally forgot how much I really really love them! I watched “Shut Up & Sing” last night and for the first time found out what actually happened with that whole thing.. I think I’m what??? 8yrs behind on this news? Lol Oh well I feel like writing them a love letter right about now. LOVE them, and their babies, and hubbies!

Anything by Alexis Murdoch, and of course my ongoing swooning over Florence and the Machine.

Have a great weekend peeps!

Baby of the Family~ Lookin’ up


  1. Hope everything's all right, and if you need to pot stir, the blog is probably a pretty safe place!

    Have a wonderful weekend-I'm so excited for your impending move!!

  2. Yay for tax returns! And I echo La Petite's comment. Let it go!

  3. Well, I will definitely be in NYC when you arrive -- we have to go out for a grand celebratory dinner, yes? As for taxes, I'm avoiding them. I know I owe, and I owe a lot for stupid reasons. Sigh. That's life.

  4. that bride is beautiful! as are the cupcakes...